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Now that you have powerful questions to ask your clients...

Copy-paste our proven formula for delivering a transformative coaching session

Copy-paste our proven coaching session outline

Start delivering transformative results in every session, while consistently showing up as a powerful, confident coach

"Coaching sessions Planner" is our tested and proven coaching session template manual

...designed to help you arrive at every coaching session with confidence, and delivere consistent results for your clients

✅ Tested and proven effective on hundreds of coaching sessions!


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4.9 Rating from thousands of coaches worldwide


81% of coaches fail by their 3rd year in business because they can't hold onto clients

Most coaches spend more time trying to get new clients than actually serving them.

Once they finally enroll a new client  —  They have no plan on how to deliver results, and end up “winging” their coaching sessions instead.

Once clients don't see results after working with you  — They won't sign up to work with you again, or recommend you to others.

The extensive growth of the coaching market presents an unprecedent opportunity 

While most coaches are failing their clients and end up giving up on their business...

...those who are ready to step-up and serve their clients at the highest level will be reaping the rewards of the accelerated growth in the coaching market.

The coaching session planner

Plan and bring to life a deeply transformative coaching experience for every client, regardless of your coaching experience, and without limiting your creativity with a strict script.

Plan and bring to life a deeply transformative coaching experience for every client,

...regardless of your coaching experience, and without limiting your creativity with a strict script.


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You missed out!

Today's Price: $97 $27

4.9 Rating from thousands of coaches worldwide

You'll be able to...

Produce guaranteed results with a proven approach

Architected by some of the world's leading master-coaches, this formula is now available for you to use in every session, with every client 

Show up for each session with confidence

Creates a sense of comfort and direction as you grow your skills as well as faith in your abilities to change your clients lives

Grow your business faster by gaining client trust in your abilities

Helping your to gain traction, land repeating clients and receive countless referrals that will help you grow your business organically and with ease

Look forward for each session

Show up for each session energetic and excited, grateful for the fact you get to live your passion and do the work you're meant to do in the world

Use it in any coaching niche

  • Life coaches
  • Health coaches
  • Business coaches
  • Spiritual coaches
  • Law of attraction coaches
  • Internal coaches
  • Team coaches
  • Communication coaches
  • Relationship coaches
  • Success coaches
  • High performance coaches
  • Executive coaches
  • Career coaches
  • Leadership coaches
  • Mindset coaches
  • Marketing coaches
  • Confidence coaches
  • Social coaches
  • Empowerment coaches
  • Mental health coaches
  • Intuitive coaches
  • Life transition coaches
  • Self-love coaches
  • And more...

Here's a peek inside...

  • The 4 non-negotiable fundamentals of a coaching session that guarantees results, without you having to follow a complicated, limiting framework or script (Chapter 1)
  • Exactly how a results-oriented 60-minute coaching session looks like, including a step by step session breakdown of each segment in your coaching session, 5 minutes at a time (Chapter 3)
  • How to create clear, actionable insights in each session, no matter what type of coach you are and what challenge your client is facing… (Chapter 5)
  • The 2 things every successful coach must do at the close of each session to make it a meaningful conversation (Chapter 5)
  • How to prepare the space for your sessions, set goals and coach through challenges like a pro, even if you’ve never done a single coaching session before. (Chapter 7)
  • The simple roadmap to improve your client’s accountability and make it easier for them to to stick to your timelines, instead of ignoring the action steps you want them to take. (Chapter 2)
  • The world’s simplest and most effective coaching preparation routine that will make sure you show up at your peak for every session (regardless of how you feel that day) (Chapter 6)
  • The 8 biggest traps even experienced coaches fall into, and the practical action steps on how you can avoid them in your own sessions (Chapter 8)
  • How to apply our winning session structure to different coaching practices -, including example sessions for life, health, relationship, performance, leadership and spiritual coaches! (This alone is worth getting the planner!) (Chapter 7)
  • The one, deadly rookie mistake new coaches make and why you should never share your own challenges with your clients (and how you can create a stronger emotional bond instead!) (Chapter 6)
  • And so much more...

Trusted by thousands of coaches worldwide

"A MUST HAVE, especially for new coaches"

a woman with brown hair
Andrea Lange
Life Coach
San Francisco, United States

The Coaching Session Planner is an amazing tool for coaches looking for guidance on how to prep and structure their coaching sessions, while nurturing positive interactions with their clients.

This is a MUST HAVE, especially for new coaches.

