The Simple and Surprising Truth About High-End Sales


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Do you know the truth about high-end sales?

What is it actually about? Do you understand what high-end clients are looking for?

You might think high-end sales is about adopting a polished persona or maybe you believe it’s all about convincing clients to pay you a great deal of money…

But the truth about selling these coaching packages, services, and programs is far simpler and far more astonishing than you could ever imagine.

Sales expert Lindsay Wilson has sold everything from $10 face cream to million-dollar apartments in New York City.

Watch this video as Lindsay reveals an audio excerpt of one of her real-world high-end sales conversations.

What she shares will astound you, transform you, shift your approach and help you succeed at high-end sales.  

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About The Author

Lindsay Wilson

Sought-after sales coach who sold everything from eyeliner to Britney Spears’ piano and has trained hundreds of others to do the same - with integrity, honesty and love.

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