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Here’s Your 12-Week Blueprint to Create a Sustainable, Thriving Coaching Business, Even if You’ve Never Had a Coaching Client in Your Life

Join world-class coach Christina Berkley in this easy-to-follow, proven and FUN 12-week action-oriented journey to establish yourself as a coach in your niche, serve clients powerfully, and generate a sustainable, full-time income as a coach.

Your dream is to serve people and create impact. That’s why you dream of becoming a coach. And maybe you’re already immersed in the Coaching practice.

Whether it’s been a few free sessions with friends and family, or you’re coaching one or two clients as a side-hustle… the fulfillment of giving life-transforming value to someone else is indescribable. It’s addictive.

Which is why your heart leaps at the thought, “Oh, if only I could coach full-time AND have the freedom to design a brand new lifestyle!”

But the pressure the world puts on you and the wolves at the door paralyzes you. 

“What if I can’t get enough clients? I have bills/commitments/loans/a family to support -- should I risk leaving my current job? Am I even good enough as a coach to be doing this full-time and charge premium rates?”

Or it could also be that you’ve already taken the plunge to leave your past career and pursue coaching full-time (which is great!). Yet, you still have these doubts holding you back from really pushing forward. You’re quickly running out of savings. And you’re wondering if you made the right decision.

Whichever situation you’re in, we promise you it is 100% possible for you to:

  • Become a full-time coach who is confident, highly-skilled and powerful with a line of clients looking forward to work with you
  • Build a coaching business that earns a sustainable, consistent income to live more than comfortably and design your dream lifestyle
  • Fulfill your coaching dreams and create the impact the world so desperately needs right now

So keep reading...

Let’s begin the process with a visual exercise, which will reveal a truth you probably never expected.


Christina Berkley

Mindvalley has been recognised for Workplace Happiness (World Most Democratic Workplace Award 8 Years Running) and as Top Ten in Customer Support worldwide by So when you order from Mindvalley, you know your happiness is our top priority.

Imagine this...

  • Real impact in real lives. You will see the effect of world-class coaching skills based on his or her client’s success stories and word-of-mouth recommendations.
  • A variety of services to serve different needs, from deep one-on-one sessions to group coaching calls, apprenticeship and mentorships, and perhaps even intensive retreats held at to-die-for locations! Everything is dynamic, interesting, and FUN.
  • A strong, authentic community, and this doesn’t mean a social media following of hundreds or thousands. Even with a small following, this coach leads an authentic and powerful support system for everyone in it. You also see photos of this coach hanging out with other amazing coaches you look up to.
  • A fully booked calendar! This coach is brilliant at what they do and is in such high demand, they’re not immediately available for booking. Their next available date could be weeks from now, and a prospect would have to commit fast before that spot gets snapped up too.
  • Powerful communication that deeply connects with a magnetic authenticity. Every action and word is an irresistible invitation to work with this incredible coach.
  • Happiness. Everything just exudes happiness. This coach is living the lifestyle you’re dreaming of. Freedom. Income. Fulfillment. And a balanced life.

You might be thinking… “Wow, it’s gonna take me years to reach that level of success as a coach.”

Well, you probably never expected this, but the truth is...

The coach you just imagined is actually YOU!
Yes, you’ve just visualized the FUTURE YOU, three months from now!

YES. A sustainable coaching business which consistently earns a monthly revenue of $5k can be YOURS in as little as 12 weeks

You might find this hard to believe, especially if your struggles right now sound a little something like this:

  • I don’t even know which niche I should be targeting.
  • How do I brand or present myself?
  • How do I choose a good photo for my profile?
  • How do I build a website?
  • How do I get a logo designed?
  • How do I grow my social media followers?
  • Do I need to invest in advertising?
  • What kind of advertising?
  • Do I need a contract?
  • What’s in a typical contract?
  • How do I set up powerful, structured packages?
  • Where can I find clients?
  • How do I get clients when I don’t like sales?
  • What’s the best way to sell a one-on-one coaching session?
  • How are group coaching sessions different?
  • Should I be giving out free 30-minute sessions?
  • How do I secure monthly retainers?
  • Should I be running workshops, or is it too soon for that?
  • What do I need to do to keep clients engaged?
  • How am I going to get all of this done?!

