Coach, Coach, Coach…
And Then Coach Some More!

This is going to sound simple -- maybe even too simple -- but it needs to be said, so here goes…

If you want to be a great coach you need to coach.

And not just coach once in a while but all-the-time.

Here’s a secret not many people talk about…

World-class coaches -- I’m talking about those who have a thriving business and a long list of clients who can’t wait to work with them -- view the act of coaching from a very different perspective than other coaches.

To them, coaching is more than a job, it’s more than an activity or a task…

To them, coaching is a way of life. A way of being.

And that’s why they coach all the time. They coach friends, family members, and people they meet…

They’re always looking for opportunities to coach and they don’t wait to be in a formal coaching session…

And sometimes, they even do it for free.

In my book, The Book of Coaching (find out more in the Next Step section of this guide) I talk about how I coached a client who couldn’t afford my rate.

So, I did it for free.

He found so much value in that one session that he talked about me to just about everyone he knew.

Connections and introductions were made and, next thing I knew, I had new paying clients.

Even partnerships and affiliations came from that experience.

I’m not saying that you need to coach for free all the time, of course.


I’m saying that you need to open your mind and find opportunities to coach wherever you are and whoever’s with you…

Because the truth is, coach is another word for help.

Think about how you can help/coach as many people as you can.

If you want to build a successful business that attracts a consistent flow of clients, you must take your coaching skills to the highest level…

And you can only do that when you coach, coach, coach…

And then coach some more.

Take Action Section

For the next few days, look at your life and your world as a massive coaching platform and step into “coaching mode” every chance you get.

Approach everyone in your life and everyone you meet with this question in mind, “How can I help them?” Allow coaching conversations to happen organically.

At the end of each day, answer the following questions for each person you talk to:

1. What did I do well?
2. What could I have done better?
3. What is my key takeaway from this conversation?

Do this for 7 to 10 days and you’ll notice a shift…

Do this for 3 weeks and you’ll experience a massive uplevel in your coaching skills and your confidence as a coach.

One more thing…

Go to the Additional Resources section in this guide and watch “The 5 Elements of Exponential Coaching” by world-class coach and best-selling author Rich Litvin.

It will totally change how you approach coaching and help you rapidly take your skills to the next level.