Finally! A new book by Master-Coach and 'Evercoach by Mindvalley' founder reveals... 

Here's how to build a fully booked practice, consistently grow your income and impact thousands of lives...

Build a fully booked practice, consistently grow your income and impact thousands of lives...

...Even if you know nothing about marketing or sales
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Dear Coach,

If you want to build a prosperous, wildly successful and sustainable coaching business, this will be one of the most important books youll ever read.

Here's why:

Do you want a coaching business that allows you to live a lifestyle of freedom and abundance without having to hustle around the clock?

Do you want to impact thousands of lives and become known and recognized for your contribution to the world?

Would you like to get paid what you're worth, have a consistent stream of clients and sell even your highest-end packages with confidence and ease?

If you've said yes to any of the questions above, then you're exactly the coach I wrote this book for.

So let's focus on the good news?.

Ajit Nawalkha in a suit

Ajit Nawalkha
Co-founder of Mindvalley

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Dr. Neeta Bhushan
Best Selling Author of Emotional GRIT

Yes, You Really Can Build A Wildly Successful And Sustainable Coaching Business,
And Claim The Impact And Income You Deserve!

But I Also Know...

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Just how difficult it is if you don't have an effective marketing strategy that works for YOU (and not just for Instagram influencers or marketing gurus). 

I know how frustrating it is when you're overwhelmed and confused with all the strategies out there and you're tired of spending your time and money without getting the results you want...

And I know how disappointing it is when you discover that "getting clients on autopilot" and "crushing it with your business" is not as easy as you've been told. 

I know this because I've helped thousands of coaches like you build and grow wildly successful businesses over the last decade... And I wrote this book so that YOU can do the same.

The Business Book of Coaching will help you:

Make money consistently as a coach by crafting packages your clients love and that make them come back for more
  • Figure out which marketing strategies work for you so that you have an actionable game plan and can finally put yourself out there in a way that creates results
  • Make money consistently as a coach by crafting packages your clients love and that make them come back for more
  • Get rid of the overwhelm and confusion once and for all and build a sustainable business that supports your life purpose instead of eating up all your time
  • Finally create the lifestyle of freedom and abundance you deserve... whilst focusing on your passion and the thing you do best: coach and transform lives

Are You Ready to Claim Your Success and Freedom and Build a Prosperous Coaching Business That Lasts? 

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Here's the truth about creating success, impact and abundance as a coach:

You did NOT become a coach to spend all your time building marketing funnels, "dominating Instagram" or figuring out Facebook ads...

You became a coach because you wanted to COACH. Because that is your true gift, your passion, your purpose.

So if you're like most coaches out there - feeling  lost and confused about HOW you can build a profitable and sustainable business for yourself...

It's not your fault. 

Because after all, you have a gazillion strategies and formulas to choose from. And they all promise to be "the one and only way to success".

Now, don't get me wrong. There are great strategies out there and they've probably worked for the people who are selling them... 

But here's the real problem and the reason why this is blocking you from your success:

Nobody tells you how to CHOOSE.

Nobody tells you which of these countless strategies will actually get results for YOU.

And nobody tells you how to stop wasting time and your hard-earned money testing out strategies that might have worked for some people... but simply won't work for you.

I know this is frustrating, but now you can breathe a sigh of relief... Because this is exactly why I wrote 'The Business Book of Coaching' for you. 

Are you ready for some great news?

Building A Profitable Coaching Business That Lasts Doesn't Have To Be So Complicated, Painful Or Confusing...

Just take a moment and feel into how awesome it will be when you...

  • Feel the relief of knowing that you DON'T have to be a marketing genius, a perfect human being or a viral internet sensation to be successful and make money as a coach... Instead you know how to leverage result-based marketing that creates loyal clients and consistent streams of income for you.
  • Know with certainty which marketing and business strategies will work for you (and which WON'T)... So that you can break through the painful cycle of trial and error and stop wasting your hard-earned money and your precious time. No more throwing spaghetti at the wall and hoping that something sticks!
  • Have irresistible offers that practically sell themselves and attractive coaching packages that make your clients come back for more. You don't just have a quick-fix solution.... Instead you know how to create life-changing and exciting experiences for your clients so that you never have to lose them after a session or two

  • Are finally free of overwhelm and confusion and have a clear execution plan that is tailored to YOUR coaching business... so you can rest assured that you will get your desired results. (And by that I mean a consistent stream of clients, recognition and finally getting paid what you're worth).