Chances are, you probably have a whole lot more questions, struggles and fears (yes, it can feel like an endless list!). But don’t worry.

Here’s our promise to you.

By the time you finish reading this, you’ll have the answer to all these questions (and more). You’ll be fired up and ready to start your journey when you realize your dreams of freedom, income and impact as a coach is soooo close within your reach.

How are we going to fulfill this promise?

Well, we haven’t got any mind-blowing “secret” of coaching success.

We have something even better.

You’re not missing some big secret. You’re missing an action plan!

Let’s say, for example, you wanted to lose weight.

You know all about portion control and nutrition. You know the importance of exercise. Heck, maybe you’ve memorized every superfood on the planet to help you lose weight.

But all the information or “lose weight secrets” in the world won’t help you shed those pounds without a proven action plan that is:

  1. Easy to follow
  2. FUN
  3. And reduces overwhelm by doing all the thinking for you

Now, what if you had this easy-to-follow, proven action plan?

Would you make sustainable progress if -- every, single, day -- you had a delicious meal plan to follow, telling you exactly what groceries to buy, how to cook it, AND even came with all the necessary cooking tools?

Would you find it way more exciting to exercise if you had a variety of fun exercise challenges all planned out progressively for you, week by week, AND they’re all tailored to meet you at your current fitness level to ensure you don’t burn out or injure yourself?

Would you have more motivation to stick with the plan if a world-class personal trainer supported you through the inevitable challenges and setbacks that come up, such as facing a delectable cake at a birthday party?

If you answered “yes, Yes, YES!” to these questions, then...

Imagine the progress you’ll make when you have an easy-to-follow, fun, proven action plan to grow your coaching business

Yes, just like in trying to lose weight, you don’t need MORE information or some “big secret” to succeed as a coach.


You see, the reason you’re stuck where you are and not making the progress you hoped is because:

  1. You’re overwhelmed. There’s a wealth of information and expert advice out there. Yet you have no idea where to start, what to even do next, or how to prioritize all the things you need to do to build a thriving, sustainable coaching practice.
  2. You’re doing it alone. You don’t have a coach or community who will call you out on your excuses and help you get past your internal blocks. Without this support, you end up losing motivation and drive over time.

So just imagine if you had for your coaching business:

  • A proven 12-week action plan outlining exactly what you need to do to, week by week, to grow your coaching business to a stage where you consistently reach $5,000 in revenue a month (or more).
  • The tools, resources, systems and templates you need to actually get things done, move to the next action step of the plan, and build a thriving, sustainable coaching practice.
  • The stellar support of a world-class coach who has a track record of helping new and struggling coaches move past challenges, setbacks and internal blocks, so you can grow in confidence and skills while increasing revenue and impact.

Would you like to have all of these?

Then let’s meet the Master Coach who can make it happen for you, right now.

Author Profile

About Christina Berkley

Christina Berkley is a life coach and speaker whose clientele include moms, politicians, celebrities, musicians, activists, entrepreneurs, and other coaches.

In her early years as a coach, Christina struggled. She was living under the poverty level in New York City. She couldn’t afford new boots and endured wet socks and frostbite during winter. Her roommates gave her food because she couldn’t afford food either.

After muddling around on her own for over three years, she managed to acquire clients and was even holding events and giving talks as a coach. But in reality, she was tired, burned out, had no life, and had only just enough money.

After six years of struggling, Christina discovered how to completely shift the way she approached her coaching practice. She immediately put what she learned into action and created more income, impact, and freedom than ever.

Combining this new mindshift with all the personal lessons she learned from six years of trial and error as a struggling coach, Christina has since helped many new and struggling coaches overcome the common challenges of a coach’s journey and accelerate their success.

To reach more coaches, Christina carefully integrated all her best strategies, tools and resources into a step-by-step action-oriented plan designed especially to help aspiring, new and struggling coaches become successful.

