How To Avoid Losing Potential Clients When They Ask For Your Rate


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"What's your rate?"

It's a common question in any potential coaching relationship but which, most of the times, pops up way too soon. So how to deal with it?

In this video, life coach Christina Berkley shares her favorite way to get out of this situation and also improve your connection with potential clients at the same time. 

About The Author

Christina Berkley

Christina Berkley is a passionate advocate for people that want to stand in their own POWER. As a life coach and speaker living in New York City, she has worked with clients that include moms, politicians, celebrities, musicians, activists, entrepreneurs, and other coaches. By working with people to develop their unique strengths, she thrives when she sees her clients transform and make huge impacts in the world. Her mission is to pass that wisdom to others and ensure people are connected to their own infinite reserves of power and tremendous capacity for love.

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