Your archetype is...

The Visionary Mentor

As a Visionary Mentor you love life and you’re naturally energetic and upbeat. Others find your positive open-hearted approach to the world refreshingly exciting and contagious. Sooner or later, most people are uplifted and inspired by your sunny attitude.

You’re a great judge of character and a quick learner. You love developing knowledge around a wide variety of topics and subjects that interest you and you’re always happy to share what you learn with friends, family and anyone who’s excited about growth and success. Too much repetition and routine leaves you feeling drained and depleted and you like having variety in your life and work.

Contribution is important to you and you’re fired up when you get the chance to serve others. Your ability to accurately size people up, understand and get along with them means you’ll rapidly earn their trust. These outstanding qualities make The Visionary Mentor an excellent coach.

The Visionary Mentor Coaching Archetype is a
Perfect Match for...

The Coach Trainer Business Model

Coaches who thrive with the Coach Trainer Business Model love to deepen their knowledge on anything and everything that has to do with coaching and they’re excited to share and teach what they know. This includes understanding new industry trends, and developing expertise in the latest and greatest coaching techniques. This might feel like a drag to most Coaching Archetypes but as a Visionary Mentor, continuous growth and teaching is a dream come true for you!

The Coach Trainer Business Model also happens to be one of the most impactful and fulfilling coaching pathways around. The Coach Trainer is essentially a “coach’s coach” and the work is centered on training others to become extraordinary coaches. This means you’ll get to unleash a massive ripple effect that knows no bounds. Here’s what that means…

Imagine you’ve trained 5 amazing coaches. Thanks to what they learned from you, each of these coaches goes on to successfully help 5 clients change their lives. This means you’ve improved the lives of the 5 coaches you trained and each of their 5 clients -- that’s a total of 25 people.

 In other words, the more coaches you train the more people you get to serve. Expand this exponentially and you’ll see that you could play a role in changing thousands -- even millions -- of lives. How cool is that?!

As you continue to develop your expertise, you’ll find that you can confidently work with bigger groups of coach trainees and this makes the Coach Trainer Business Model highly flexible, scalable and profitable.

3 easy, actionable steps to fast-track success in your 1:1 coaching business

Step #1 Say This

It’s hard for the Visionary Mentor Archetype to stick to one thing for long, which has them constantly switching between goals and interests in their business. Help yourself stay centered and focused by repeating this success mantra daily:

I’m confident and calm as I stick to my goals and achieve extraordinary success and satisfaction in my coaching business

Step #2 Listen to This

Transform your life and business by learning how to stay persistent and consistent. Tune into How to Overcome Lack of Consistency on the Coach Ajit podcast

Step #3 Watch This

Turn up the dial on your innate positive nature to uplevel your coaching skills and accelerate success in your business. Watch How to Use Positive Psychology Techniques in Coaching on the Coach Ajit x Evercoach channel.