Start Business Coaching: Identify Your Ideal Clients


Start Business Coaching: Identify Your Ideal Clients

If you’re talking to everyone, you’re talking to no one.

That’s a well-known saying in marketing and it applies here.

Especially if you're looking to start business coaching.

Successful business coaches has a clear idea of who they serve because they understand something so many business coaches don’t…

Everything you do is connected to who you want to work with as a business coach.

From designing your client sessions and coaching offers to designing your website, you must have your ideal clients – sometimes known as your “target audience” – at the top of your mind.

If you don’t, you could wind up with a failed business.

Something else to keep in mind…

Identifying your ideal clients isn’t about basic demographics.

If you end up with a list like “20 to 35-year-old female, lives in the United States, has 2 kids…” you’re not on the right track.

Think about this…

Other than a spouse, family members, and close friends, the coaching client relationship is one of the deepest, most intimate relationships you can create and nurture. Which is why, simply narrowing doing your ideal client by their “gender and age” doesn’t quite cut it.

This is about going deep and finding out who you’ll actually enjoy working with, because if you don’t, you’re in for a world of trouble.

Coaches who don’t define their ideal clients end up working with anyone who hires them.

You could get a client who keeps trying for a discount or a freebie.

You could get a client who is too outspoken or maybe someone who is too quiet.

You could get a client who doesn’t respect your boundaries and contacts you at any time of day, at any day, expecting a quick reply.

You could get a client who constantly challenges you and your ideas in all the wrong ways.

I’ve seen every one of these situations play out again and again for business coaches and it leaves these dedicated, heart-centered coaches devastated, disillusioned…

And ready to give up.

Identifying your ideal client early in the game can prevent all these issues and more.

It's about finding the type of client you look forward to working with, that is doing meaningful work in the world, and who can create more impact with your help as their coach.

Plus, knowing your ideal clients and understanding their needs will help you create irresistible coaching packages and products that are a perfect fit.

By understanding exactly what your ideal clients are looking for, you can craft and offer coaching packages that directly address their wants and needs, making it easy for them to say "yes!" and enroll.

It’s why a successful business coach always has a long waitlist of clients and it’s the secret behind their sellout group coaching programs and offers.

If we think about it like a 'starting a coaching business checklist,' this is definitely #1.

Trying to build a successful coaching business without knowing who your ideal clients are is like trying to build a house without knowing if you want a mansion, a villa or a country cottage…

You’ll end up in a home you don’t want to live in.

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Answer the following questions from the heart. Allow your gut or your intuition to guide you. Remember, this isn’t about basic demographics. Come up with as many details as you can.

We’re looking for a “type” of person (eg. For question 1. Who inspires you? Your answer could be - someone who has integrity, someone who’s honest, a go-getter and isn’t afraid to speak the truth).

If you’ve already started working with clients, think about a favorite client from the past. You can write your answers down on a journal or create an audio recording.

  1. Who inspires you?
  2. Who would you spend time with even if you weren’t getting paid?
  3. Who brings out the best in you? What kind of conversations are the most interesting for you?
  4. Who would you enjoy helping? What fields of work are you passionate about?
  5. Who would you dislike working with? Note: knowing who you don’t want to work with can help clarify who you do want to work with.
  6. Who would benefit from your niche? What kind of results or outcomes can you create for your ideal clients?
how to start business coaching
Build Your Credibility As  A Business Coach


Build Your Credibility As 
A Business Coach

Lots of business coaches dive into the “deep end of the pool” the second they start their business.

They jump into creating programs and offers, running expensive ads, and even raising their prices without thinking about the one thing that could make or break their business…


Credibility is about trust.

When you build credibility…

When you build a solid reputation as a business coach…

You’re building trust with your audience.

In coaching, trust is about results.

Build Your Credibility As  A Business Coach

From the first day you start business coaching, you need to focus on creating results for your clients.

Results speak for you. Results create your reputation.

Results inspire word-of-mouth referrals.

If you’ve never worked with a client, think about other ways you can include credibility in your marketing and copy.

Do you have a business degree or certification? Have you worked in a corporation or 9-to-5 environment in your niche or specialty? Are you a serial entrepreneur with a proven track record?

Dig into your past. Think about all that you’ve achieved…

Then include anything and everything that supports you as a credible, trustworthy business coach.

Money can’t buy you a great reputation…

But authentic messaging, building genuine relationships with your audience and clients, and being open to continuously and consistently improving your skills as a business coach will definitely add to your credibility.

how to start business coaching

A big pitfall to look out for…

Don’t ever sacrifice your credibility for profits or personal gain.

So many shining stars who start business coaching end up falling to the ground because they choose money over reputation.

Whether you’re making a decision to partner with someone, price your coaching services and products, or write copy for a sales page ask yourself…

Will this hurt or help my credibility?

I’ve used this question to make decisions in all areas of my coaching business and it has never let me down. 

