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Your Game-Changing 
Coaching Package Template

In this chapter, we’ll be diving into the art of creating game-changing packages and the fastest and most powerful way to do this is to work with a coaching package template.

The guidelines presented here are focused on the exact template elements you need to quickly put together a powerful, transformational coaching package offer that your ideal clients will absolutely love.

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These elements work with any kind of niche so you can apply this coaching package template whether you’re a business coach, health coach, life coach, spiritual coach or any other type of coach.

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Element #1

Short Introduction

This is where you share the name of your package and a little bit about the results they can expect when they work with you.

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Element #2

Tell Your Story

This is where you introduce yourself and what you do as a coach. It’s good to include a short, powerful story that captures who you are and why you became a coach. Your story needs to highlight your core strengths as a coach and if possible, include a transformational experience that motivates you to do what you do (for more on crafting a powerful story, check out the Ultimate Guide to Personal Branding)

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Element #3

Coaching Framework/Methodology/Signature Technique

If you work with a specific coaching methodology, modality or technique, include a little bit about it here. Don’t feel like you have to uncover all aspects of your method – just enough to give your potential clients a taste of what they can look forward to.

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Element #4

How It Works (Package Process)

This is about identifying how your package works: how often you’ll meet with your client, how many sessions per month, session cancellation/re-scheduling conditions, what kinds of support you’ll offer outside of sessions during your time together, and so on. For instance, many coaches offer email and messaging support between coaching calls. This can be done via apps like Voxer, WhatsApp, Telegram or Facebook Messenger.

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Element #5

Time Frame

What is the overall time frame for your coaching package? Is it a month, 2 months, 6 months, or a year? If you’re designing an open-ended, long-term coaching package, make sure you include a clear process on how you or your client can end your time together. (eg: 2 weeks advance written notice, etc).

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Element #6

Your Ideal Client

This element essentially captures who your ideal client is… and isn’t. You can look at this through the lens of “This Coaching Package is For You If…” and “This Package is Not for You If…” then list out key personality traits, characteristics, financial status, and other identifying aspects of your ideal client.

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Element #7


Do you have gifts or bonuses you’d like to offer your clients? Make sure you highlight these in your package. This could be relevant eBooks, whitepapers, a short online course or other kinds of bonuses that will support your client's journey and add value to your coaching package.

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Element #8


This is where you talk about price. Go ahead and share your package price with potential clients as soon as possible as it will help them decide if they are ready to work with you. What you don’t want to do is attract clients who are excited about the opportunity to work with you, but who are unclear about your pricing. If that happens, there’s a chance they’ll walk away at the last minute because they’re unprepared to invest the amount you’re asking for (you can read more about pricing your coaching packages in the next chapter).

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Element #9

Payment Options

Do you want your clients to pay upfront or at the end of each month? Do you offer payment plans? If yes, how do the payment plans work? These are some of the questions you need to answer in this element. Make it as clear and as easy to understand as you can.

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Element #10

How to Sign Up

Do you want your client to get on a free, 20-minute Clarity Call with you before signing up? Do you want them to fill out a questionnaire so you can reach out to them if they’re a good fit? Maybe you’re open to them clicking on the “buy button”– on your website or offer page— so they can immediately purchase your coaching package and set up their first official coaching call with you right away. Whatever you decide, make sure you’re clear on exactly how they can start working with you.

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Optional Element

Testimonials or Case Studies

If you’re an experienced coach, it’s good to share some of the awesome results you’ve helped your clients achieve in your website or offer page. This needs to be directly related to the theme/topic of your coaching package. Try to include at least 3 to 5 testimonials or case studies. If you're new or don't have any testimonials yet, you can skip this part of the coaching package template, but be mindful to start collecting customer stories when possible to start building your authority.

the coaching package template

The coaching package template elements in this chapter work like a step-by-step blueprint you can use to design a transformational coaching package.

The following questions will help you get a powerful head start on creating your first or next package in a way that inspires your ideal clients and gets them excited about working with you.

Question 1 – Element #1


What is your package about and what is the name of your package? (eg: Name: Becoming Your Best Self Life Coaching Package. Theme: Achieving your highest potential and your biggest goals and dreams). Read this article for tips on how to name your coaching program.

