5 Golden Rules The World’s Best Master Coaches Follow


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Hundreds of coaching books, courses and programs tell you that the desire to help others will fuel your drive to create success in your coaching business but very few of these learning tools tell you the cold, hard truth…

A genuine desire to help others just isn’t enough.

You can’t create a successful coaching business on desire alone. No matter how noble it may be.

You need more than that. Much more.

Becoming an incredibly successful coach involves multiple facets and techniques that must be implemented consistently and over the long-term.

You need a game plan. A blueprint.

You need to understand how to start and grow a successful business, and you also need to know how to be an effective and powerful coach.

Some of the most well-known and master coaches in the world use these 5 rules to achieve high levels of performance as a coach and hit incredible business goals at the same time.

Rule #1: Serve No Master

Serve No Master

Master coaches ultimately follow just one leader – themselves.

They are extremely self-aware. They know what works for them and what doesn’t.

They are open to advice and input from others. They are always learning, growing and changing…

But in the end, they look at what works for them and then they do that.

This is especially true when it comes to setting goals and defining what success means to them.

Your friend - the health coach - may define success as a 6-figure coaching business

But to you, success could be more about having flexibility and freedom with a 5-figure business and that’s okay.

Get clear on where you’re headed and understand that when all is said and done…

You are the only “master” you need to serve.

Rule #2: Learn to Love Selling

Learn to Love Selling


If you’re like most coaches, you probably cringed when you read that word.

Know this…

If you dislike selling, if you cringe when it’s time to sell, if you procrastinate and try to avoid the act of selling…

You’re not going to be a successful coach. Period.

The truth is selling doesn’t have to be sleazy or gross.

When it’s done with integrity and love, selling can be one of the best things about being a coach.

Top coaches are not afraid of selling. They’re not grossed out by it.

They embrace sales. They love selling and they’re incredibly good at it.

They know that selling is the door to serving their clients and they’re more than happy to open that door.

So, do what the master coaches do…

Focus on learning how to sell well, early in your coaching career. Hire a sales coach if you can. Read books. Attend programs and courses that teach you how to sell from the heart, and with integrity.

When you start to love selling, you’ll start to become a success.

It’s just the way things roll.

Rule #3: Cultivate an Entrepreneurial Mindset

Cultivate an Entrepreneurial Mindset

The thing is you’re not just a coach. You’re also a business owner.

Coaches who resist the business element …

Coaches who insist on just coaching and nothing else will never get their business off the ground.

This is an undisputable fact.

It’s why you must get yourself educated on how to run a great business.

It’s also why you must start thinking like an entrepreneur.

The biggest names in coaching, the master coaches who are at the top of their game are masterful entrepreneurs.

It’s how they got to the top. It’s why they stay there.

If you want their results, do what they do and become a rockstar entrepreneur.

Rule #4: Practice What You Preach

Practice What You Preach

Coaching isn’t something you do. It’s something you are.

You must back up the advice and guidance you give your clients in all areas of your own life.

Think about it…

Who wants to take fitness advice from an out-of-shape fitness coach?

Follow your own advice. Practice what you preach.

If you’re a success coach and you tell clients to schedule their time, don’t think you can get through your day by “winging it.”

If you’re a mindset coach and you teach clients how to release limiting beliefs, make sure you do the same.

If you’re a nutrition coach and you advise clients to drink healthy, green juices each morning, don’t inhale waffles with corn syrup at breakfast.

Yes, it can be hard to follow your own advice sometimes do but it must be done. Your credibility and reputation hang on this.

Plus, it’s one of the biggest reasons why coaching is one of the most satisfying and deeply fulfilling professions on the planet…

You can only reach your highest potential in your work as a coach when you reach your highest potential in your own life.

Rule #5: Prioritize Self-Care (Above All Else)

Prioritize Self-Care


It’s the first thing that falls by the wayside the second you get busy with your business.

Your daily workout routine? Gone.

Healthy eating? A distant memory.

Taking time to rest? Forget about it.

You tell yourself, “I’ll get back on track when I have a handle on things,” or “It’s only for a while, I’ll start my workout routine again in a couple weeks.”

This never works.

The only way to keep yourself on track is to prioritize self-care.

World-class coaches understand that becoming a success is about sustaining a high performance and high performance is an impossible dream when you don’t take care of your health and happiness.

Prioritize nurturing yourself. Make it a habit now.

It’s the only way to grow and expand consistently. It’s the only way to achieve success as a coach.

Being aware of your needs, taking care of yourself, working with a framework that creates results for clients and practicing proven business techniques for long-term growth…

These are the elements that will transform you into a rockstar coach with a mega successful business and these 5 rules cover all of these elements and then some.

Keep these rules in mind. Write them down. Follow them.

They’re the key rules that helped some of the world’s most successful coaches hit phenomenal success for …

And they’ll do the same for you.

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