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This list of credibility boosting ideas will help you start business coaching with a rock-solid reputation in your niche.

Remember: building credibility takes time so don’t rush this. Be patient, be persistent and you’ll see results.

  1. Create your own, unique coaching methodology that you want to be known for. (check out my Ultimate Guide to Creating a Powerful Coaching Methodology to learn how to do this)
  2. Consider getting credentials or in a specific technique related to your niche. This doesn’t have to be a complicated thing. A simple certification course or workshop will go a long way.
  3. Collect testimonials from happy clients. (Note: Written testimonials are great, but video testimonials rock! Aim to collect as many video testimonials as you can.)
  4. Volunteer your services for a good cause or non-profit organization. This is a powerful way to give back and demonstrate your commitment and dedication as a business coach at the same time.
  5. Become more visible on social media and online. Share your transformational thoughts, ideas and insights on video, blog posts, and social media posts.
  6. Connect with a reputable acclaimed coach or coaching organization and ask if you can contribute or partner with them in any way.
Grow An Engaged, Responsive Audience


Grow An Engaged,
Responsive Audience

We’ve reached the final chapter in this guidebook and I’ve saved the best for last…

We’re going to talk about growing your audience.

If you’re a newbie, you might think that this is for business coaches who are lot further ahead than you.

Not true.

Growing your audience needs to be your No.1 priority from the get-go.

Think of your audience as the energy that powers your business…

The more energy you have, the more success, growth and expansion you’ll see as a business coach.

It’s just like fuel that fires up the engine on a sports car… no matter how amazing the car, it can’t run on empty.

Humanity has never been more online than right now and if you want to grow your coaching business - or any business for that matter - having online presence will be a make or break element for your success!

You can grow your audience on a number of platforms such as email or top social media platforms like Facebook, YouTube, Instagram, Linkedin, Pinterest, or TikTok.

Growing an engaged audience may seem complicated but it’s a lot easier than you might think.

It has more to do with focus, consistency, and persistence than anything else.

Some business coaches invest massive amounts on complex marketing or advertising techniques, but in my experience…

The best and most responsive audiences are usually those who reach you through unpaid channels.

This could be through your website, a freebie you offer on social media, or a Facebook Livestream, YouTube video, or sharing written content through a Blog or Linkedin.

Don’t get me wrong, you can work with paid channels too, but don’t forget about methods, ideas, and techniques that allow more people to reach you organically.

The 2 core secrets to making your social media strategy work are:

1. Choose 1 platform to focus on - don't try to be active on every single platform. Find out where your ideal clients hang out and create relevant content for them and the chosen platform. 

2. Be consistent - posting once a month or "when you feel like it" won't make the cut of keeping your viewers engaged and interested in coming back for more. Schedule yourself time every week to create content and keep organized with a content calendar. 

how to start business coaching
take action section

Here’s a list of ideas you can use to start growing your audience. Keep in mind that all of your content must be valuable for your audience and relevant to your niche as a business coach.

Choose at least 3 ideas and start working on them this week:

  1. Write high value posts and videos you can share on social media.
  2. Write guest blog posts and articles for websites with a large following.
  3. Create a high-value free PDF, like a whitepaper or a guidebook. Share it on your website and social media, and invite people to share it with others.
  4. Channel your email subscribers to your social media pages, accounts or groups by adding the relevant social media links to your email signature.
  5. Invite your social media following to join your email list with a great freebie such as a mini course, webinar series or simple eBook.
  6. Look out for opportunities to be a guest teacher or guest contributor in a friend or peer’s business course or program. Make sure your niche isn’t exactly the same as theirs.
  7. Tag your social media posts with relevant hashtags so more people can easily find your content.
  8. Create a brand-new high-value freebie. Then reach out to past clients and customers and ask if they’d like early access to your not-yet-released freebie. If they say yes, ask if they’d be kind enough to share it with their friends.
  9. If you’re further along in your journey as a coach and you already have a following, think about writing a book. You can self-publish or pitch to traditional publishers.
  10. Attend in-person seminars and events, and share your website and social media addresses with relevant people.
How To Start Business Coaching


How To Start Business Coaching

Discover How to Coach Businesses Even if You Have No Prior Business Education or Experience

Ajit Nawalkha


  • You need a lot of experience to work with businesses? Wrong. Most successful business coaches work with companies much larger than anything they have ever built. Learn the secret to coach people more successful than you.
  • The one key principle you need to understand as a business coach to help skyrockets your clients’ income.... even if you’ve never coached a business before
  • An unbelievably simple 4-step process to land companies as a client without ever having to go through excruciating sales calls
  • There are 21 million businesses that are looking for a coach and they are willing to pay up to $1000/hour. Learn how you can take advantage of this under-tapped market and generate thousands of dollars in income.
  • Your clients don’t need you to find answers. They want you to help them find the right question. Learn the 5-step questioning framework that helps identify the questions your clients should be asking. 
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