Question 2 -- Element #2

Tell Your Story

What is your story? Why did you become a coach? Highlight your “hero’s journey” the key milestones and achievements that inspired you to do the work you do now.

Question 3 – Element #3

Coaching Framework/Methodology/Signature Technique

What is your coaching technique or modality or framework? What are the key benefits to working with this method? What can your client expect to achieve with this method?

Question 4 – Element #4

How it Works/Package Process

How often will you meet on a face-to-face call or in person? What are the types of additional support that you offer, if any? (eg; email support, Voxer, WhatsApp etc)

Question 5 – Element #5


How long is this package? Is it open-ended with no specific end date and if that’s the case what needs to happen if you or your client decide to end your working relationship?

Question 6 -- Element #6

Your Ideal Client

Who do you want to work with? Do you work mainly with entrepreneurs, new moms, college grads? What are their challenges or pain points? What are some of their values and goals?

Question 7 -- Element #7


What are the freebies, bonuses or gifts that you want to offer your clients? How can each of these bonuses (if there is more than one) support your client and complement the work you’re doing together?

Question 8 -- Element #8


What is the price point for your package? If you have multiple packages identify a price point for each one (you can read more about pricing in the last chapter).

Question 9 -- Element #9

Payment Options

How do you want your clients to pay you? What are some of the payment systems you have in place (eg; PayPal, Credit Card etc)? Do you offer a payment plan? And if yes, how does it work? How many payments do you accept in your payment plan and what is the amount due for each payment?

Question 10 -- Element #10

How to Sign Up

How can your client sign up to work with you?  If you want to meet with them first, how can they schedule a call?

Question 11 -- Optional Element

Testimonials or Case Studies

Do you have testimonials or case studies from previous clients? Gather all of them and include the most powerful ones in your package offer page.

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Sample Coaching Packages From The Real World

The coaching package template and the Take Action Section in the last chapter will help you get clear on the key elements you need to design a great coaching package.

In this chapter, you’ll find 3 different coaching package outlines from real-world coaches. For ease of reference, each of these packages has been simplified down the main framework and key points.

Use these samples as your guideline and as inspiration when you begin designing your package.

Sample 1: 6-Month Business Coaching Package

This package is designed for clients who are new and mid-level solopreneurs who are ready to grow their online business.

What’s included in the package:

  • 12 x 60-minute 1:1 sessions plus post session notes and recordings
  • 6 months of email and private messaging support on weekdays
  • Monthly goal setting
  • Weekly accountability check ins
  • Custom audience growth plan and social media content plan

Bonus: Full access to all courses and classes released during the 6-month period

Sample 2: 3-Month Life Coaching Package

This package is for clients who are moving through a transitional period in their life – such as becoming a new parent or starting at their first job. This package is also for those who are looking for a fresh start after a difficult period in their life.

What’s included in the package:

  • 6 x 60-minute 1:1 sessions
  • 3 months of email support between calls
  • Kickstart quiz to identify current challenges
  • Monthly emotional testing and assessment
  • Monthly goal setting

Bonus: Additional 30-minute 1:1 call to be claimed during the 3-month period

Sample 3:3-Month Health Coaching Package

This package is for clients who are ready to exponentially improve their overall health and fitness levels while honoring their body’s unique nutritional needs. 

What’s included in the package:

  • 6 x 60-minute 1:1 sessions
  • 3 months of email and text support between sessions
  • Introductory health assessment
  • Custom diet, fitness and nutrition plans, each month 
  • Weekly accountability check in
  • Exit health assessment

Bonus: Additional 30-minute 1:1 call to be claimed during the 3-month period

Open up your journal or a fresh document on your computer… it’s time to design your coaching package!

Use the samples shared in this chapter as a guideline and work with the coaching package template elements shared in the previous chapter, to start designing yours.

Whatever you do, do NOT rush through this exercise.  

Set aside at an hour or two to work through everything you’ve learned so you can nail the details and create a truly amazing package that you are proud to offer.

If you want to try another coaching package framework, follow the steps of the DSP framework we share in this Utimate Guide.