This action plan is now available -- exclusively here on Evercoach -- as a comprehensive 12-week video mentorship called, “The 5K Project: 12 Weeks to Ignite Your Coaching Business to Generate $5,000/month”.


Introducing The 5K Project

12 Weeks to Ignite Your Coaching Business to Generate $5,000/month

The 5k Project

In this 12-week video course with Christina Berkley as your mentor, you’ll:

01 Know exactly what you need to do to consistently achieve a monthly revenue of $5,000, or more

This 12-week video course will guide you, week by week, with the exact action items proven effective to reach a sustainable income, easier and faster than you ever imagined. No more information overwhelm. No more figuring things out on your own. Just an exact action list to make sustainable progress, every single day.

02 Have exactly what you need to achieve each task on your action plan.

This isn’t just a long list of homework without support. Christina will guide you to understand each part of the process and how to adapt it to fit who YOU are. Plus, you’ll also have the exact list of tools and resources you need to complete each task, week by week, so you won’t have to struggle figuring it out alone.

03 Develop success mindsets to stay balanced

Christina has coached so many coaches to build sustainable, thriving coaching practices, that she knows at exactly which point of the journey a coach will face an internal block or struggle. That’s why this 12-week path also coaches you with success mindsets to combat common struggles, as they come up week by week, so you’ll be taking care of yourself as much as you’re taking care of your business.

04 Packed with challenges to help you achieve fast results

Many new coaches spend way too much time being “busy” tweaking their logo or website, sometimes for weeks! In addition to success mindsets to combat the fears keeping you stuck in these menial tasks, you’ll also have weekly challenges to accelerate your momentum, push you forward, and achieve fast results

05 Grow your confidence and coaching skills as you grow your revenue and impact.

You can’t have business growth without personal growth. This 12-week action plan is packed with lessons and challenges that will help you rise up to become a better coach as you build your coaching business in parallel. This is a return on investment that can’t be measured in numbers!

06 Have marketing techniques tailored for coaches

Most programs for coaches teach you how to coach, but not how to build a business or create clients. On the other hand, most business growth programs don’t know how to address the specific emotional and mental challenges of a coaching business! This 12-week action plan has been integrated with exact marketing techniques proven to work specifically for coaches.

07 Have worksheets, documents and resources of everything you need to make administration a breeze.

Everything you need to successfully grow and run your coaching practice without stress, from tools and resources to build your website, to 1-on-1 coaching templates and contracts.

08 Unlock the freedom to live your best life

Have the financial and lifestyle freedom you’ve always dreamed of. Spend more time with loved ones. Strike off your bucket list. Create more impact through philanthropic works. And passionately pursue every other way your heart and soul wants to soar.

09 Never be alone.

You’ll enjoy Q&A support and a community of other coaches going through the same 12-week process together.

10 Have ridiculous amounts of FUN

You’ll have a big goal. An actionable game-plan. And exciting challenges. Bring it on!

Course Information

Here’s exactly what you’ll experience in the
12-week action-oriented video course,
The 5k Project"



All about YOU
  • Learn how to authentically craft your vision and mission so you can connect deeply with your ideal client
  • Rewire your money mindset to bust through your fears, self-sabotage and overwhelm, and set you up for business growth
  • Discover the different types of packages you can create to bring in $5,000/month and the art of setting your rates with the “Happy Price” strategy
  • Everything you need to run your business smoothly, including templates of contracts, agreements, discovery packs, pre & post forms, and tracking sheets
  • PLUS: 8 exciting challenges that will make you ready to show up, be visible online and in the world, and begin creating clients! 



