How To Become A Transformational Coach


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Helping others is one thing. Truly transforming their lives is a whole other ball game.

If you want to build a business as a transformational coach or teacher and create real, deep, lasting results for your clients, you need to ensure to set a solid foundation that will help avoid burnout or overwhelm along the way.

Becoming a transformational coach is not an easy feat, but can bring the most impact and satisfaction to both you and your clients.

In this video, Ajit Nawalkha, Co-Founder of Evercoach, shares the 5 steps you should follow to start your thriving career as a transformational coach and teacher: what, why, and how to get it started successfully.

Let’s break down these 5 steps.

Step #1: Get Yourself Transformed First

“You can’t take any client deeper than you’ve gone yourself.”

If you want to be a transformational coach or teacher for others, you first have to transform yourself.

Invest time to do your inner deep work. Find out what makes you tick, what makes people tick, why people do what they do.

You have to take that journey first. You are your first student.

Read books, take online courses, get a coach or mentor, practice self-coaching techniques. Once you’re done, it’s time for the next step.

Step #2: Document Your System

How can you help others based on your own journey to transformation?

Document all the experiences, insights, and learnings you had during your step 1 transformational journey.

Then, put them together into a system that others can follow to create the same results you did.

Step #3: Get Your First Clients

Now that you have your system in place, it’s time to test it.

Test it, one client, at a time.

Validate your system, make sure it actually works.

Evaluate the results, get feedback, tweak your system as needed. Improve it and try again.

Get a few more clients and repeat this trial period until you perfect the system and it’s creating consistent results.

Step #4: Test On A Larger Scale

It’s time to put yourself out there.

Share your content on social media, website, blog, video, podcast, or whatever is your preferred platform to reach your target audience.

Share your system, results, customer stories, case studies, and other free content that will attract potential clients to purchase your system.

Here you are starting to test your methodology at a larger scale and start creating more and bigger transformations.

Step #5: Start Building Your Business

Now is the time to evaluate how you will build your business around your system and content. A great way to teach at a larger scale and grow organically is by creating online coaching courses.

You can also organize events or group coaching programs – online or offline – to impact more people at the same time. 

Follow these 5 simple steps to create a tested-and-proven system you can build your business around and that will position you as a transformational coach or teacher, and expert in your industry.

About The Author

Ajit Nawalkha

Ajit Nawalkha is the Co-founder of Evercoach. He is passionate about disrupting industries and creating positive change. Ajit is a business coach himself.

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