3 Beliefs That Might Be Stopping You From Attracting The Right Clients


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You didn’t know if you were ready to do it but you took the leap, did the work and now it’s done…

You’ve finally created that amazing high-end coaching program or product that you’ve been dreaming about. You now have the power to reach far more people with your message and expertise.

You committed a ton of time and effort, and you know your product can generate life-changing transformations.

The only problem? Enrollment numbers are pretty depressing and you have no idea what you did wrong.You spread the word. You highlighted the value and benefits of your program but nothing happened. No new enrollments. No buzz. Nothing.

So, you’re feeling utterly disappointed and you want to quit. Don’t.

Selling a high-end product isn’t very different from selling any other kind of product. The sales and marketing process is almost exactly the same. The difference isn’t really out there in the world, but inside your mind.

When it comes to getting more enrollments for your high-end product, what you believe about selling will influence the final number of enrollments, more than anything else.

Beliefs are the foundation of your sales success with any product but they are exceptionally critical when you’re selling something that costs more.

After experiencing the process countless times in my own business, as well as guiding countless coaches around the world, I’ve identified 3 incredibly harmful, hidden beliefs that will ruin your chances of attracting clients for your high-end product.

Dangerous Belief #1: Insane Expectations

This belief is particularly damaging because it’s often mistaken for ambition.

While it’s great to have a positive outlook and to dream big, having an insanely high enrollment goal can — and will — work against you.

It’s the fastest way to demotivate yourself and create massive amounts of doubt about yourself and your product. So keep this rule of thumb in mind: the more costly the product, the lower the enrollments or total sales you should expect.

This is true whether you’re the greatest coach in the world or just starting out. It has nothing to do with your ability as a coach and everything to do with how the human mind works.

High-end products essentially appeal to a smaller number of people and that’s what they’re supposed to do.

Smaller numbers also means you’ll be able to give each client your individual attention and the VIP treatment that they deserve. So don’t get too caught up in large enrollment numbers for your high-end product especially if it’s your first time.

Make sure you adjust your expectations so you don’t blame yourself and quit for no good reason.

Dangerous Belief #2: It’s All About Me

No matter how you twist it, you can’t avoid it…

If you want to succeed in selling anything, you have to reframe the meaning of the word “no”. If you judge yourself and your abilities as a coach based on how many people say ‘no’ or don’t purchase your high-end product, you are on a one-way street to failure.

A “no” is not about you; it’s not a reflection of you and it’s certainly not a rejection of you. There are many reasons why a potential customer would say ‘no’ to a premium product…

They may not be ready for a high-end experience, they may need to get their finances in order, they may not have the time… The list is endless.

Here’s a far more empowering and productive way to look at a “no”: think of it as a signal that the customer is not the right fit for your high-end product at this time.

When you adopt this mindset, you’ll stop yourself from spiralling into a sea of doubt and do what the most successful coaches in the world do — move on to the next possibility.

Dangerous Belief #3: Selling is Sleazy

If you secretly believe that sales and the act of selling are “sleazy” in any way, then you’re dead in the water. That may sound harsh but it’s true.

Selling is by no means sleazy or even difficult. Not when you sell with integrity and honesty. You already know your premium product is valuable. You already know the transformation that it can create.

Selling, then, becomes a process of love

You are adding value to a potential customer’s life. You want them to achieve their dreams. When you hold this thought in your heart and mind, and you come from a place of service and love, selling instantly loses the “sleaze factor”.

You are able to connect authentically with a customer and the enrollment process becomes a way to express love.

Remember you are a dedicated, passionate and deeply committed coach, and your high-end product will support, encourage and motivate a lot of people.

That’s why you created the product — to change more lives.

When you focus on your “why” and release these 3 dangerous beliefs, you will unhook yourself from fear and doubt…

You’ll begin to feel comfortable with the process of selling your high-end product…

And, almost like magic, you’ll see enrollments start to rise.

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