What Makes A Coaching Business Work


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Want to learn more about how to grow your coaching business?

Do you know what's the biggest lie we are told in coaching?

It's that there's a magic formula to make your coaching business work. 

There is not.

Every coach deserves to thrive, so don't ever fall for this coaching business lie.

Instead, follow the advice in this video to build your successful coaching practice.

Join this Free Masterclass with Ajit Nawalkha to discover the 7 simple steps to a fully booked coaching practice.


  • A simple 7-step framework to build a profitable coaching business up to 500k/year without being an expert in ads, online marketing or social media.
  • What clients are really looking for, and how you can be the coach offering the solution by getting crystal clear on the results you deliver.
  • The truth about pricing and how pricing like the industry standard may not be the best idea when you want to grow exponentially.
  • Discover the difference between a busy entrepreneur and an effective one, so you can make sure you spend your hours wisely while your business flourishes.
  • The number 1 mistake most coaches make before an enrollment conversation and how you can ensure your prospects are likely going to say ‘yes’.
  • …and much, much more!

The Business Book of Coaching

How To Have A Fully Booked Practice, Consistently Grow Your Income And Impact Thousands Of Lives... Even If You Know Nothing About Marketing Or Sales.
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