Your archetype is...

The Genius Team Player

The Genius Team Player Archetype is remarkably reliable. This means you wouldn’t dream of not delivering on your promises! You are down-to-earth, practical and unafraid of hard work. You have no problems taking responsibility for any task or job you’ve been assigned to or that you have volunteered to do.

As a Genius Team Player, you love collaborating with others and knowing you’re part of a greater purpose in the world. You’re also intuitive and you have an amazing ability to tune in on individuals and groups to know exactly what people need so they can show up at their best. While you don’t crave leadership, you have been known to take charge effectively if the need arises.

In the context of coaching, you are incredibly supportive, trustworthy and caring and this gives clients the confidence and comfort they need to open up to you. You’re also compassionate, and fair and these awesome qualities are incredibly appealing and likable, making you a popular coach for people from different backgrounds.

The Genius Team Player Coaching Archetype is a
Perfect Match for…

The Group Coaching Business Model

Your ability to communicate and connect powerfully with just about everyone, makes The Group Coaching Business Model a perfect choice for you.

Group coaching involves collaborating with members within a group and also the group as a whole to create individual and collective success. The good news is you already have many of the coaching qualities and traits to effortlessly achieve these goals.

Your compassionate nature makes most people feel comfortable and relaxed in your presence plus your ability to bring people together creates a sense of safety and belonging that motivates everyone to collaborate easily and effectively.

With the Group Coaching Business Model, you’ll find that you can create a rock-solid reputation, increase word-of-mouth referrals and rapidly expand your income mainly because you’re working with groups of clients rather than individuals every time you coach.

The Group Coaching Model is also great for quickly improving coaching skills like facilitating inter-group communication, observing and reading body language as well as shifting gears when it comes to your coaching style, techniques and methodologies as you work with various character types and personalities within your coaching group.

3 Easy, Actionable Steps to Fast Track Success in Your Group Coaching Business

Step #1 Say This

The Genius Team Player Archetype, can feel pushed and pulled in many different directions which can create anxiety and uncertainty. Cultivate inner calm and confidence by repeating this success mantra daily:

I am more resilient than I know and I can trust myself to achieve my greatest vision as a coach.

Step #2 Listen to This

Dive deeper into the ins and outs of group coaching and exactly what it takes to create an irresistible group coaching offer. Tune into Create a Group Coaching Offer with Clarity and Confidence on the Master Coaching with Ajit podcast

Step #3 Watch This

Kickstart your group coaching skills or take things up a notch (or ten!) with these easy-to-follow techniques to accurately recognize your clients’ body language.  Watch the 4 Body Language Signs to Look Out For on the Coach Ajit x Evercoach channel