The Ultimate Introduction To Transformational Relationship Coaching

Key Concepts, Skills, and Insights You Need to Become a Successful, Life-Changing Relationship Coach

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This is an old story and it holds a powerful lesson:

Not everyone is who they appear to be, so choose your companions wisely.

It’s a truth that applies in every relationship of your life… love, friendship and business. 

Unfortunately, most people surround themselves with friends, colleagues, partners, and team members without considering the far-reaching effects of their choices.

They stay in relationships that are not beneficial to them or they leave when they could have worked things out…

And when it comes to building and nurturing great relationships that stand the test of time, things are only getting more complicated as we move deeper into the 21st century.

A skilled relationship coach can help people nurture ideal relationships…

Relationships that uplift and inspire …

Relationships that create success …

Relationships that bring true understanding, love and lasting happiness.

So, if you’ve been thinking of becoming a relationship coach or if you’ve been considering switching into relationship coaching, guess what? You’re exactly where you need to be!

This Ultimate Guide is designed as a step-by-step pathway to get you started on your journey to becoming a truly phenomenal relationship coach. 

You’ll learn what it takes to transform your client’s lives and start building a meaningful, profitable relationship coaching business that brings you joy and fulfillment every single day.

Sound good? Let’s get this party started!


What Is A Relationship Coach
& What Do They Do?

Here’s the thing…

At no other time in history have we experienced what it feels like to have hundreds, thousands and maybe even millions of “friends” on social media and yet feel more alone than ever.

According to a 2018 survey by The Economist and the Kaiser Family Foundation, about 2 in every 10 adults in the United States and the United Kingdom feel isolated and left out.

They feel like they’re all alone in the world.

This points to an undeniable reality -- there’s no better time than now to become a relationship coach.

So before we dive deeper into this Guide, let’s explore a crucial, defining question…

What is a relationship coach and what do they do?

A relationship coach helps clients identify, nurture and build strong loving, supportive relationships in their personal and professional lives. 

A skilled relationship coach can also support clients to re-build or heal a failing relationship.

Relationship coaching covers a wide spectrum of elements that have the power to influence any relationship.

So, as a relationship coach you could be helping clients...

Now that we’re clear on what a relationship coach is and what they do, let’s explore another, critical question…

Why do YOU want to become a relationship coach?

Grab your journal or open up a new document in your computer and start writing. Allow your answer to “free flow.” Don’t judge or censor yourself and keep writing for at least 5 minutes straight.

This is an incredibly important exercise because knowing “why” you want to dedicate your time and energy to relationship coaching is the key to fueling your motivation and inspiration.

The journey to becoming a phenomenal can be unpredictable and challenging. A strong, clear “why” will inspire you in the good times and get you through the tough times.