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The 21 most powerful coaching questions

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The 21 most powerful coaching questions

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  • Save hours on "general, fluff talk" - The one question that will make sure you and your client will not chase windmills, but rather - will create true results that will make them feel accomplished and grateful for your time together(question #5)
  • This unexpected question will evoke instant self-confidence in your client, and will inspire them with the courage to do the work that's required to reach their goals (question #6)
  • This "corporate CEO" style question will reveal the single, most important thing you and your client need to focus on over the next few sessions (question #8) 
  • The single question you can ask that will eliminate your client's fear and will motivate them to follow their dream (question #9)
  • Create instant accountability in a none-motivated, reluctant client (question #13)
  • How to virtually eliminate your clients resistance to change and to make sure they will do the work required to before your next session (question #17)

And also...

  • The #1 key to achieving true insight no matter good or experienced you are as a coach
  • The 7 deadly mistakes most coaches make when asking questions, that can completely torpedo your chance of generating any true breakthrough with your client

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