The 3 Critical Elements to Becoming an Extraordinary Coach


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Become an extraordinary coach with an extraordinary business by elevating these 3 critical elements: You, Your Methodology, and Your Business.


There’s a coach I know. Let’s call him Jack.

Jack has been coaching for 10 years and he’s successful. He makes over a quarter of a million dollars a year. He works with companies where he coaches and consults their highest level executives.

Things look perfect on the surface but there’s more to it than meets the eye.

Jack’s been stuck at the quarter million mark for 5, long years now. He’s not having financial issues. I mean, $250,000,00 a year? No complaints, right?

But here’s the thing: Jack is stuck in the vicious “dollars for hours” cycle and he doesn’t know how to get past it.

This is what I call “stuck in version 1.0.”

You see, like software, at different stages, we embody different “versions” of ourselves. Every time we hit a big personal breakthrough, we upgrade to a new, better version.

If you’re stuck, your current version needs an upgrade.

And let me tell you a secret: there will never come a time when you won’t need to upgrade.

You must upgrade your current version all the time. Constantly. It’s endless.

It may sound exhausting or tiresome but it’s not. It’s the mark of a well-lived life.

Continuous growth and expansion. So, how does this lead back to You?

Well, all of this means that your business – and your life – cannot move forward until you do. You are the first element you need to think about when you think about your skills as a coach and business owner.

Your current “version” will define your level of success.

Your current version will define the number and quality of clients you attract. Your current version will define the impact that you have and the revenue that you generate through your coaching practice.

Higher version of yourself = higher version of clients.

Higher version of clients = better results, more impact, more income. You need to consistently create higher, better versions of yourself and this book will show you how you to do that.


Your methodology is about how you impact your clients. How you create a transformation in their life. Your methodology includes the skills, strategies, techniques, systems and innate intelligence that you bring to your coaching sessions so your clients experience game-changing breakthroughs and amazing results.

Essentially, your methodology has to do with how you take your clients into the profound experience of transformation.

This was the area Jackie was struggling with when she came to me.

Jackie is an Intuitive Coach and she helps clients by tapping into her intuition – her gut feeling – and by helping them tap into theirs so they can come up with the solutions they need.

Jackie was great at enrolling clients. Her biggest problem? She couldn’t seem to get them to come back to her, after a couple of sessions.

I worked with Jackie and found two easy solutions: create long-term coaching packages and increase prices.

Jackie did exactly that and immediately noticed a 30% boost in her revenue. She was happy.

I met Jackie again a few months later. This time she had a new problem.

Her clients were not re-enrolling even after staying with her for longer periods. Jackie couldn’t understand why.

Here’s the thing…

Jackie had forgotten the one rule of extraordinary coaching.

Being an extraordinary coach means continuous learning. Continuous growth. Continuous adoption and implementation of new coaching strategies you can use to up your game.

If she’s serious about growing a sustainable, thriving coaching practice, Jackie needs more than a couple of coaching tools. She needs an expanding toolkit of techniques.

And so do you.

As you will discover throughout this book, you need to collect a growing set of tools you can turn to at any time so you can continue to create powerful, transformational experiences for your clients.

This book reveals a powerful set of coaching techniques and training from different schools of thought that you can include as part of your unique, personal coaching methodology. The best part?

You can immediately start to use these to jumpstart your journey to becoming an extraordinary coach.


Jill felt frustrated. “I just want to help people. I know I’m a good coach. Why aren’t my coaching skills enough to help me get clients?”

Sounds like a great question, right? But it’s not.

Jill’s question is the same as asking, “Why isn’t the world perfect? Why can’t everyone wait on me hand and foot? Why don’t I have a million dollars fall from the sky and into my hands?”

I know, I know. I’m exaggerating a bit but you catch my drift.

Just because you’re a great coach doesn’t mean you’ll be a successful coach with a profitable practice.

Being a great coach is the first step. There are MANY more steps to becoming an extraordinary coach with an extraordinary business.

You could be the best coach in your area of expertise but that doesn’t mean people will know your name.

And even if they do, it doesn’t mean they’ll trust you.

And it doesn’t mean they’ve bought into the idea of trading their deepest, darkest secrets, and greatest challenges with you.

Coaching is serious stuff, people. You are moving someone through a transformation.

For someone who’s going to an early grave because of poor health choices, they need to be certain their health coach can save their life.

They are risking their health with you.

For someone who’s facing the end of their marriage, they need to be certain their relationship coach can save their marriage. They are risking their happiness with you.

For someone who is desperate to grow, transform and change their life, they need to be certain their life coach can help them escape mediocrity.

They are risking their future with you.

Yes, you need to be able to do your job as coach well. Bloody well.

But you also need to know that the act of coaching is only one part of a long, trust-building process that leads to success.

You also need to connect with your clients outside coaching sessions. You need to be at the top of their minds when they think of the challenges they have to overcome. When they think about taking their game to the next level and the next and the next.

You are the person who will transform their lives. Change everything. They need to trust you.

This book will show you how to build that trust.

When you have that trust, only then can you create a powerful, impactful business with a structure and systems that work.

Systems that allow you to work from a place of confidence and calm -not anxiety and overwhelm.

Structure and systems in your business are the building blocks that form the very foundation of an extraordinary coaching business. They create ease and efficiency and allow you to make a great living doing what you love, for a long time to come.

So, there you have it. The 3 critical elements – You. Your Methodology. Your Business.

Imagine these elements as a circular progression. You are always working on each of them to create holistic forward momentum.

This book will guide you to grow, expand and transform in all 3 elements.


*Article extracted from The Book of Coaching by Ajit Nawalkha & Dr. Neeta Bhushan.

The Book Of Coaching

How To Be An Authentic Coach, Sign Top Clients, And Deliver REAL Results That Change Lives - No Matter If You're A Beginner Or A Veteran
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