  • Attract the right clients for you and communicate with them in a way that makes them listen. You're able to enroll clients with confidence and ease because you know exactly how to speak to them to connect and convert... without feeling guilty, awkward or like a sleazy salesperson.

  • Are known and recognized for your own unique coaching methodology that creates a true impact and tangible results... Which leads to a stream of referrals and a fully booked calendar on your end. (Forget about having to "convince" people to work with you).

  • Finally have more time and freedom to focus on what you love and do best: COACH. Plus you'll actually be able to reap the rewards of running your own business (like flexibility, working on your own schedule, being able to take more time off....) instead of feeling like a slave to your business.

  • Don't have to hustle like a maniac and sacrifice your own wellbeing and happiness just to pay the bills and get by. You get to enjoy financial abundance thanks to your wealth mindset that sets you up for long-term and sustainable success. You get to live the balanced, fulfilling and flexible lifestyle you crave and deserve.

All of this and more is possible for you...

...And I'm showing you exactly how to get there inside the book.
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But if you're thinking "Ajit, this almost sounds too good to be true..." -  I get it.
And it's probably because you fell prey to one or more of the 6 assumptions that kill coaching businesses:

Did You Fall Prey to the 6 Dangerous Assumptions That Kill Most Coaching Businesses... Before They Even Start?

See, my mission is to help you become the prosperous and successful coach you're destined to be.

So when I looked deeper into the reasons why most coaches are struggling or merely getting by in their business... I uncovered the 6 most dangerous assumptions that almost everyone in the coaching industry believes.

Let's take a look at these assumptions together and uncover them for what they truly are: Lies that stand in the way of your success as a coach.

  1. You Need To Be An Internet Sensation

    You've been told that you need to become an influencer, to create viral content and "dominate" social media to get clients and be a success. But this dangerous assumption is not only false... It actually derails you from focusing on the one thing that's guaranteed to get you the recognition and visibility that lead to more clients and more success. I'll show you exactly what that is and how you can leverage it in chapter 1 of 'The Business Book of Coaching'.

  2. You Need To Be More Successful Than Your Clients

    Don't let this toxic thought get in the way of serving the clients who need you! Instead, let me remind you that, as a coach, your job is not to have all the answers. Your job is to hold space for transformation and guide your clients to the answers they seek. You'll discover the 2 steps to overcome this assumption and to enroll even the clients that are further ahead than you in chapter 2.

  3. You Need To Be Perfect

    Being perfect is an illusion.... And yet the feelings of not being good enough or not worthy of true success can paralyze you and stop you dead in your tracks. That's why you'll find 4 simple and actionable strategies to overcome this limiting belief in chapter 3 of the book.

  4. You Need To Coach Several Hours To Get Any Results With Your Clients

    Don't worry if you fell prey to this dangerous assumption. It happens to almost all coaches out there. But what it really means is that you're stuck in the outdated mindset of exchanging your hours for money. I'll show you how to shift out of this for good... And I'll give you a hack to speed up the process and deliver results fast on top of that - right at the end of chapter 4.

  5. You Need To Follow A Predefined Formula For Success

    Now this one can really keep you stuck for years if you're not careful. There are a gazillion formulas out there, but nobody has created the perfect solution for YOU. So instead of pretending that I know what's best for you... I'll give you the tools and insights you need to be able to make that decision for yourself.

  6. You Need To Be A Marketing Genius

    I saved the biggest one for last. Yes, marketing IS important. But there's something that even the greatest marketing can never make up for.... And that same thing will actually do your marketing for you, if you know how to get it right. This is exactly what you'll learn in chapter 6 of the book and it's so simple and powerful that it will surprise you!

My co-author Dr. Neeta Bhushan and I wrote this book to not only help you overcome these 6 dangerous assumptions... 

...But to also give you clarity on what it really takes to build a prosperous coaching business.

(Including the tools, the models and the mindset to support you on your path towards success.)

