3 Easy Ways to Put Your Clients at Ease During Enrollment Conversations


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You’ve tried a whole bunch of popular sales methodologies and techniques. You’ve tried learning and reading about selling.

But nothing seems to work.

You just can’t seem to get comfortable with the sales process no matter how hard you try, and when it’s time for an enrollment conversation, you want to run and hide.

Here’s something you need to keep in mind…

If you want to master the art of successful enrollment coaching conversations, if you’re ready to become a client magnet, the key is to take the spotlight away from yourself…

And shine it on your potential clients.

It’s about focusing on their needs and desires. It’s about building a real relationship. It’s about helping them feel good about working with you.

It’s about putting them at ease.

This will take you from zero sales to a long waitlist of ideal clients who can’t wait to work with you.

Here are 3 simple, effective methods you can use to put your clients at ease during an enrollment coaching conversation for consistent sales and sign ups.

Method #1: Go Slow

Go Slow

Studies show that talking quickly creates stress in others and in yourself.

Fast talkers produce a false sense of urgency, which negates the calm confidence that you need to create for your potential client.

The faster you speak, the more you project the energy of uncertainty, anxiety and fear and this is certainly not what we’re looking for in an enrollment conversation

So, go slow.

You might have to force yourself to do this at first – especially if you’re a natural fast talker – but it’s worth it.

When you speak a little slower, you’ll find you have space to truly listen to your clients and come up thoughtful answers to any questions they may have.

This is the essence of masterful enrollment coaching conversations that end with the question you want to hear…

Where do I sign up?

Method #2: Go Deep

Go Deep

Do you believe enrollment conversations are all about making a sale? Do you think it’s about convincing a potential client to sign up for your coaching program or package?

Maybe you believe enrollment conversations need to be short and to the point?

These are incorrect beliefs that will eventually leave you with a disappointing sign up rate and a bad reputation.

Here’s the real definition of an enrollment conversation.

It’s an invitation for your client to get to know you. It’s an opportunity for your client to truly connect with you.

It’s not about selling. It’s not about persuasion.

It’s about demonstrating your skills. It’s about showing your clients you care.

Approach an enrollment conversation the way you would approach a paid coaching session.

Focus on solving a real problem and don’t be afraid to go deep. Allow the conversation to run past the 20-minute or 30-minute mark.

Take as long as you need to take to create real results for your potential clients.

This is the most powerful and effective way to show them you know your stuff.

When you do this, they’ll find it almost impossible not to sign up with you.

Method #3: Go Wide

Go Wide

Body language is an important part of an enrollment conversation and this means, you should always try to speak to your client on video or face-to-face.

When your client can see you - when they can observe your facial expressions and your physical stance - you have a wonderful opportunity to create that trust that’s crucial for successful enrollment.

The key technique you need to remember is to go wide.

Take up as much physical space as you can by keeping your shoulders back and down, your chest wide and your arms by your side or away from your body.

Body language experts say this shows you have nothing to hide. Going wide with your physical posture also projects confidence and conviction which are important traits for a coach.

The next time you need to speak to a potential client to offer your programs and services, use at least a few – if not all – of these techniques.

When you do, you’ll notice sales and sign ups start to rise, almost without any additional effort.

And that fear and resistance you have around enrollment coaching conversations?

They’ll be a thing of the past.

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