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September 6, 2022

92. How To Experience More Love In Your Life with Jan Zands

Most love relationships go through changes and challenges throughout their lifespan, but it’s how we navigate those troubling times that defines whether it thrives or dies. In this powerful episode, Coach Ajit and relationship expert Monika...

W.S. Gilbert once said, “It's love that makes the world go round.” So how can we increase the love we attract into our lives? According to our guest, relationship expert Jan Zands, by nurturing our relationships.

In this value-packed episode, Coach Ajit and Jan talk about relationship challenges, expectations, and the power each person has to change their relationships. Jan Zands is a master life and relationship coach and Co-Founder of The R.I.C.H. Relationship with his wife and business partner, Monika Zands.

He describes himself as an “expert at helping people shift their mindset to experience more love and happiness,” and that is exactly what he’s sharing in this powerful conversation so dive right in!

Key Insights:

  • How your perspective can shift others’ behaviors.
  • A powerful exercise to reflect on the positive side of challenges and release negative emotions.
  • How to work on a relationship when you’re the only one invested in it.
  • The key to improving your relationships and experiencing more love in your life.
  • A coach’s true role when coaching clients through change.
  • Dealing with change and how much time it can take to happen.
  • How to let go of relationship expectations.
  • Understanding infidelity and how to navigate it.
  • Get more insights from Jan on YouTube.
  • Learn more about Monika and Jan Zands.
  • Get access to Jan and Monika’s new program "Coaching Love Relationships" to learn how to create lasting love relationships with the power of Spiritual Psychology - available only at Evercoach. Click here to learn more.

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