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A letter from Ajit Nawalkha, co-founder of Mindvalley and host of Evercoach.

I know what it's like to want to make a difference but feel like you're going nowhere. That's why I've written a book on how to transform the world through coaching -- a book I want YOU to have.

Yes, you -- the coach. The coach who has so much to give, that you wake up thinking about how you can contribute more. The coach who aspires to create transformative impact, while creating an abundant, fulfilled life for yourself.

Your dreams are high. Your passion is endless. And your drive is relentless. That's why you don't want to be just any coach. You want to be an extraordinary one.

Deep down inside, you know you can be an extraordinary coach. You know you're meant to become even greater than where you are now... shining your light brighter, creating more impact, and transforming more lives.

But... you're stuck.

It's frustrating, isn't it? Perhaps you:

  • Have done tons of coaching courses and training to become an excellent coach, but you're struggling to market yourself and sign up clients; or
  • Are making decent money as a coach, but at the expense of hustling around the clock in the vicious "dollars for hours cycle" with no time left to enjoy life; or
  • Are struggling to re-enroll clients and create consistent income, leaving you always chasing for new clients instead of nurturing long-term clients in high-end packages to create deeper, more powerful impact.

Wherever you are in your coaching journey, whatever you're struggling with, I want you to know that just by being here, a brighter future lies before you.

For you'll soon have the solution to get past your blocks and propel your coaching business to extraordinary levels of success and fulfillment.

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Ajit Nawalkha
Co-founder of Mindvalley

Dr Neeta Bhushan

Dr. Neeta Bhushan
Best Selling Author of Emotional GRIT

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Yes, You Can Become an Extraordinary Coach, Create Extraordinary Impact, and Live an Extraordinary Life!

     Just imagine how incredibly amazing it will feel when you...

  • Have a fully booked calendar with a steady stream of clients. You're no longer spending most of your hours marketing yourself or struggling to sign up clients. Instead, you spend more time doing what you do best and love most: coaching and creating impact.
  • Stop exchanging your hours for dollars and start consistently earning what you really deserve. You don't have to hustle around the clock just to get by. You are now creating consistent income based on the impact you deliver, not the number of hours you put in.
  • Have the right mindset and business tools to consistently grow your coaching business with ease. No more confusion or overwhelm from information overload. With the right mindset and business tools specifically proven to work for coaches, you can take your impact and income from one level to the next, and the next, and the next.
  • Expand your skills and achieve mastery as a coach to create DEEP results for your clients. Not only are you on the path to learn new coaching tools or techniques to expand your skills, but you're also gaining new insights to masterfully execute them and create deeper results.
  • No longer feel stuck, or like you're stagnating. You're not just growing your skills as a coach, you're growing as a person. And the more extraordinary you become, the more you can deliver lasting impact for your clients.
  • Serve more people and create a wider impact through a variety of exciting services and high-end packages. You have a dynamic coaching practice to serve more people at different levels, from deep one-on-ones to group coaching, workshops, speaking at events, and high-end packages such as mentorships, retreats and more. Your coaching practice is dynamic and FUN.
  • Enjoy a purposeful, abundant, balanced life of your dreams. You're making a real difference in many lives. You're no longer struggling to earn the income you desire. And your coaching practice allows you the freedom and flexibility to enjoy a balanced life without sacrificing what YOU need to be happy and fulfilled.

All this is possible for you, and it doesn't have to take you years to get there. And even better? It's not as hard or elusive as you might think.

Break Past the Age-old "Success Myths" Holding You Back.

Far too many coaches are held back by common "success myths" society fed us from young. These "success myths" are probably preventing you too from unleashing your full potential. Let's look at some of the most common ones affecting coaches and break them, right now.

