Become a Sales Rockstar

So many coaches – talented, gifted coaches – struggle with sales and selling and here’s why…

They have a deep belief that selling is manipulative, sleazy, and dishonest.

Nothing could be further from the truth.

As I explain in The Book of Coaching, sales is love.


Selling allows you to serve.

And that’s my mantra…

Serve, first.

Approach sales and the act of selling as a service to your clients.

Think of it as an expression of who you are as a coach and think of the transformations you can help create when your clients choose to work with you.

The exchange of money and service that happens between you and your client is something that’s kind of sacred.

It’s the promise that opens the door to possibilities…

The door to a whole new world and a whole new life for your clients.

As a coach of integrity, you know you’ll do the work to get your clients where they want to go…

And selling is how you can get them there.

There’s another piece to the sales puzzle I want you to think about…

Getting to the “yes.”


To get to the yes, you have to get through a whole lot of “nos” and this is especially true for new coaches.

Now let me be straight with you…

Getting lots of no's? It’s no big deal.

No is not a reflection of your skills or your abilities as a coach.

No is not a rejection of you as a person.

No is just a word.

And you have to get through a lot of “no’s” to get to a yes.

That’s just how it works.


My personal “yes” rate -- my enrollment rate -- improved over time and through many factors.

I became more confident and comfortable with my offers, packages and skills as a coach.

I learned to sell to the clients who are right for me.

And I learned to sell from a place of service. From a place of wanting to help…

From a place of love and caring.

When you learn to do the same thing…

When you come from a place of service, when you see “no” as nothing more than a word and not a rejection, when you become more and more confident in who you are as a coach…


That’s when you’ll engage, empower, and connect with your clients so just about every sales conversation you have will end in the words every coach wants to hear…

Yes! Where do I sign up?

Take Action Section

From today onwards, actively and consciously redesign your relationship with sales and selling. Start thinking about the act of selling as a way to be of service because that’s exactly what it is.

Set aside 15 to 30 minutes and journal your answers to these questions (or create an audio recording):

  1. How can I come from a place of love and service when I’m in a sales conversation with a client?
  2. What can I do to create in-the-moment shifts for my clients during a conversation?

When you’re done, go to the Additional Resources section and watch my video – How to Become Great at Selling – for an in depth, step-by-step look at my personal, proven specific sales process.