Author Profile

Meet the extraordinary authors of 'The Business Book of Coaching'

Ajit Nawalkha - is the Co-Founder of Mindvalley, bestselling author of "The Book of Coaching" and the Founder of Evercoach - where he inspires a tribe of hundreds of thousands of coaches globally every single day. 

He has worked with some of the most impactful leaders of our world today - People like Lisa Nichols, Eben Pagan, Marisa Peer and many more, and continues to support tens of thousands of coaches, teachers and entrepreneurs in building and growing successful businesses... so that they can facilitate positive change in the world.

Dr. Neeta Bhushan - is an international speaker, an advocate of emotional resilience and best-selling author of Emotional GRIT. She's known for her unique coaching approach that helped transform hundreds of leaders who felt stuck, unsure, or experienced a lack of energy in their business, and is endorsed by renowned leaders and prestigious organizations across the globe.

What People Say About Our Books

"Ajit's training will play a direct role in helping my business create 7 figure revenue."

Ajit provides clear, actionable steps to take your business and life to the next level. I'm confident that Ajit's training will play a direct role in helping my business create 7 figure revenue.

a man with a beard
Sean Patrick Simpson

Co-Founder at "", "Alska" Publishing" and "Adventures In Manifesting"

"I have TRULY gone from 0 to starting my coaching business in 21 days... unbelievable."

I have TRULY gone from 0 to starting my coaching business in 21 days...unbelievable. I just got confirmation from my very 1st client and he has chosen my top value 'commitment' month package after only a 30 minute impromptu chat....i'm in disbelief but know I can do this work and help him change his life from the inside out. I'm very much in rocket 'develop while on the job' mode. Thank you to you and your team as I know there's a lot that goes on behind the scene, I hope you can pass this message on to everyone and let them know their work is appreciated more than they could imagine.

a woman with her hair pulled back
Susan Lough

Former MD, Life Coach, Scotland

"I have started my coaching business and have 7 signups."

I made a bold verbal statement to a group of women that I have started my coaching business and have 7 signups.

a woman with a beard
Susan Goodrich

Director, trainer, coach, instructional designer, Toronto, ON Canada 

"Ajit cuts right to the point in his coaching and teaching."

Ajit cuts right to the point in his coaching and teaching. I can't stress enough how important it is to work with people who've already done what you're trying to do...and Ajit has DONE it.

a person with long hair
Summer McStravick

Founder of M.E. School and Flowdreaming

"I have a clear understanding of who I am, what value I have to offer and who it is exactly that I want to work with and serve on a daily basis."

I set my intention at the beginning to establish a foundation of knowledge to get my Coaching practice off the ground. Not only do I now have the knowledge I need , but I also have the confidence to move forward with my business and become an Extraordinary Coach.

a man wearing a white coat
David Delarosa

Health & Life Coach 

"Now I know how to create packages for my different coaching services."

I have clarity on how to build and expand my methodology and now I know how to create packages for my different coaching services. It teaches how to build and expand your methodology, how to ask powerful questions that elicit insight, how to create packages for coaching services, how to have more confidence around sales and make bold proposals.

a woman with her hand on her face


"If you are on the fence about whether you want to begin a coaching practice or not..."

...this is an excellent introduction to help you focus your skills, knowledge and experience to test your idea. Thank you Evercoach!

a man in a suit
B. Matthew Mullaney

Workplace Mental Health Coach

"A super-simple step-by-step process to magically unveil the skill and business of coaching."

A super-simple step-by-step process to magically unveil the skill and business of coaching. A rock solid foundation even if you've taken a few courses on coaching. Builds a reliable springboard for one to launch themselves in coaching or helps identify the areas one needs to spend some more time. Thank you Ajit, Evercoach, and Mindvalley! Keep adding value!

a person smiling for the camera
Ranjan Kumar

Transformational Mindset Co

"Even in a short period of time Ajit gave me a clear picture of how I can pursue myself as a coach and how I can sustain and thrive in my coaching business."

Ajit is very knowledgeable with this kind of field and how he managed to cover all the necessary information - especially for a new coach like me. I"ve experienced gaining confidence on calling myself a coach and to shift my mindset about sales. Ajit gave me a clear picture of how I can pursue myself as a coach and how I can sustain and thrive in my coaching business.

