Life Coaching

The world’s greatest life coaches get to the top for many reasons…

For some it’s pure grit and practice. They coach, coach, and then coach some more.

They put in their 10,000 hours and keep going.

Others choose to work with an experienced coach who can show them the ropes…

A real-world mentorship that cuts the learning curve in half.

No two paths to the top are exactly alike but no matter what options are open to you and which path you choose, here’s what you need to know…

The best training and mentorship in the world mean nothing if you don’t cultivate the inner elements you need to become a phenomenal life coach.

The world’s greatest life coaches share a handful of common elements – traits, behaviors, and attitudes – that play a big role in shaping them into rockstars.

Here are 7 key elements the best of the best share:

Life Coaching



The greatest life coaches are always looking for ways to shine the light of self-awareness on their inner and outer world. They understand they can’t help clients find clarity if they don’t have it in themselves first.

Life Coaching


Extraordinary Listening Skills

They are master listeners and believe in listening more – a lot more - than they speak. They practice deep listening with clients, this is about listening for the emotions and thoughts left unsaid behind the words and between the words.

Life Coaching


Non-Stop Focused Learning

They are learning machines – especially in their niche or area of expertise. Legendary life coaches believe they can never know “too much” about what they can do for clients. They’re constantly working with and testing new tools and techniques and constantly upgrading their skills through trainings, seminars, and workshops.

Life Coaching


Compassionate Truth

They know their clients need to know the truth – often the hard truth – about themselves to make progress and achieve goals. The best life coaches are never afraid to be truthful and honest with their clients, but they are skilled at sharing these truths with compassion and kindness.

Life Coaching


Committed to Creating Results

They are committed – pretty much obsessed – about creating results for their clients. They are willing to work with unconventional methods or create their own techniques and coaching methodology to help their clients get results.

Life Coaching


Skilled at Drawing the Line

They understand and implement healthy boundaries with clients. They know that to do their best and be their best, they must take time to restore and replenish their energy. This means creating time and space for themselves and introducing clear boundaries such as “no calls or messages after hours and on weekends.”

Life Coaching


Open Minded and Open Hearted

They believe that everyone has a right to happiness and they strongly believe in an individual’s freedom to choose. They are non-judgmental of a client’s life choices or goals. World-class coaches know that their key objective, and the only one for that matter, is to help each client live their best life based on personal beliefs and values even when these are different from the coach’s own beliefs.

Life Coaching

Find a quiet place to reflect and write. Set aside 20 to 30 minutes for this activity.

Read through each of the 7 elements in this chapter again. Now think about which of these elements are your natural strengths and which ones need work.

Then come up with 3 action steps you can take in the next few days to improve the areas that need work (eg; read a book about listening skills or research ways to increase self-awareness).

Extra credit: Think of 3 ways to get even better in the areas where you are already strong.

You can download and use this chart for guidance:

Life Coaching