  • "Fake it till you make it" - If there's anything most incongruent to a coach, it's this. Coaches are passionate to share their truth. "Faking it" goes against the very grain of this. Operating from this myth while resenting "faking it" keeps you feeling stuck, confused and frustrated you can't grow your coaching business in a way that feels congruent to you. Moreover, you'll struggle to connect authentically with prospects and limit your ability to create deep results with clients

  • "No pain, no gain" - The problem with this belief is you assume only difficult things will bring results. And you must continue to struggle to get results. Operating from this myth is why many coaches stay stuck in the vicious cycle of exchanging hours for dollars. They work around the clock yet still don't enjoy the income and lifestyle they desire. STOP! Doing the same thing while hoping for a different result is the definition of insanity. If you're frustrated from doing something that's just not working out, it's time to change your ways

  • "This one success secret..." - Seems like every other day some new guru discovers a new "success secret". While what they teach can be of great value, the risk of this approach is it can program your mind to search for success outside of you, as if having a magic bullet will instantly solve everything. And when you don't experience instant results, you rush out in search of the next "secret" instead of focusing on honing your inner greatness

On the other hand, extraordinary coaches have flipped these "success myths"
completely around.
  • Extraordinary coaches are incredibly authentic. They know themselves deeply. They've done a lot of self-work, and they know how to use their strengths and navigate their weaknesses. Their authenticity is incredibly magnetic to attract clients and powerfully fuels their ability to create lasting transformation in others

  • Extraordinary coaches operate from a space of joy. It's not that they don't face challenges, but they embrace challenges from a space of joy. They are excited and motivated and enjoy the process of growth - and most importantly - they know when to let go if something doesn't feel right. Basically, if growing your coaching business isn't joyful, something is broken

  • Extraordinary coaches know there are no external secrets or shortcuts to success. They know greatness is already inside themselves. It's just a matter of being able to consciously develop it. That's why they're avid learners highly disciplined to develop themselves and their business to the next level.

After years of working with world-class coaches as co-founder of Mindvalley and Host of Evercoach -- as well as drawing from my own experience through my private coaching practice - I've found there are 3 critical elements to develop these exact qualities of an extraordinary coach.

Today, I want to share with you the path of developing and mastering these 3 critical elements in my brand new NEW book, The Book of Coaching. Joining me on this important mission as my co-author is Dr. Neeta Bhushan

Author Profile

Meet the extraordinary authors of "The Book of Coaching"

Ajit Nawalkha is the Co-Founder of Mindvalley and the Host of Evercoach. His life was transformed by smart, gifted coaches and mentors, and this motivated him to become a coach himself. His mission is to empower dedicated educators, coaches, and teachers to facilitate positive change in the world.

Dr. Neeta Bhushan is an international speaker, an advocate of emotional resilience and best-selling author of Emotional GRIT. Her breakthrough research is endorsed by renowned leaders and prestigious organizations across the globe. Her early life's seasons of resilience, inspired her unique, powerful perspective on human dynamics and behavioral psychology.

Discovering the Blueprint of the
Extraordinary Coach

Neeta and I have a combined experience of almost 20 years of studying human potential and learning the art of helping others fulfill their potential through the field of coaching. We have collectively studied the works of some of the greatest minds in the field and worked with the world's most elite coaches.

In this book, we have distilled the best coaching practices, success mindsets and business strategies every coach needs to succeed; drawn from our personal experiences and learnings through our study and work. Some of the greatest coaches and minds whose principles we have distilled in this book include Michael Neill, Christine Hassler, Rich Litvin, Jason Goldberg, Lindsay Wilson, Vishen Lakhiani, and Dave Asprey

Dave Asprey, Christine Hassler, Vishen Lakhiani et al.
Christine Hassler and woman
a collage of Vishen Lakhiani
Dave Asprey and woman
a man wearing glasses

When you get The Book of Coaching, you'll have the best of all their teachings and our experiences organized into 3 critical aspects -- You, Your Methodology, Your Business -- as the blueprint to become an extraordinary coach.

What You'll Learn

Introducing The Book of Coaching

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Extraordinary coaches aren't born, they're consciously developed. To be one, you need to continuously work on developing and mastering these 3 critical elements:

The Book of Coaching: 3 Pillars of Coaching

Let's take a closer look at each element and why it's important.


