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Start Your Coaching Business


Start Your Coaching Business

Start Your Coaching Business

Here is my invitation to you. Here is the DSP framework for you in a sheet. Print it out. Create your coaching packages based on the problems and desires you address with your clients, and set your prices. Don't forget to charge what you're worth.

Here are some of the benefits I saw from working in this framework:

  • I had more space to create better results for my clients because I was focused on a set number of outcomes.
  • I could enroll more easily, as my prices were open and non-negotiable.
  • I could be fully present in my coaching sessions, without worrying if I'd have enough calls booked to make ends meet.
  • I became clear on who my client is, and who is not.
  • I became more confident getting "no's" before getting the right "yes'es."
  • It became easier for my clients to make referrals as they knew exactly what I was interested in doing, and they had experienced it for themselves.

Now it's your turn...

Are you ready to turn your dream coaching business into a reality?


Discover The 3 Simple Steps to
Start Your Coaching Business

Ajit Nawalkha

This masterclass is absolutely FREE and plays in your local time


Here Is What The Masterclass Reveals:

  • Learn the simple 3-step structure you can use to finally get started in your coaching business in less than 21 days.
  • Once you have a coaching certificate, you can start a successful coaching business, right? Wrong. Discover why you must first overcome four common false beliefs to determine your success as a coach
  • Say goodbye to the doubt and procrastination holding you back from leaping into your dreams as a coach. This short exercise will dissolve limiting realities and false beliefs veiling your confidence and inner power. 
  • Why leaning into your confusion instead of pushing it away is actually the key to gain more clarity, get less distracted, and make more progress towards becoming a happy and successful coach.
  • How to develop an effective coaching methodology that creates results even if you’re just getting started as a brand new coach.
  • Where to find your ideal client. (Hint: It begins with a powerful question that will shift your internal dialogue and perspective to attract the clients that are ready and excited to work with you.)
  • Why you should never rely on “sales scripts” to enroll clients. Discover a more natural way of holding captivating conversations that enrolls your ideal client without any manipulation, memorization, or uncomfortable strategies
  • …and much, much more.

By the end of this free training, you’ll break through the common false beliefs holding you back. You will have 3 simple steps that will set you up for success. And you’ll have the confidence and clarity to start a successful coaching business that serves others, and allows you to enjoy the income and lifestyle you need to thrive.

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