How to Create Epic Coaching Sessions and Skyrocket Your Success


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Fundamentals count. Always.

No matter how far you’ve come and how many coaching hours you’ve clocked at this time, your success — not to mention your reputation as a coach — is related to your ability to consistently run transformational coaching sessions that create results.

When you can deliver epic coaching sessions to every one of your clients, word will spread.

Even in this over-connected, complex world of 24-hour internet, social media and multiple messaging tools and apps, old-fashioned word-of-mouth is the most powerful way to build a successful coaching practice.

It is the most reliable way to gain referrals and to create an ever-growing tribe of raving fans and repeat clients.

Here are the strategies and elements you need to have in place so you can consistently deliver unforgettable coaching sessions that will skyrocket your success and seal your reputation as a rockstar coach.

Strategy #1: Start At The End

Even experienced coaches sometimes miss this one…

Always remember to set outcomes for each session before you begin.

You could start by asking your client a simple question like, “What do you want to work on today?”

If this isn’t your client’s first coaching call or if they’ve purchased a series of sessions from you or they’re part of a long-term mastermind, make sure you check in on their progress and tasklist from the last session you had together.

This creates continuity and connection between one session and the next, and both you and your client will be able to track improvements, achievements and results over time.

Strategy #2: Track Energy

A truly transformational coaching session requires high levels of energy, so make sure you are aware of your client’s energy and focus throughout the session.

If you notice a dip in energy or lack of motivation, introduce a “pattern interrupt” that will boost enthusiasm and attention.

A pattern interrupt is a Neuro Linguistic Programming tool that can be used to refocus the mind.

This could be anything you say or do to create a quick distraction before you guide your client back to the discussion at hand.

In my experience, an unexpected joke is a powerful pattern interrupt. Humor goes a long way to create the kind disruption that’s needed to refresh and refocus your client’s attention.

If jokes aren’t your thing, you can rely on physical movement to achieve the same results. Some coaches have their client’s run on the spot or do jumping jacks.

Find what works for individual clients and use a pattern interrupt whenever you need to.

Strategy #3: Demolish Obstacles

Demolish Obstacles

You already know that you need to help your client recognize the steps they need to take to achieve their goals but don’t forget to address the obstacles (real or perceived) that stand in the way.

Spend some time during each session discussing this with your client.

Take time to identify every obstacle or challenge that your clients think they have ahead of them, then help them find solutions to demolish each one.

This will give your clients the confidence and tools they need to overcome resistance, procrastination and all of the other issues that arise when they’re going for their goals.

Strategy #4: Close the Circle

As you close in on the end of a session, start to tie everything together and go over 2 or 3 ideal outcomes that your client wants.

Have them identify the important takeaways and then work with them to create a list of goals that they’re planning to achieve before the next session. This will create continuity.

It will also create accountability. Don’t be afraid to drive down into specifics with this.

Ask your client, “How will you hold yourself accountable to these actions and goals, and how can I help you in this area?”

Never underestimate the power of a single coaching session and never bring anything less than your A-game every time you work with a client.

The world’s best coaches never stop up-leveling their ability to conduct a session and neither should you.

Epic coaching sessions are the key to your success as a coach and when you are open to ongoing improvement…

It won’t be long before you’ll be recognized as a world-class coach.

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