Quick question…

How many gifted coaches do you know who have a hard time paying the bills?

1? 5? 10 or more?

Lots of coaches believe that growing a thriving, profitable coaching business is entirely dependent on their skills as a coach.

Yes, it’s important to be the best coach you can be but that’s not the whole story.

That’s not even half the story.

Think about it…

If creating a successful, profitable coaching practice were all about coaching skills, then every gifted coach would also be incredibly wealthy.

But that’s not true.

So, what’s the deal? What does it actually take to grow a successful coaching practice?

The answer will surprise you and it’s a lot simpler than you think.

Powerhouse life coach and speaker, Christina Berkley, reveals the 3 needle-moving habits that will have you going from can’t-pay-the-bills to fully booked a lot faster than you can imagine.

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Christina Berkley

Christina Berkley

Christina Berkley is a passionate advocate for people that want to stand in their own POWER. As a life coach and speaker living in New York City, she has worked with clients that include moms, politicians, celebrities, musicians, activists, entrepreneurs, and other coaches. By working with people to develop their unique strengths, she thrives when she sees her clients transform and make huge impacts in the world. Her mission is to pass that wisdom to others and ensure people are connected to their own infinite reserves of power and tremendous capacity for love.

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