Your current "version" will define your level of success.

Your current version will define the number and quality of clients you attract.

Your current version will define the impact that you have and the revenue that you generate through your coaching practice.

When you step into a higher version of yourself, you automatically begin serving a higher version of clients. And a higher version, in turn, brings in better results, more impact, and more income.

This book will show you how you can consistently (and joyously) create higher, better versions of yourself to reach extraordinary levels as a coach.


Your methodology is about how you impact your clients. How you create a transformation in their life. Your methodology includes the skills, strategies, techniques, systems and innate intelligence that you bring to your coaching sessions, so your clients experience game-changing breakthroughs and amazing results.

When you have access to a wide range of powerful coaching tools and techniques, you'll be able to craft your own unique methodology to take your clients into the profound experience of transformation.

This book reveals a powerful set of coaching techniques from different schools of thought to jumpstart your journey to becoming an extraordinary coach.


Being a great coach doesn't guarantee you'll be a successful coach with a profitable practice. You see, the act of coaching is only one part of a long, trust-building process which leads to success.

You also need to connect with your clients outside coaching sessions. You need to be at the top of their minds when they face challenges they want to overcome. When you have that trust, only then can you create a powerful, impactful business with structures and systems that allow you to work from a place of confidence and calm - not anxiety and overwhelm.

This book will show you how to build the structures and systems that will form the very foundation of an extraordinary coaching business, for a long time to come. 

Book Information

Here's Exactly What You're Getting in
The Book of Coaching

This is not just a technical manual or a motivational manifesto. This is not a book with vague theories and philosophies. It's a practical, actionable digital guide you can come back to again and again. It includes specific structures, techniques, and tools you can consistently use to establish your reputation as an extraordinary coach and create a highly successful coaching practice.

  • On page 25, you'll learn the difference between fractured time mode and deep work mode, and how to achieve a blissful symbiosis of both
  • On page 33, you'll gain insights on how to get into a state of flow and achieve the perfect balance of challenge and skill
  • On page 40, I'll show you a tool to identify 'false legends', which will help you shine a light on your authentic skills and chart your path to success
  • On page 50, you will find the 4 levels of evolution on the path to becoming extraordinary plus the 10 rules to follow to get you to the highest level
  • On page 61, I share with you 2 effective tools to goal-setting so you can actually achieve your goals without frustration and anxiety
  • On page 65 onwards, we'll delve deep into strategies that can help you reach the peak of 4 states: Mental State, Brain State, Body State, Spirit State
  • On page 81, you'll learn all about the 4MAS Method which helps you quickly reach a high-performance state where you are focused, present and productive
  • On page 109, you'll find a brand new model to understand your client's deepest desires with, 'The Paradigm of Desires'
  • Page 131 gives you 12 tools to crush fear for yourself -- and for your clients -- to achieve both success and sanity
  • Chapter 17 reveals the 10 principles of extraordinary coaching. These principles will help you create transformational sessions with your clients that will keep them coming back for more
  • On page 160, you'll learn how to shift your energy to overcome your fear of sales and propel your coaching practice to the next level of abundance
  • Page 167-168 reveals 5 out-of-the-box strategies to become a 'client magnet'
  • On page 172, there is a step-by-step process to create deep connection with your audience and build your tribe
  • Chapter 26 tackles a common challenge just about every coach deals with sooner or later -- pricing
  • On page 193, you'll discover a simple yet powerful tool to help you enroll more clients without overwhelm
  • Chapter 31 provides you with a map of your entire journey to success, abundance, and freedom, marked out into doable stages
  • Page 210 gives you a tool to transform how you see yourself and revolutionize your business in 60 days

Yes, The Book of Coaching is jam-packed with insights, tools, and strategies to take your impact and income to the next level...

 .....but it gets even better, and here's why:

You're also getting exclusive support to help you execute and get real results

The Book of Coaching Online Experience
Worth Over $149

The Book of Coaching online experience
This book comes with a $149 online course for FREE!