Building Your Community
  • Understand the true purpose of having a community and what your goals should really be (It’s not what many social media specialists tell you to do)
  • The top 3 best practices for creating a community that is a safe space for everyone to grow and enjoy the camaraderie
  • Master how to answer the tricky “What do you do?” question with truth, vulnerability and impact to establish yourself as a leader
  • Tools you can use right away to create your community (it’s not just Facebook)
  • ACTION PLAN: 5 fun challenges to establish yourself as a leader and build up the positive energy of belonging in a community 



Creating Clients
  • A proven model to CREATE your ideal client (and why it’s crucially important you don’t try to “attract” clients)
  • The 2-part strategy to give prospects a powerful experience of YOU
  • Tips on where to find your ideal clients (the answer will surprise you!)
  • How to embody the power of the “Campfire Effect” to deeply and powerfully connect to anyone you talk to -- even strangers
  • ACTION PLAN: 6 daring challenges to dial up your confidence and make you magnetic to your ideal clients



Powerful Coaching
  • Tools vs. Intuition: Understand the differences and the role each plays in your coaching
  • 11 essential tools and principles for basic coaching to help your clients break through their blocks and get unstuck
  • Go deep into the tools and principles for deep coaching with Inner Child work to help your clients to heal destructive or self-sabotaging behavior
  • 8+ recommended books to take your coaching skills to powerful levels of mastery
  • ACTION PLAN: 4 bold challenges to establishing your authority as a coach in your niche



All About Meetups - Building Your Tribe
  • Discover how you can leverage the power of meetups, workshops and intensives for dynamic group coaching
  • 8 steps to design a powerful meetup which deeply engages your participants, motivates them, and helps them experience breakthroughs
  • How to gently guide your participants from a breakthrough to wanting to work with you (it’s a sales process that feels so natural, you’ll simply FALL IN LOVE with it)
  • How to end your meetup, workshop or intensives with a memorable spark
  • ACTION PLAN: 4 sensational challenges to create exciting packages which will deliver the impact the world needs from you 



Powerful Proposals
  • How to develop the “Wealth Warrior” mindset and start proposing your packages
  • 3 tips to boost your confidence to pitch a proposal and close a sale
  • 5 steps to make powerful proposals your prospects are magnetically drawn to
  • How to counter the 3 most common objections prospects say
  • ACTION PLAN: 2 courageous challenges to secure your first client, and the next, and the next... 



Optimize Your Life
  • Go deep into achieving balance in 5 key areas of your life: Mind, Body, Spiritual, Business & Relationships
  • 4 tools and daily rituals to continually train your mind and keep it at optimum levels of performance
  • The importance of fitness, nutrition, and spirituality to boost success and happiness\
  • Strategies, journals and other tools to reduce stress and increase JOY in your business
  • ACTION PLAN: 5 personal challenges to push your boundaries and propel your growth



Be Outrageous!
  • The secret truth behind the success of a crazy big idea
  • How to activate your system to increase your performance as a coach
  • 3 success mindshifts to make you resilient to rejection and criticism, so you can relentlessly move forward with motivation
  • Inspiring examples of things you can do to be BOLD and break through your comfort zones
  • ACTION PLAN: 7 outrageous challenges to spur business growth, increase your revenue and create outstanding impact



Shape a Powerful Mindset
  • Discover the 14 common mindsets of a coach’s journey
  • Go deep into each mindset to shift your thinking and propel past what keeps you stuck
  • What to do when you feel like a fraud (don’t worry, you’re not the only one who feels this way)
  • Habits and tools to continually sharpen your powerful mindset
  • ACTION PLAN: 5 exhilarating challenges to establishing relationships and networks crucial to your ongoing success as a coach



Light the Grid Game
  • Learn how to create a game that keeps you moving forward
  • Peek into “Light the Grid”, an exciting game tailored to build a fun, thriving coaching business
  • See how you too can play the “Light the Grid” game to motivate yourself, push forward, and create quality clients
  • Insights and actions from “Light the Grid” to ultimately provide massive service to your clients
  • ACTION PLAN: Reach 10,000 points on your “Light the Grid” game

See how other passionate people like you
fulfilled their coaching dreams under
Christina’s mentorship


“Got back ROI in just 2 weeks”



Greg was an exceptionally talented man who wanted to change careers and become a coach. He really wanted to work with Christina to launch his coaching business, but he didn’t have the money. So he borrowed the money from his grandmother and hired Christina.

