Coaching Tool: Playsheets

The simple but powerful playsheet – more commonly known as the worksheet – is a timeless coaching tool that can be a total game-changer when it’s used correctly.

Playsheets add clarity and focus to coaching sessions and can even be used to build out a plan of action.

You can create coaching playsheets that are incredibly detailed but don’t feel like you have to.

A simple but focused playsheet is often more than enough to get the job done.

Reliable and effective coaching playsheets typically feature a series of laser-focused questions.

Playsheets can feature a chart, graph or image of some kind, but this is not a must-have.

While there are a ton of playsheets out there, there’s something important to keep in mind…

It’s not so much the playsheet itself that makes the difference for clients as much as it’s about the support and guidance that you offer as a coach that allows them to gain maximum benefit from this tool.

What this means is that it’s not just about identifying a problem and then handing your client a playsheet.

A great coach invests significant time and energy around working with the client before the playsheet is shared.

In other words…

Never rely on a playsheet to do the job that only you can do as a powerful coach.

If it helps, think of the playsheet like it’s the frosting on the cake while your coaching and guidance is the cake itself.

The frosting on its own is great but it’s not what people really want. We all want to eat the cake and the frosting just makes it that much more beautiful and delicious.

This coaching tool can be shared during a 1-on-1 or group coaching session. It’s also a  powerful add-on for online coaching programs, courses and masterminds.

Always start by getting clear on the challenge your client is facing.

Then coach your client around getting clarity on what they are looking to experience or accomplish in their life or work.

Keep in mind that it’s absolutely critical to help your client identify inner blocks such as limiting beliefs, unsupportive cultural norms and emotions such as anxiety and stress that are holding them back from taking action and taking charge of their life or work.

When there is enough knowledge and insight in these areas, you can bring out your playsheet and have them work through it, for additional clarity and to build a plan of action, if necessary.

Here’s a downloadable, ready-to-go playsheet you can use to help clients set and achieve important goals in their life and/or work.


Coaching Tool: Assessments

Assessment tools in coaching can open you up to a whole world of insights and wisdom when it comes to taking your client up to their highest potential in any area of life and work.

This tool brings through in-depth understanding and it can also unearth hidden or unexpected truths about who the client is and what they want.

This tool brings through in-depth understanding and it can also unearth hidden or unexpected truths about who the client is and what they want.

Assessments are generally some sort of fillable form or questionnaire that the client needs to answer with as much honesty as possible.

These tools can be designed as a scale-based rating (eg: rate on a scale of 1 to 10) or it can be a series of questions with yes/no answers.

Don’t forget…

Clients are often unsure of their own inner reality and authentic goals. They are often unknowingly following someone else’s hopes and dreams for them like a parent or family member, spouse or even society.

An eye-opening assessment is exactly what’s needed to bring truth and insight to this situation and it helps both you and your client to get a clear idea on what’s really going on under the surface.

Assessments can be completed either before or after your coaching session or coaching package.

Assessment tools in coaching are very versatile and you can have your client fill out an assessment based on what you’re trying to achieve during your time with the client.

This means the theme or topic of your assessment tool could be designed to discover elements such as your client’s strengths and weaknesses, emotional intelligence, time management skills, leadership skills, life satisfaction level, sense of purpose, and so much more.

From your point of view as a coach, one of the most important assessments you can give a client is something called the Pre-Coaching Assessment Questionnaire.

This tool lets you get to know your client even before you have your first session together.

It also creates a safe space for you and your client to begin your coaching sessions on the same page as the Pre-Coaching Assessment removes uncertainty and creates a feeling of deep trust and authentic partnership which are crucial for a successful coaching experience.

This downloadable Pre-Coaching Assessment Questionnaire is an invaluable tool you can use every time you begin working with a new client.

Feel free to use this questionnaire as is or rework it to suit your client and/or the specific coaching situation.