Your archetype is...

The Unstoppable High Achiever

Let’s get something clear from the get-go: there’s nothing you love more than achieving your goals and helping others achieve theirs. The truth is there’s no other Coaching Archetype that has your level of ambition and your drive to learn, grow and succeed and you can continue working on a project, task or job long after everyone else has called it quits.

As an Unstoppable Achiever you’re almost always improving yourself and creating progress in your life and work. Whether you’re focused on hitting a personal growth goal or completing a work-related task, you have what it takes to stick to the path until you get to where you want to go.

You’re quietly confident, a remarkable analytical thinker and a gifted problem-solver. These outstanding qualities inspire confidence in others -- including coaching clients -- who know they can rely on you to cut through superficial elements, and zoom in on key issues to resolve their problems quickly and effectively. 

Your unwavering focus and dedication to becoming the best of the best in your business will take you further, faster than most coaches.

The Unstoppable High Achiever Coaching Archetype is a Perfect Match for...

The Coach / Consultant Business Model

Your ability to take apart complicated problems, get to the heart of the matter and quickly come up with practical, actionable solutions make you a great match for the Coach Consulting Business Model.

As a Coach Consultant your client will look to you to come up with applicable ideas when they’re struggling with an obstacle or  challenge and you’re more than up for the task. Your incredible focus and work ethic as well as your intellectual approach to solving problems gives you a massive edge when it comes to finding success with this Business Model.

Coach Consultants generally work with big business owners and corporations which means you need to quickly understand and make sense of complex data and processes. Other Coaching Archetypes might find this intimidating and incredibly challenging but not you! Your natural analytical mind makes you a great fit for this task and you’ll easily impress your client.

Coach Consulting is one of the most lucrative business models around. A highly specialized category in the coaching industry, Coach Consultants can command high fees. Your drive to succeed and your devotion to being the best means you’ll be able to explode your income in this space in record time.

3 Easy, Actionable Steps to Fast-Track Success in Your Coach Consulting Business

Step #1 Say This

The Unstoppable Achiever Archetype struggles with debilitating stress especially when they make mistakes or feel like they’re not hitting their own incredibly high standards. Start to release this painful inner struggle by repeating this success mantra daily:

I deserve to be happy and I can achieve exponential success in my coaching business with ease.

Step #2 Listen to This

Charging high fees as a Coach Consultant can trigger unwanted money mindset issues. Overcome hidden abundance blocks that get in the way of rapid expansion and success in your coaching business. Tune into Developing an Abundance Mindset on the Coach Ajit podcast

Step #3 Watch This

Expand your knowledge and understanding around Coach Consulting and know the difference between consulting and business coaching. Watch Consulting Vs Business Coaching on the Coach Ajit x Evercoach channel