Within just two weeks of working with Christina, Greg created clients for his business and had enough money to pay back his grandmother. His business and revenue only continued to grow from there, but most importantly, Greg found fulfillment and joy in being able to coach full-time and create impact.

Greg Faxon, Business Coach and Catalyst for High-performing Entrepreneurs


Katie Stroman,Professional Life Coach


Leah Petrusich,Life Coach

What Students Say

And here’s what other coaches have said after
working with Christina

“Closed two annual customers at $25,000 each”

After our conversation, I reevaluated what I was doing as a coach and claimed my space for myself. Well, yesterday, after doing 3 meetings of two hours with extremely interesting people, I closed two annual customers at $25,000 each. And tomorrow I’ll have two more conversations that probably will end up the same way. I have no words to thank you for everything you did for me… Thank you!”

Bruno Strey Vilela


“I’ve developed more of a sense of ease”

I’ve worked with Christina for one year. We did 6 months in [group coaching] and we did 6 months privately. That first investment was scary for me. It was the first high-end coach that I ever hired. And I actually replaced [that first] investment before the group even began just based on the first few conversations that Christina and I had. I got my first long-term paying clients. And over this last year, I’ve replaced my income from my [previous] consulting job. But more importantly, I’ve just developed more of a sense of ease.

Greg Dobson

“Radically transformed my business and life for the better”

Before I started working with Christina I was struggling hand-to-mouth in my coaching and teaching business after leaving academia, and my personal relationships were not so hot either. I was scared to sign up with another coach because I’d spent money before on coaches who ultimately didn’t help me much.

Within 6 months of starting to work with Christina, I radically transformed my business and life for the better. I now have a thriving 6 figure (soon to be 7 figure!) online teaching business, have spent the winter living in Bali (about to tour Europe!) and now enjoy a much better caliber of relationships in my life.

This amazing, rapid transformation came about in large part through Christina’s wisdom and encouragement and through her absolutely not buying into my limited notions about myself. I highly recommend applying for a first session with Christina. If she agrees to coach you, you’re very lucky indeed.”

Carolyn Elliot

World Traveling Entrepreneur, Writer, Coach

“She said YES!”

“After an amazing preparation coaching session with Christina, the next day a new executive signed on for my first six-month coaching engagement – from a FORTUNE FIVE company no less. This time I was authentic, vulnerable, and boldly gave her “homework” straight-away, whether she picked me or not – and she did. Thank you Christina – crazy good coaching.”

Susan Greene

Transformational Leadership Coach

“I tripled my rates”

“Before working with Christina I had zero clients, no online presence, no website, and just a strong desire to get my coaching business flourishing and absolutely zero results yet with a whole lot of obstacles. Upon working with Christina, I tripled my rates, charging rates I never even dreamed was possible. I have a full clientele load. I now coach full time. I have a strong online presence and website. I began writing for online articles. I got my writing published in journals. And I led my first workshop. All within six months of working with her.”

Leah Petrusich

Life Coach on Sex, Intimacy & Relationships

Let’s Get Personal: Why is Coaching
Important to You?

Why do you want to become a full-time coach?

How would it feel to quit your job and heed the calling of your heart and soul? How would this peace and fulfillment feel like?

How would you redesign your lifestyle if you knew you could consistently earn $5,000/month -- or more? When you’re no longer bound to someone else’s office and working hours, how would you spend the extra time with your partner, kids, friends or family?

Where would you live? Where would you travel? What would you strike off your bucket list?

Why is it important to you to have this transformation and finally call the shots to how you want to live?

And how much is achieving this worth to you?

Most importantly, if the opportunity arises to propel you to realize your dream, do you want it badly enough to take it without hesitation?

Well, today, such an opportunity lies before you.

Before today, having Christina mentor you for three months would cost you at least $12,000. Without a doubt, you’d make your return on investment. However, not everyone can come up with this upfront cost. In fact, some of Christina’s past clients have had to borrow money to invest in her mentorship.

And even if you had the money, Christina may not have the available time. She is in such high demand, she has to turn down a lot of people who need her coaching.

Today, all of that has changed.

