The Ultimate
Guide To
Group Coaching

How to Build A Powerful Group Coaching Program that Establishes Your Expertise and Creates Results for Your Clients

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coach holding a group coaching program

When we connect with a tribe of people with similar values and beliefs, people who want to see us succeed -- amazing things can happen.

Being part of a tribe means you have access to different viewpoints, perspectives, opinions, and approaches to problems and challenges.

You get to expand your network of valuable connections.

You get to give and receive help and support.

You get to experience that priceless feeling of being part of something bigger, something greater than yourself...

And that's why coaching groups is such a powerful step for both new and experienced coaches.

Group coaching is when a coach takes a group of individuals through a coaching journey together to achieve a desired outcome. A great group coaching program works like a container for your clients and for you, the coach, to see exponential progress and momentum in your business and in your life.

There's an incredible energy and collective wisdom when doing group coaching that's different from 1:1 sessions, and it's this energy and wisdom that can rapidly get your clients to their goals while you establish an exceptional reputation for yourself as a coach.

Plus, coaching groups can generate massive payoff in terms of income... so everybody wins.

So, if you've ever dreamed of coaching groups and you've been wondering how to create a game-changing group coaching program that gets everybody talking - and wanting to sign up - then, this Guide is for you.

In this guide, you'll learn:

  • How group coaching is different from 1:1 sessions
  • The benefits of group coaching
  • How to create a coaching program
  • How to develop a great framework that fits your business
  • Key elements of a powerful group coaching program to maximize results

Sounds good? Thought you'd say that!

Let's do this.



Your First Step To
Group Coaching

You might think coaching groups is basically about coaching people in a group setting or maybe you think it's the same as the 1:1 sessions, except now, you coach more than one person at a time.

Here's the thing...

Those definitions are wrong or at least they're incomplete.

Coaching groups is not just about getting a bunch of people together and then coaching them for 5 minutes each until everyone has had a turn.

And it's definitely NOT an extension of private coaching in a group setting -- it's this type of thinking that causes clients to feel unheard or unseen, and they don't get the results they're looking for.

The truth is there's far more to coaching groups than most people realize.

First thing you need to get straight...

Coaching groups is about more than the act of coaching and being coached. It's about the connection, communication, and community that comes from not just you interacting with your clients but group members interacting with each other.

coach making a presentation in a group coaching meeting

This is where the magic happens.

This is where the energy of the group and the support individual clients receive from the group leads to accountability, rapid momentum, and ongoing motivation as everyone works toward their individual goals.

So first of all, it's crucial you understand what is expected in a group coaching program and what it will take for you in terms of time and energy to deliver it powerfully and create the results you promise. 

Coaching groups is also different from coaching a team in a corporate environment. Team coaching is when all members in the group are focused on the same goal.

But when you coach groups, individual members have their own goals. You may find that all or some members are in a similar phase or time frame in their lives or businesses, but they still each have their own journey towards achieving their desired outcome.

And because each member has their own goals, it's important to identify the overarching theme for your group coaching program.

You can decide on any theme based on your interest, expertise, experience, and niche as a coach.

Your theme might be around starting and growing a successful business so your group could be for entrepreneurs looking to build their business from zero all the way to 6-figures.

Maybe you're thinking of starting a group coaching program for first-time moms or empty nesters. Maybe your theme is on weight loss if you're a health coach or finding "the one" if you're a relationship coach.

team meeting presentation

Whatever you decide, your theme will ultimately connect each individual member with everyone else so there's a cohesive, common thread that pulls people together in your group.


Answer these questions to find clarity on what your group coaching program is about:

  1. What is your zone of genius/area of expertise as a coach? 
    (example: success mindset, weight loss, productivity, spirituality, etc.)
  2. What are the results you want to help people achieve? 
    This will determine how to choose the right clients to join your coaching group. (for instance, if you're a success mindset coach, what are the results you want for your group members? Do you want to coach them around building a thriving business, creating a loving relationship or improving self-worth?)
  3. Why do you want to start a group coaching program? 
    (Getting clear on your "why" as a coach will help you stay motivated and inspired as you create your coaching program.)