This means you'll have unlimited access to hours of additional in depth, high-value training, practices, and content designed to help you fully absorb and implement the insights, techniques, systems, and ideas you've discovered in these pages.

For instance, if you want to know more about a specific concept from one of the coaches I've highlighted in the book -  such as Michael Neill - the course will give you deeper insights and understanding when you listen to my full interview with him.

This unique Online Experience also includes awesome extras such as gorgeous images, photos, and videos plus it's all easily available on the web and on Android, and iOS.

When you dive into The Book of Coaching Online Experience, you'll have access to:

  • Actionable, transformational training for coaches that's designed to create real world results.
  • Additional strategies and proven techniques to rapidly up-level all aspects of your coaching practice.
  • Tasks and exercises to skyrocket your personal and professional growth.
  • A dynamic, interactive community of like-minded coaches who will share your journey and give you the support you need.
  • ... and SO much more!

You'll get instant access to The Book of Coaching Online Experience
as soon as you claim your copy of the book!

Not only that, when you order today you get...

Exclusive Access To
The Book of Coaching Audio Book

Valued at $14.95

For the first time, The Book of Coaching is made available as a multimedia experience to enhance your learning. Audiobooks have been shown by research to

  • Allow you to retain visualization and picture-making skills as you listen - increasing comprehension, memory, and enjoyment
  • Improve your understanding by the tone of voice, accent, emphasis and timing given to the text by the author
  • Make your learning more flexible and mobile, as you can absorb the leanings anywhere and anytime, such while driving, on commute, jogging or even while waiting in the supermarket queue.

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Bonus #1: Special Invitation to Mindvalley's Exclusive Masters Community

Mindvalley's Masters Community is calling all coaches, transformational teachers, authors, experts, impact makers and anyone with a burning desire to change the world...

That's why by just showing your commitment to change the world when you get "The Book of Coaching", we're gonna let you into our private Mindvalley Masters Community.

In The Book of Coaching, you'll get the secret password to join Mindvalley Masters Community and be part of a growing tribe of rockstars!

What Other Coaches Think About
"The Book of Coaching"

A true gift to Coaches

A true gift to coaches. Ajit & Neeta do an incredible job of communicating some of the best collective coaching insights from like-minded leaders around the globe. Speaking from authentic experience and leaving nothing behind they deliver coaching tips & business secrets that many won't tell! Their writing style is enjoyable and real! Thank you!

Chelsea Kmiecon

Chelsea Kmiecon

Do you coach? If yes, you need to get this book... today!

"Ajit + Neeta, congratulations on this AMAZING book. I bought The Book of Coaching 30minutes ago, and just sped read the whole thing cover to cover. So many fantastic, and transformative, chapters bursting with strategies, tools and systems that can help taking any coach's business to the next level. I'll be spending the next couple of days going back through the book and absorbing all the great content you've put together! Congratulations!"

a man smiling for the camera
Phil Anthony

So Different From The Rest -- THANKFULLY

"Simple. Powerful. Encouraging. Refreshing. Totally badass.

I'll be honest, I am tired of hearing people just repeating what they have heard some other teacher or guru say. And I am REALLY tired of so-called "experts" who talk the talk, but haven't ever walked the walk.

Ajit and Neeta are the real deal. They're living examples, expanding their own lives and coaching to higher and higher levels. They don't pretend to know it all, but they freely share what they have learned so far (as they continue to learn themselves).

I love great stories and practical, actionable advice.

This book is full of both. If you coach, manage, or lead others in anyway you will benefit greatly from this work.

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Mark Hanson
Mark Hanson

Author, Ordinary Superpowers

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I've been coaching for over 10 years and even I learned from Ajit and this book.

"This is a great book. I enjoyed the tips and reminders for best practices. If any of you do not yet know this great team, trust me their training is excellent. Ajit is remarkable and generous. I've been coaching for over 10 years and even I learned from Ajit and this book. "

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Patty DeDominic

  Patty DeDominic
  Chief Catalyst, executive Business,  Coach at DeDominic & Associates

The best coaching book I've read

"I have been up for the past 2 hours reading this book. So far, it is the best coaching book I've read. Thank you!

