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You might be finding it hard to engage in conversations with your clients. This is even more difficult when you are in an environment where there are other coaches.

To find what works to start a conversation, we should first explore what doesn't work to start a conversation.

This is what doesn't work:
  • When you share something that is already a popular or familiar idea
  • When you lead with your profession
  • When what you share is of no interest to your potential client
  • When you start the conversation with random small talk

What does work as a conversation starter?

  • Unfamiliar ideas which drive curiosity
  • Topic of interest to your potential client
  • Asking insightful, thought-provoking questions that open a deeper conversation

This may sound obvious, and I would implore you to review if your conversation starter fits these criteria? Is your conversation starter driving curiosity? Is it even interesting to your clients?

Expanding on the case study in Page 1...

Most entrepreneurs are told "marketing is needed for scaling companies". When I spoke about systems to scale companies, it was an unfamiliar idea. It drove curiosity. It had "scale" in the title, because I know my potential clients cared for it but it wasn't the same story they have heard time and time again.

How can you start a conversation that creates potential client engagement? 

Here is a technique that will help.


Identify a single problem that is top of mind for your client. If you are a life coach, think about a very specific area of life. 

For example, as a life coach, you could focus on creating more time for family. Or tapping into your creativity or starting a new career path.

It's a specific enough problem for it to drive curiosity and help you quickly identify who would be your ideal client and how to approach them.

Approach the problem from a different angle.

So you know the perfect topic to start your conversation with, but the next challenge comes: how to present it in a way that is interesting enough to make the potential client curious and eager to continue the conversation?

Find new angles to start the conversation that will spark client engagement. You can test them out by asking yourself, "Would I be interested in this conversation if someone asked this or said that to me?" Remember... you are your own best client. If it doesn't work for you, it probably won't work for someone else.

For example, if I was to approach a client to start a conversation around time, instead of simply stating that you need to have more time with family, I might make the conversation starter as: "I believe we have a flawed understanding of time. Time is not about the number of hours, instead it's about extracting more out of every minute."

While I am not a time expert, the above conversation opener is more likely to have a follow-up instead of you introducing yourself as a life coach. 

Once you start the conversation and get your potential client curious, you should be able to drive a result.


How To Create Results
And Enroll

When you get to this stage, the only thing that matters is your ability to create a result, and then propose. 

The classic mistake you would normally make is trying to get the result you want for the client, instead of understanding and relating to what your clients need.

Understanding the distinction between what you want for your client and what your client wants for themselves makes the world of a difference. A good coach knows it's not about them, but about the client.

So it's crucial to use the first conversation with a potential client to understand what is it they want, and then identify how you can help them achieve that. This is where your coaching ability becomes the key to enrollment. 

Fail in this step and all the work falls like a house of cards. Nothing loses more clients than a poorly held coaching session for a client you don't really know. 

You want to impress them with your capability in 20-30 minutes. Once you pass that threshold, your client is losing interest. But if you can already spark some insights and paint a picture of the possibilities they could open by working further with you in those 30 minutes, then all your enrollment work is done. 

If you get them the result that they seek within that time, you have a glorious chance to enroll this client in your packages by simply sharing the details of the package. No need for any secret sales scripts or advanced coaching techniques. 

So, how does a new coach create results in less than 30 minutes?

Here is how you get better at creating results every single day. 

Watch the masters, the experienced coaches. 

There is a unique ability that masterful coaches with over 10 years of experience in the field are able to demonstrate. You can see what they are doing if you observe them carefully. 

If you can deconstruct what they are doing you can gain an insight into their capabilities which took them decades to build, in a matter of minutes. 

Learning from the masters is the singular difference between coaches that have an abundance of clients and the ones that struggle to enroll them.

How you can learn from these masters; how you can watch their coaching in action; how you can tap into their minds; more on that in just a bit. First... 


Why You Could Still Fail?

Previously we talked about three reasons why you could still fail to get more clients. The three reasons were:

Reason 1:

Your Ability to Manage Your Emotional States

Reason 2:

Your Ability to Impress Your Clients with Your Skills

Reason 3:

Your Ability to Close a Conversation

and Enroll a Client

If you resonate with Reason #3 and find yourself unable to close conversations and enroll clients because you lack the right tools to confidently make a powerful proposal that your potential clients will happily accept, this free guide is exactly what you need.

Craft Irresistible Coaching Packages Clients Can't Say 'No' To

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