"I refined my coaching practice in ways that will have an impact on both my clients and myself"

Peter Koufos
Empowerment Coach
Miami, United States

I recommend this program to every coach, especially new coaches.

I have been able to refine my coaching practice in ways that will have an impact on both my clients and myself as a human being and a coach.

I now have a clear vision on structuring coaching engagement, on setting clear intentions and clear expectations. The insights and value were amazing.

"I now feel confident to take the leap to become a professional coach"

Gemma Cortadellas
Barcelona, Spain

As a new coach, I was quite unclear of how to properly structure a session or plan with real clients. I have been mentoring and coaching as a volunteer, and I have gone by mostly through following my intuition because I thought a structure would be "limiting".

Thanks to this program I now feel a lot more confident to take the leap from volunteer to professional coach. 

Extra resources to make your next coaching session complete

The ultimate first-session prep

Feel confident and ready before you go into your first session with a new client by learning exactly what you need to know with this ready-to-use intake form

value $49

a group of people playing a video game
Accountability and insight generating form

Easily provide accountability and action steps for your clients and make sure you start every session off with clarity and insights thanks to this powerful post-session form.

value $49

a man sitting at a desk with a laptop
Done-For-You Coaching Agreement

Make setting expectations and boundaries with your clients smooth and easy to ensure they show up on time, pay when their payment is due and follow through with their package with this Done-For-Your Coaching Agreement Template

value $49

a man shaking hands with a woman
Done-For-You Example Coaching Session Outlines

Copy and paste our proven coaching session outlines, pre-designed for your very first session with a client, as well as the next ones.

value $97

Bassi Maestro et al. looking at a laptop
Pre-Session confidence booster

Clear any negative vibrations and prep yourself for a winning session using this short, yet very effective pre-session mindset meditation

value $49

a man standing in front of a laptop

Do NOT start another coaching session without this proven manual by your side

Of course, you could "wing it", but aren't your clients, brand and reputation just too important?

But why risk it?

Why would you risk not being able to deliver outstanding results, to WOW your clients and to make an impact so powerful that they keep coming back for more...

..If you can easily use a proven session outline will allow you to coach at your highest level... every single time, without fault?

Here's everything you get with your Coaching Sessions Planner

  • The complete "Coaching Session Planner" manual - Discover the detailed proven structure for a winning coaching session
  • A clear, step-by-step session outline and checklist to help you plan powerful coaching sessions, fast
  • Planning sheets to help you plan the perfect session, for every client
  • Detailed, pre-written outlines for every coaching niche you can think of
  • Video demonstrations performed by the world's top master-coaches
  • Confidence boosting audios, meant to reprogram your mind for high confidence before you go on a session
  • A $300 value worth of exclusive bonuses, not available anywhere else!


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Today's Price: $97 $27

4.9 Rating from thousands of coaches worldwide

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Questions you might have

Can I use the 'Coaching Session Planner' if I'm a new coach?

Absolutely. Whether you've never coached a client in your life or you're already more experienced, this planner will help you make your sessions simple and easy to deliver AND allows you to create outstanding results with your clients every single time without fault.

Does this structure only work for life coaches?

Absolutely not - You can follow this proven plan and structure, no matter what niche you're specialized in.

We've even included example session structures for life, health, relationship, performance, leadership and spiritual coaching. Plus, the principles are easy to implement and apply to literally any form of coaching you could possibly do.

Won't it limit my creativity or intuition if I deliver my sessions within this structure?

That is a great question, and I totally hear you.

Having the freedom to be creative and intuitive in your sessions is absolutely crucial, which is why this structure is only here to support you in delivering results WITHOUT limiting you in any way.

The planner serves as a guideline to help you coach at your highest level, but you can still make it your own and it always leaves room for authenticity, creativity and for you to coach in a way that's aligned with who you are.

Why is this priced so low? It's practically a steal!

If you're thinking "why is this so cheap, what's the catch here?", please let me be completely honest with you:

Our mission in Evercoach is for EVERY coach on the planet to have easy access to this valuable information because we've experienced first-hand what a game-changer it is.

Also, we believe that once you've experienced how powerful 'The Coaching Session Planner' is - you'll want to stick around and learn more as part of our Evercoach community.

And that's it. N hidden agenda, recurring fee or any other catch.

When will I get access to the Coaching Session Planner and all the bonuses?

Right away.

You'll get your access details sent to the email address you used to sign up, and you can dive in within the next few minutes.