With the “The 5K Project”, Christina has made her knowledge and mentorship to build a sustainable, thriving coaching practice accessible to everyone, at a ridiculously low price for the actual value you’re getting.


Because like us, Christina wants to make it easy for aspiring, part-time or new coaches like you who are just starting out, succeed without struggling. We want to do this because we personally believe in the transformational work you do and so we want to help you succeed, increase your impact, and contribute towards a better world.

That’s why it’s not going to cost you anywhere near $12,000 or even half of Christina’s usual coaching fees. We could still easily charge $3,000 or $2,000 and give you lots of value, but we want to make it even more affordable than that.

Which is why we have made “The 5K Project: 12 Weeks to Ignite Your Coaching Business to Generate $5,000/month available at a standard price of just $995 $595.

Just making your first $5,000 month will pay for the course, multiple fold. And this system doesn’t just bring you that one-time revenue. We’re talking consistent revenue.

Which means after a year, you could have made $60,000 in revenue… that’s a 10,000% ROI for investing in this 12-week action plan with Christina as your mentor.


Investment In Your Business


Annual Revenue


ROI for investing in this 12-week action plan

For even more value, you’ll also get this exclusive bonus to support your 12-week journey to coaching success:



Exclusive Bonus: 8 Hours of recordings of the LIVE Q&A calls & coaching sessions with Christina from previous 5K cohorts (Valued at $1,200)

Last time we opened enrollment for 'The 5K Project', Christina did 8 amazing LIVE online trainings with her students and she blew everyone away with the value and help those students got on those calls. If you've got any lingering questions for Christina on how to get to 5K a month, your answer will be in those trainings.

How is “The 5K Project” different to other coaching programs?

01 You’ll get a 12-week action plan and not just theoretical concepts.

Telling you that you need to eat less and exercise more to lose weight is the theory you already know. Giving you the exact meal plan and exercise videos to do, day by day, is showing you how. .

Similarly, “The 5K Project” doesn’t just say you need to build a website, create a community, set up contracts, and create clients. It shows you HOW to execute each element without overwhelming you by giving you clear, bite-sized action steps. If you take action on each step, you will make tangible progress to build a sustainable business foundation which can set you up to earn $5,000 in revenue, consistently every month.

02 You’ll learn real-life lessons that have worked for many other coaches like you.

Christina’s style is not dry textbook stuff. She shares real-life lessons and strategies which have worked for her and other coaches, so you too can achieve real results

Christina is also powerfully vulnerable in revealing all her past mistakes and all the course corrections she took, so you can avoid the same struggle and accelerate into enjoying the financial and lifestyle freedom you’ve always dreamed of.

03 You’ll be in a strong community of powerful coaches.

Let’s face it. As a coach, we give our energy to people a lot. And if we don’t take care of ourselves, if we don’t have community support we can lean on, it’s hard to continue the journey and to keep moving forward. The effects of this can be devastating upon you and your family.

With “The 5K Project”, you’ll enjoy Q&A support and a community of other coaches going through the same 12-week process together. Nothing is more energetic than feeding off people who are in high vibration. When you connect to our community, you’ll be connected to others who are lit up and unapologetic to better themselves and serve others. You’ll get supported in excelling with your own lifestyle, develop yourself at such a deep level, and you’ll do it with camaraderie.

A 100% risk-free opportunity to make your coaching dreams come true with our
30-day guarantee

We stick by our claims. If for any unlikely reason this training doesn’t live up to any of these promises, drop our team an email and you will be refunded 100% of your investment up to 30 days from your date of purchase.

Where do you want to be 3 months from now?

Do you want to be enjoying life as a full-time coach, sharing your unique gifts and creating impact?

Do you want to be creating more impact and be more confident about generating revenue… so confident you can make coaching your full-time job?

Do you want to be making enough money to thrive as a coach without working crazy hours or burning out…

So you can also really serve your clients powerfully without coming from an energetic space of being clingy or dependent on them?

If you do, the good news if you have everything you need to achieve this in as little as 12 weeks.