Riza Pelaez

Founder of WEI (Women Empowered Institute), Japan. 

What You'll Learn

Introducing The Business Book Of Coaching

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By now you know that you don't have to be a Jack of all trades and a marketing genius to be successful as a coach. 

So what should you do instead, you wonder?

You need to focus on the 4 key building blocks of a prosperous and sustainable coaching business:

Let me tell you more about what they are and why they are crucial for your success.


As a coach, you know that your mindset will make or break you. 

So as our first step, we will uplevel your inner game. 

This is all about mastering your own beliefs and the relationship you have with yourself as a coach. It's about strengthening your leadership qualities and creating winning habits that set you up for long-term success


Should you do webinars? Write a book? Host live workshops? Should you create weekly or even daily content? Or maybe launching a course is the way to go?

It's so easy to get lost in all the money making models out there? So we'll demystify them and walk you through the ones that work best for coaches, step by step.

You'll get proven frameworks and structures on how to craft your coaching packages and build an offer that practically sells itself. 

We won't pretend to know which structure or strategy is right for you. Instead, we'll give you the understanding you need to make your own informed decision? And get rid of the confusion around how to make money once and for all.


The results you are able to deliver are the cornerstone of your business success.

And no matter how skilled and experience you are (or aren't yet) as a coach... there is always a next level to get to.

So in this section of the book, you'll discover how to define your solid, structured coaching methodology that continues to evolve. This is the secret to creating the kind of high-level, positive, lasting transformation that so many coaches dream of. 

You'll also learn how to think like your clients to understand their emotions on a deep level. This allows you to not only package your brilliance into irresistible offers that are in alignment with what your clients truly want... But it also sets the stage for the fourth key element:


Does the idea of selling scare you? Does it make you feel awkward because you don't want to be perceived as pushy or greedy?

You're not alone. We'll show you how to sell from a place of love and confidence. How to create win-win situations for you and your clients. How to help your clients make the right decisions through meaningful conversations that connect and convert.

Forget about the pressure-tactics that make you feel like a telemarketer. Apply the strategies from 'The Business Book of Coaching' and enrolling your perfect clients will feel easier and more fulfilling than ever before.

eBook Information

Here's A Sneak Peek At Some Of The Insights And Strategies You'll Find In The Book?

  • Why you don't have to be a marketing genius to be a prosperous and successful coach? and the truth about what it takes to create freedom and abundance through your coaching business. Page 40
  • You don't need to be a sales expert! Just add these 3 ingredients to your enrollment conversations to sell lots of coaching without pressure, manipulation or sleazy techniques. Page 152
  • 7 ways to discover your unique gifts and leverage your zone of genius to create extraordinary results. You can expect a stream of referrals and a fully booked calendar as a result of this. Page 54
  • You have to be more successful than your clients to coach them effectively, right? Wrong! Here are the two things that really matter when it comes to creating impressive results that your clients will rave about and share with all their friends. Page 19
  • The 7 rules of wealthy coaches. You're going to want to print these out and post them somewhere by your desk where you can see them every single day. Page 182
  • Where to find the right clients. Plus a powerful strategy to remove their psychological barriers during enrollment conversations and make your sales process easy and smooth. Page 135
  • A super simple way to craft your coaching business plan that will get you motivated and hold you accountable... Even if you hate numbers and spreadsheets. Page 159
  • 3 steps to building your own unique coaching methodology that creates deeply impactful results that you will become known and recognized for. Page 90
  • 3 steps to building your own unique coaching methodology that creates deeply impactful results that you will become known and recognized for. Page 90
  • Think you need 5 different income streams from the get go? No. Choose your ideal money making model as a coach and learn why you should only get started with ONE. Page 129
  • Does it take 2 hours, 5 hours or 20 minutes to create results as a coach? The answer will surprise you. Page 32
  • Why wanting to solve all your client's issues in one go is a terrible approach to business and what to do instead to make your clients come back for more. Page 125
  • Forget selling single sessions. This easy framework allows you to create coaching packages your clients LOVE and are happy to pay premium prices for. Page 122
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The Business Book Of Coaching Is NOT Just Some Superficial Read That Gives You General And Fluffy Advice

Everything you will find in this book is based on years of our experience in building businesses across multiple industries; on tools, techniques, and advice that have been tested and proven over and over again by hundreds of coaches out there; and on real results that we have created for our own clients, consistently over the years.

