3 Must-Have Skills You Need To Grow a Thriving Business


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You’ve probably been coaching long before you started doing it for a living.

You helped your college roommate find her true values and build her self-worth so she’d stop dating the wrong guys.

You knew just what to say — and what not to say — when a friend was going through a messy divorce.

So, when you discovered coaching, you knew you had found your calling.

Your natural motivation to help people could now be turned into a great way to make a living.

A match made in heaven except for one thing…

Whether you’ve been a coach for years or you’re just starting out, you’ve come to realize that coaching and running a coaching practice are two very different things.

The truth is you need to be a coach AND you need to be a business owner.

You’ve nailed down the bit about coaching but if you’re struggling to create a successful coaching practice with a consistent stream of clients…

There’s clearly a disconnect in your skillset that you need to address.

Here are 3 must-have non-coaching skills you need to grow a thriving coaching practice.

Non-Coaching Skill #1: Selling

If you’re coaching for free then selling isn’t something that you ever have to consider.

But if you’re running a coaching practice — and I’m guessing you are — learning how to sell is as important as learning how to be a great coach.

Coaches love to help and to give.

That’s why many coaches struggle with asking for money in exchange for their services. It just feels “wrong.”

So, I’d like you to look at selling from a different perspective. 

Selling is serving. 

When you accept fair monetary compensation for your services as a coach, you’ll be able to do your best work and serve more and more people.

You’ll be to create the impact that you desire.

You’ll be able to do the meaningful work that you want to do in this world but on a much larger scale.

Isn’t that exciting? Isn’t that inspiring?

So the next time you feel uncomfortable about selling, think about how many more people you can help and serve when you’re running a thriving, profitable coaching practice.

Non-Coaching Skill #2: Tech

Basic tech skills are a must when it comes to running a practice with a global audience.

While you don’t ever have to be able to write code or create a website from scratch, you do need to have a working knowledge of some of the key technical aspects of your business.

This could include knowing how to upload your blog posts on your website, understanding how to send out emails to your subscriber list, being able to post content on social platforms such as Facebook, Instagram, and Twitter.

If you’re wholly reliant or dependent on others to tick off even the most basic tech-based actions on your to-do list, your entire business could come to a standstill when a key team member or your Virtual Assistant isn’t available.

This is not a good thing.

So make a list of all of the basic tech skills that you need to know about and start familiarizing yourself with each of them.

Non-Coaching Skill #3: Writing

Love it or hate it, writing is an integral part of running a successful coaching practice.

While you may have the financial bandwidth to hire a professional writer, it’s massively important that you cultivate this skill within yourself.


For one thing, no one will ever understand or care about your message and your ideas and insights as much as you do.

And no one can write about it in quite the same way you can.

We don’t need Pulitzer Prize-winning material here.

Just aim to write well enough to be able to post on social media or send out an email when you feel inspired to share from the heart.

Building a thriving coaching practice that continues to grow can be hard but it’s certainly not impossible.

These non-coaching skills are the 80/20 of what you need to master to achieve your business goals and create a successful, profitable coaching practice in an exceptionally short time.

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