Your archetype is...

The Conscious Changemaker

Have you found yourself listening patiently while a total stranger shares personal stories during a long flight or nodding kindly, as the person in front of you in a queue confides their problems? Welcome to the world of The Conscious Changemaker!

You were born to coach and chances are you were “coaching” friends and family since you were a kid (and without even knowing it!). This isn’t so surprising considering your inborn character traits that also happen to be key coaching qualities.

You are deeply motivated to bring peace and comfort to others and you love knowing your support made a positive difference in someone’s life. You are open-minded, empathic and a great listener and you have no problems stepping back to let someone else shine. You also have an amazing ability to intuitively respond to people, build trust and rapport and see many sides of an issue.

These are powerful coaching qualities that can put others at ease in your presence. As a result, just about everyone -- family, friends, strangers and clients -- feel comfortable sharing their deepest, darkest secrets with you and confiding their most challenging problems.

The Conscious Changemaker coaching archetype is a perfect match for...

1:1 Coaching Business Model

You shine when you’re connecting deeply with others while building trust and understanding in small, contained and intimate settings. This makes the 1:1 Coaching Business Model perfect for you, which is great news! Working with clients on a 1:1 basis is one of the fastest ways to becoming an incredibly skilled coach even if you’re starting from scratch. 

As a 1:1 coach, you’re focused on just one client at a time, and this gives you the opportunity to laser in on specific coaching skills like active listening, offering unbiased feedback or asking powerful questions to resolve  problems.

The 1:1 Business Model also gives you flexibility to build your coaching business at your own pace by taking on clients based on your schedule. For instance, if you’re still working 9 to 5, you could schedule your coaching calls after work and on the weekends.

Thanks to the customized, personal nature of this Business Model, you’ll be able to charge higher fees per client and grow your income while working with fewer clients.

In time, when you successfully establish a rock-solid reputation in your area of expertise, you’ll be able to raise your fees further and skyrocket your income at an exponential rate

3 easy, actionable steps to fast-track success in your 1:1 coaching business

Step #1 Say This

Conscious Changemakers are way too self-critical and judgmental of their coaching and business skills. Boost your confidence by repeating this success mantra daily:

I already have everything I need to achieve success and abundance in my coaching business.

Step #2 Listen to This

Take your inborn listening skills up to a whole new level. Tune into  The Art of Deep Listening on the Master Coaching with Ajit podcast

Step #3 Watch This

Discover how a world-class master coach conducts a life-changing 1:1 coaching session. Watch this powerful demonstration on the Coach Ajit x Evercoach channel