Empty heading

Rashidah Leverett
Rashidah Leverett

Great authors with great perspectives

"Great authors. Ajit's thoughts on focusing on where you're at in 3 months and back tracking from there and creating a plan has definitely been a positive influence for me. Neeta's philosophies which has been shaped by books "Conversations with God" and "The Four Agreements" on intuition and communication is awesome! Great perspectives!"

Shan Shahon

This book is crazy!

"My wife and I are just floored in disbelief of the content that is in this book. This is not just a one time read for us, it is the new step by step guide that we will be following for the next few years. It is about time that there is something available like this for our industry."

Chill out from your "New Coach" Paralysis
"This book is a unique and refreshing "come on let's gather around as a tribe and talk about how to blow your coaching business the HELL UP!" I read this book from the "new" coach perspective where we tend to worry more about the "how?" of everything that distracts us from the "who am I?" and the "why in the world are we doing this in the first place?" which are much more powerful and pertinent questions we should be asking as we seek to grow ourselves, and subsequently our impact on our people we're meant to serve.

The Book of Coaching gently and lovingly brings us back to these important ideals. Don't get me wrong, though! The 3-phase approach to coaching presented in this book (YOU being the very first phase) contains plenty of the "how" in terms of tools, tactics, methodologies, etc. so you won't be left hanging wondering "what do I do?".

This is the type of book that I know beyond a doubt I will be referring to over and over at every "level" I advance through as a coach and my clients will be all the better for it. I hope this review helps you as I highly, HIGHLY recommend you grab this book. ."

W. Morrissetteon
W. Morrissetteon

The single best thing I've read on coaching!

" I got the ebook, then the physical book because I wanted to highlight and refer back to so many points! It is the single best thing I've read on coaching!"

Madelaine Vallin

Yes, This Can All Be Yours..

For a simple one-time payment of just $39.99 $4.99, you can get everything in "The Book of Coaching Power Pack" -the e-book, the audio book, the online experience - to learn the very best strategies of the most successful coaching in history -- distilled into a concise, digestible format.

This isn't just a tiny fraction of Ajit's and Neeta's coaching rates, it's even a fraction of the bonus value.

Simply put the value is unbelievable. Taking your next step to become an extraordinary coach with purpose and freedom is then very, very easy.

Our award-winning customer support
is here for you

As head of Mindvalley's Customer Support, it's my goal to ensure you get the best experience with this program. We consistently rank among the top 2% of all American companies using NiceReply.

You can always reach me and my team directly at [email protected]. On top of that, enjoy peace of mind with Evercoach by Mindvalley triple satisfaction guarantee listed below:

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  • You are about to be blown away by the sheer quality and attention to detail of every exercise, session and meditation in this program.
  • Your growth is our biggest passion. This program and everything else we do is designed to get you the results you deserve.
  • If for any unlikely reason this training doesn't live up to any of these promises email us and you will be refunded 100% of your investment up to 15 days from your date of purchase.
Kristi Anier
Customer Happiness Team Lead

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Here's Everything You Get in The Book of Coaching Power Pack:

  • Instant access to The Book of Coaching eBook packed with actionable results-driven strategies to elevate your coaching skills & business
  • A multimedia learning experience with exclusive access to The Book of Coaching audio book
  • FREE Bonus: Immersive high-value training with unlimited access to The Book of Coaching: Online Experience (valued at $149)
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What Students Say

See What People Have Said About The Book of Coaching

"Tons of insights to stay on the path of growth"

I love the book as a tool to remind myself how to stay on the path of growth. Tons of insights combined with a structured action oriented tool box makes this book precious to me.

a woman smiling for the camera
Ges Ine
"Jam-packed with authentic guidance the coaching industry needs"

