Do You Fear Public Speaking? Follow These 3 Simple Steps To Overcome It


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One of the world's top speaking coaches, Lisa Nichols, shares how to replace your anxiety and fear of public speaking into clarity and conviction.

About The Video
If your hands get clammy and butterflies start to flutter in your stomach right before you give a presentation, you're not alone.

The average person fears public speaking more than tornadoes, snakes, even zombies. But communication allows us to connect with people, share our vision, motivate change, and influence decisions.

Learning how to use your voice to communicate and inspire others is the most valuable skill in the modern world, whether you're an entrepreneur, activist, engineer, writer, or parent.

So how can you turn your fear of public speaking into an opportunity to build your confidence?

In this video, one of the world's most-requested speakers and top teachers from The Secret, shares the 3 things you need to replace your anxiety and fear with clarity and conviction.

“The more committed and the more aware and the more clear those 3 outcomes are for you," Lisa explains, "the more the fear begins to dissipate into the nothingness it always was.”

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About The Author

Lisa Nichols

Lisa Nichols is one of the top speaking coaches in the world today, with her ability to command a stage and inspire audiences globally placing her among the very best orators in history — alongside legends like Martin Luther King Jr., John F. Kennedy, Nelson Mandela and more. But before Lisa became the #1 most-requested teachers on the hit movie, The Secret, her life was filled with unimaginable scarcity and struggle. Today, Lisa is only one of two African American women to take her company, Motivating the Masses Inc., public. She’s authored six best-selling books and has made numerous appearances on shows like Oprah, The Today Show, the Steve Harvey Show, and Extra. Now, she’s joining Mindvalley to teach you how to use your voice to find your mission, inspire others, and rally people behind the causes that sing to your soul.

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