How To Set Healthy Relationship Boundaries

Chapter 07

How To Set Healthy Relationship Boundaries

Setting boundaries is the key to success in every relationship. As a coach, you must know how to set healthy relationship boundaries with your coaching clients and help them do the same in their own relationships.

Watch this video to see an in-depth interview with expert Bryan Reeves on this topic. Bryan is a former US Air Force Captain and "dark night of the soul" survivor turned author, blogger, life and relationship coach, and workshop facilitator.

During this conversation, you'll learn what are boundaries and why they are so important in our lives, how they can impact our relationships, the power of communication, and many more game-changing insights you can immediately use in your own life and with your clients.

This interview is part of Coaching Mastery, a highly-rated Evercoach program where you get to learn from the world's best coaches and watch them in action.

Key Highlights:

02:24 - What are boundaries?

06:25 - How does it feel like to have clear boundaries?

10:05 - The importance of boundaries for our clients' lives.

12:12 - How do we know if someone has poor boundaries?

18:00 - How can you communicate your requests and requirements?

21:11 - Relationship as obligation vs relationship as an invitation

24:18 - Language needles.

28:53 - How to continue the learning journey as a relationship coach.

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