5 Bad Habits That Are Harmful to Entrepreneurs


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As Aristotle said a long time ago,

“95% of everything you do is the result of habit.”

The rule is simple – form good habits and make them your masters rather than allow your harmful habits to form you or your business. In other words, you replace each bad trait with a good one that has more power and has a positive impact.

There are plenty of conferences, books and other information on how to run a successful company. What is a bad business habit exactly? What are the core habits which prevent people from chasing their dreams?

Here are the top five of the most harmful bad habits of entrepreneurs and people involved in business tend to have, alongside some simple ways of overcoming them:

Bad Habit #1: Avoiding books

Entrepreneurs, especially young ones, gravitate towards thinking they are way too busy to read books. That’s where they are wrong.

Depriving yourself of reading is a terrible mistake, as it means slowing down your personal and professional growth.

Pay attention to motivational and educative literature, as well as books targeted specifically to a field you’re operating in.

Where to get that precious time to read? you might ask.

Start with cutting down the time you spend on social media, and you’ll notice that the day is longer than you thought.

Bad Habit #2: Emotional spendings

When I was younger, I thought money is needed only for entertaining. But when I’ve become older, I discovered that earned money could be disposed of in different ways.

What will you choose: a rest, purchase of new home appliances or paid training from a business guru?

Only the last option can be considered as a profitable investment of funds, which will make it possible to earn more in the furthest future.

By the way, you can invest not only money but also your time and attention. If you devote all your free time to television, social networks and hanging out with friends, you will never be able to start your own business.

Control your investments and don’t allow brands or marketing tricks to control your emotions.

Bad Habit #3: Treating business exclusively as a way to earn money

A company or startup will eventually take all your time and thoughts. It is a complex of lifestyle, interests, and hobbies.

Any startup is a baby, who needs care, love, and time. Put your strength for growing up your tiny startup and let him worry about your resources.

Don’t turn your life into searching for ways to earn money.

Bad Habit #4: Avoiding communication

Have you ever heard about or met somewhere an invisible boss?

It is somebody who disappears when it is most needed. Most of the time he vegetates behind the closed door of his office, in “important” discussions with the closest allies – the same invisible leaders.

Such leaders avoid personal communication, especially when difficulties begin. They manage matters via email and instant messengers.

Such leaders are only interested in good news because they are not able to cope with the bad ones. Problems? Talk to someone else.

The sooner you realize that everything you are going to achieve is going to happen with the help or support of other people, the better it is for you and your company.

Bad Habit #5: Opting for self-pity instead of self-discipline

When I graduated the high school, I realized that there are people who are more fortunate than me.

They were born in the “right” place with wealthy parents, received an expansive education. They have excellent health, amazing mental abilities, and a solid bank account… But, instead of a perfect reason to regret me, I’ve begun to find opportunities for development and growth in every failure.

No success can be achieved without this important trait.

Note: Self-discipline is the ability to make yourself do, what you should do when you should do it, whether you feel like it or not.

How to develop a good practice?

Any behavioral pattern can be mastered and put into practice on a daily basis. The only issue is your dedication and ability to polish your strengths instead of focusing on your weaknesses.

Self-discipline and high motivation are keys for both personal and commercial traits. Paraphrasing a well-known saying: Do not build a business or career, build “yourself.”

And sooner or later, success will come to you.

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