The Coaching industry needs more authentic guidance. I've found that the book is jam packed with important information and I will be making this a required reading for my clients who want to become coaches. I'm also going to be giving a copy as a gift for those who sign up for my school to become a nutrition coach. Thanks so much for this Ajit Nawalkha and all of the contributors!

a person smiling for the camera
Megan Alena
"Fantastic, generous, unpretentious & evocative"

Book is fantastic. It is generous with information and unpretentious. Definitely was evocative as there were so many commercial lessons one can take that are easy to implement, especially when one is stuck. Thank you Neeta and Ajit for sharing...

a person in a garment
Devika Das
"A must read for anyone in the industry"

A fully comprehensive guide to not only the way a coach should think but also how they can contribute and really grow their business and their clients. A must read for anyone in the industry, written by pure cutting edge geniuses.

Jill Sussmanon
"Excellent blueprint for coaches at any level"

A concise and digestible read for coaches at any level. Has great content that addresses me, my methodology, and my business. A fun read and excellent blueprint to take me to my next level.

a person wearing a black shirt
Kien Vuu
"Plethora of tools to grow as leader and coach"

If you are looking to elevate your coaching practice or you are new to the business, then this is the book for you. The Book of Coaching offers a plethora of tools and reference that will help you grow as a leader and coach. The format of the book is written in a raw and uncompromising format. The Authors of this book are proven, time tested coaches. Ajit and Neeta are coaches to the coaches.

a man with a beard
Anthony Marrie

Do You Accept Your Calling to Become an Extraordinary Coach?

You can feel the calling deep inside. The calling to become that extraordinary coach: to reach more people, to deliver transformative results, to create lasting impact, and more.

You're left with with two choices.

You can ignore that voice, give in to doubts and fears, and let excuses stand in the way of who you're truly meant to be. But if you take no action, you will stay stuck where you are now - struggling with your coaching practice and frustrated with yourself.


You can accept that calling with an open heart, and take action NOW to develop the 3 critical elements of great coaching. When you choose this path, you will no longer feel stuck, and you will finally experience that blissful joy of having a fulfilling coaching practice you LOVE.

So if you want to elevate yourself and create the impact you are truly capable of, earn the income you deserve, and live the balanced lifestyle you desire... then all you need to do is simply commit your intentions to become an extraordinary coach and TAKE ACTION with "The Book of Coaching".

Give yourself permission and courage to lean into your intuition and trust your heart to make the right choice. And I'll bet the future higher-version of you will thank the you today for choosing the path of growth, expansion and contribution.

Frequently Asked Questions

When will I receive my ebook?

Once your purchase is complete you will automatically be created a login where you can access The Book of Coaching ebook and the online course experience as well.

Is the 'Book of Coaching' for brand new coaches or seasoned coaches?

This book is packed with insights, tools, systems and strategies to build a strong foundation which takes you to the next level from wherever you are in your coaching journey right now. This means every coach can benefit from 'The Book of Coaching', whether they are brand new or seasoned. It also means this book is your lifelong companion in growing your business, as it can be used over and over again to continually elevate your coaching skills, business and life.

When is the audio book version available?

The Book of Coaching audio book is being completed as we speak, as soon as it is finished and edited, we'll be emailing you to let you know it's available in your account.

Can I get a physical copy of The Book of Coaching?

Currently, you can get a copy of the physical book on Amazon. It doesn't include access to the audiobook version of the book or free bonuses, they are only available on this page.

Become an Extraordinary Coach and Elevate Your Impact, Income & Freedom by Clicking
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Here's Everything You Get in The Book of Coaching Power Pack:
  • Instant access to the Book of Coaching eBook, packed with actionable results-driven strategies to elevate your coaching skills & business
  • A multimedia learning experience with exclusive access to The Book of Coaching audio book
  • FREE Bonus: Immersive high-value training with unlimited access to The Book of Coaching: Online Experience (valued at $149)
  • FREE Bonus: Insiders access to the Mindvalley Masters Facebook group to learn alongside a growing tribe of rockstars (priceless!)

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