Plus - you get even more support to help you implement all the strategies and get real results almost immediately:

Grab your copy of 'The Business Book Of Coaching' Now, and get?

BONUS #1: An Incredible Online-Coaching Experience (Worth Over $149)... For FREE

a group of colorful boxes
Yes! This Book Comes With A $149 Online Course For FREE!

This means you.ll have unlimited access to hours of additional in depth, high-value training, practices, and content designed to help you fully absorb and implement the insights, techniques, systems, and ideas discovered in these pages.

This unique Online Experience also includes awesome extras such as gorgeous images, photos, and videos plus it's all easily available on the web and on Android, and iOS.

When you dive into The Business Book Of Coaching Online Experience, you'll have access to:

  • Actionable, transformational training for coaches that.s designed to create real world results.
  • Additional strategies and proven techniques to rapidly up-level all aspects of your coaching practice.
  • Tasks and exercises to skyrocket your personal and professional growth.
  • A dynamic, interactive community of like-minded coaches who will share your journey and give you the support you need.
  • ... and SO much more!

BONUS #2: An Exclusive Coaching Call Recording With Ajit (worth Over $500)... For FREE!

Showing You A Step-by-step Process For Creating Certainty Of Success In Your Coaching Business

Available exclusively to students of Business Book of Coaching
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On this call, Ajit will show you exactly how he helps businesses plan for the certainty of success?

...and to create an elegant, do-able business plan that.s 100% free of overwhelm or anxiety.

Ajit... Can I Really Get All Of This Value...
For Only $4.99

I know it might seem crazy, but the answer to this is yes! And if you're wondering "what's the catch"? then I can put your mind at ease: There is none.

The knowledge and information we share with you in this book is easily worth a couple thousand dollars.... But it's also the crucial information that coaches like you simply NEED to build a successful business.

So while the regular price of the book is $39.99, we wanted to give you not just the book but also the entire online experience at a price that is a no-brainer for you.

Why? Because our mission is to help 100,000 coaches to transform as many lives as they can. So you can think of this "crazy" price as our way to contribute... By making it incredibly easy for you to get the information you truly need.

Ready to become a  successful coach and claim the income and impact you deserve?

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Here's everything you get in 'The Business Book of Coaching' Power Pack:

  • Instant access to 'The Business Book of Coaching' eBook jam-packed with all the tools, strategies and action steps to create a prosperous business (valued at $39)
  • FREE Bonus: Immersive high-value training with unlimited access to 'The Business Book of Coaching': Online Experience (valued at $149)
  • FREE Bonus: An exclusive coaching call recording with Ajit to show you a step-by-step process for creating certainty of success in your coaching business (valued at $500)

Valued at over $699, the entire Business Book of Coaching Digital Power Pack is yours for only $4.99!

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Frequently Asked Question

When will I receive my eBook?

Once your purchase is complete you will automatically be created a login where you can access 'The Business Book of Coaching' ebook and the online course experience as well.

Is 'The Business Book of Coaching' for beginners or only for experienced coaches?

This is not just an informational course. It's TRANSFORMATIONAL. To powerfully coach extraordinary people, leaders and entrepreneurs, you need to help them go deeper than ever before. And you can only help them go as deep as you've gone yourself. That's why this course is designed to be transformational, so you'll unleash your highest ability as a coach to create high-quality powerful results and impact for your clients. And they will want to work with you again and again. And they will recommend you to others.

Can I get a physical copy of 'The Business Book of Coaching'?

We're so confident that this program will help you reach the next level in your coaching business, that we'll give you a complete refund, if for any reason you don't like it in the first 15 days (even if you just can't find the time to use it). Our suggestion? Enroll now. Secure your discount. Enjoy the journey and process. And relax -- you've got 15 days to decide if it-s for you.
There is no risk in trying this out -- so don't let your fears stop you from breaking the glass ceiling of income and impact