All you need to make this happen is to TAKE ACTION and challenge yourself to commit to “The 5K Project”.

Nothing will happen if you don’t take action, except remaining stuck in your status quo. You’ll continue experiencing the same results and frustrations for a long time. And even if you stick it out long enough to learn through painful trial and error, who knows what all these mistakes could actually cost you in the long run in terms of your emotional, mental and physical health.

So don’t let inaction hold you back from where you can really go.

Commit to “The 5K Project” and create an amazing new future ‘you’ as a full-time, thriving, and happy coach.

It’s going to be a LOT of fun, growth, and fulfillment!

Click the ‘Add to Cart’ Button Now And Experience This Instantly

Here's everything you get when you enroll now:
  • Lifetime access to 10 modules full of video lessons guiding you week-by-week for 12 weeks
  • Week 1-2: All about YOU
  • Week 3: Building Your Community
  • Week 4-5: Creating Clients
  • Week 6: Powerful Coaching
  • Week 7: All About Meetups - Building Your Tribe
  • Week 8: Powerful Proposals
  • Week 9: Optimize Your Life
  • Week 10: Be Outrageous!
  • Week 11: Shape a Powerful Mindset
  • Week 12: Light the Grid Game
  • PLUS: Action plan for each week with fun challenges to make continuous progress
  • PLUS: Worksheets, documents, and resources for each week
  • Exclusive Bonus: 8 Hours of Pre-recorded Q&A and Coaching Calls (Valued at $1200)
  • An unconditional 30-day money-back guarantee
  • An award-winning customer support whenever you need help, so you know you are always taken care of.

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Frequently Asked Questions

Warning: You Only Get Out What You Put In

There's nothing like the feeling of having your first $5k month - but understand this: No one...absolutely no one can claim they have a magic wand which will generate thousands of dollars for you without work. We don’t claim that either.

The 5K Project is called so because of the intention we want to lead with. Because you're getting a blueprint for making $5,000 a month as a coach. You will still have to go through the program. You will have to take action. You will have to be in the right market. You will have to have the right mindset. Always keep that in mind. There's no such thing as a free lunch, despite what some less scrupulous online marketers will try to tell you.

However...if you are willing to do the work and bring that change in your coaching business, go ahead and try The 5K Project. We stand behind it with a 30-day guarantee, because we know if you work, it works for you.

The Mindvalley Advantage

As head of Mindvalley’s Customer Support, it’s my goal to ensure you get the best experience with this program. We consistently rank among the top 2% of all American companies using NiceReply. You can always reach me and my team directly at On top of that, enjoy peace of mind with Mindvalley Academy’s triple satisfaction guarantee listed below:

  • Advantage 1 You are about to be blown away by the sheer quality and attention to detail of every exercise, session and meditation in this program.
  • Advantage 2 Your growth is our biggest passion. This program and everything else we do is designed to get you the results you deserve.
  • Advantage 3 If for any unlikely reason this training doesn’t live up to any of these promises email us and you will be refunded 100% of your investment up to 30 days from your date of purchase.

  • Kristi Anier
    Customer Happiness Team Lead

Click the ‘Add to Cart’ Button Now And Experience This Instantly

Here's everything you get when you enroll now:
  • Lifetime access to 10 modules full of video lessons guiding you week-by-week for 12 weeks
  • Week 1-2: All about YOU
  • Week 3: Building Your Community
  • Week 4-5: Creating Clients
  • Week 6: Powerful Coaching
  • Week 7: All About Meetups - Building Your Tribe
  • Week 8: Powerful Proposals
  • Week 9: Optimize Your Life
  • Week 10: Be Outrageous!
  • Week 11: Shape a Powerful Mindset
  • Week 12: Light the Grid Game
  • PLUS: Action plan for each week with fun challenges to make continuous progress
  • PLUS: Worksheets, documents, and resources for each week
  • Exclusive Bonus: 8 Hours of Pre-recorded Q&A and Coaching Calls (Valued at $1200)
  • An unconditional 30-day money-back guarantee
  • An award-winning customer support whenever you need help, so you know you are always taken care of.

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