Your archetype is...

The Powerhouse Leader

There’s no two ways about it… you adore the spotlight and the spotlight adores you right back! It doesn’t matter if you’re at a party, a business meeting or speaking in front of an audience -- you’re at your best when all eyes are on you.

Your devotion to success is legendary and so are your courage and your generous heart. You’re determined to uphold what’s right and to stand for justice.

A natural-born leader, you have no problems taking charge and meeting challenges and obstacles head-on. You don’t stop until you get to your goals and you can lead others to do the same. This makes you an outstanding coach. 

Some might think you’re “brutally honest” and a little too direct with your opinions but when they get to know you, they quickly see that your focus, discipline and dedication to lead is about creating an environment of inspiration and influence so everyone can succeed, no matter who they are or where they’re from.

The Powerhouse Leader Coaching Archetype is a
Perfect Match for…

The Live Events Business Model

Based around live in person coaching events such as retreats, masterminds, weekend coaching seminars, and conferences, success with the Live Events Business Model is about effectively influencing and leading others… and this is exactly what the Powerhouse Leader Coaching Archetype loves to do!

Whether it’s a group of 2 or 20,000, you have what it takes to powerfully communicate your ideas, strategies and beliefs, leaving your audience exhilarated and ready to take on the world. Your strong, confident energy also inspires trust and helps people feel supported and protected when they’re around you.

While it usually takes a little longer to build a successful coaching business with Live Events, you need just a few phenomenal events to establish a rockstar reputation and take your business to the top. Start your journey by cultivating a network of master coaches and leaders in your area of expertise -- people who can be guests at your events and also help to spread the word.

This Live Events Business Model has massive potential when it comes to rapidly growing your income and impact as you continue to host bigger audiences. You can also generate additional income if you choose to offer books, online coaching programs or other related products and services at your events.

3 Easy, Actionable Steps to Fast Track Success in Your Live Events Business

Step #1 Say This

The Powerhouse Leader Coaching Archetype often feels impatient, and restless when it comes to achieving their goals. Start feeling more fulfilled and happier by repeating this success mantra daily:

My patience and self-trust lead to more success and joy in my life and business than I could have ever imagined!

Step #2 Listen to This

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Step #3 Watch This

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