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Here’s Everything You Need to Generate Transformative Content, Consistently Create Leads and Scale Your Business, Results & Impact

This 14-module guided training gives you all the templates, worksheets, and clear action steps to execute any one of the 9 proven systems & strategies developed over 8 years of testing by Mindvalley and Evercoach.

What you’ll LOVE about this guided training is the confidence you’ll gain from knowing exactly what to do to consistently deliver transformative content which leads to business results -- from generating more leads to increasing your website visitors, booking more calls, closing more sales, creating high-converting sales pages, and more.

Best of all, growing your business means spreading your message further and widening your impact. 

Course Information

This Is How “First: Serve” Is Structured to Powerfully Deliver Your Message, Fully Serve Your Audience, and Consistently Generate Leads & Revenue with Less Effort and in
Less Time

Module 1: New Age of Marketing

  • Understand the evolution of marketing and how it applies to your business
  • Understand the psychological “push and pull” differences of old ways of marketing versus new strategies, and the resulting impact you can create
  • Learn the common factor and timeless principle to be successful in any marketing era
  • Find out how you can leverage the internet to create more influence and impact
  • Adopt THIS mindset to consistently show up and serve your audience powerfully
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Module 2: The Mindset for Creating Powerful Content

  • Break the myth that authority is an external process based on how others perceive your successes
  • Discover one powerful mindset successful legends use to reframe how you see yourself and claim your authority
  • Adopt the psychological shifts to reduce panic, overwhelm, paralysis or procrastination when it comes to creating content for your blog, videos, webinar, events or workshops
  • Eliminate false beliefs which create self-doubt and fear that you’re not good enough and the key mindset to adopt instead to continually grow your business and impact
  • Master the stress-free trick to create more content across more platforms in less time (while multiplying the number of people you can reach and serve)

Module 3: The Mindset for Making Consistent Sales

  • Learn how to powerfully show up for and serve others in any sales phone call, conversation, presentation or workshop
  • Psychological shifts to eliminate fear and anxiety around sales, and create the highest impact of your potential
  • 3 case studies of how clients adopted strategies to overcome their fear around sales and get consistent results
  • Tool #1: The “Tight String Theory” to build up confidence which directly correlates with your results and impact
  • Tool #2 with expert guest Dr. Neeta Bhushan: “Circle of Excellence” audio exercise to create unshakeable confidence in everything you do
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Module 4: Psychological Triggers 101

  • Discover the timeless psychological triggers that feel 100% aligned with who you are to get more leads, generate sales and create more impact
  • Psychological Trigger #1: How to create a greater experience for your audience which rewards you back
  • Psychological Trigger #2: How to create excitement and demand for high-end products and services
  • Psychological Trigger #3: How to position yourself to boost sales and revenue
  • Psychological Trigger #4: How to gain the trust of your intended audience to generate new leads and sales
  • Psychological Trigger #5: How to extend the consumer journey and experience with you, and increase customer lifetime value
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Module 5: System #1 - Written Content

  • Psychological insights on how to write for different platforms: LinkedIn, Facebook and blogs
  • Targeted tips on how to write compelling posts on LinkedIn, Facebook and blogs for maximum shareability
  • Template #1: Proven winning formula to write for LinkedIn, PLUS bonus case study examples
  • Template #2, #3, #4, #5: Four different proven formulas to write Facebook posts to suit your personal style and purpose
  • Template #6: A 6-part template you can easily follow to write an engaging blog post with valuable content
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Module 6: System #2 - Video Content

  • The different purposes of long-form and short-form video, and when you should use each one
  • How to research and find relevant content your audience is interested in to cover in your video
  • Template #1: How to create engaging long-form “How To” videos
  • Template #2: How to create powerful long-form “Story” videos
  • Template #3: 2-step formula that can be used to create 3 types of short-form videos, PLUS bonus case study examples
a screen with a game on it

Module 7: System #3 - Landing Page

  • Psychological insights on how and why landing pages work
  • How to integrate landing pages into your business to automatically generate leads and sales
  • Template #1: An 8-part template you can easily follow to write a strong landing page with high conversions to consistently generate leads
  • Bonus tips on how to write compelling bullet points which communicate an irresistible value to your readers
  • Case studies and analysis of the best converting landing pages used by Evercoach and Mindvalley
a person using a computer

Module 8: System #4 - Sales Letter

  • Psychological insights on how and why sales pages work
  • Template #1: A 21-part template you can easily follow to write a solid sales page with high conversions to consistently create sales
  • Detailed explanation of each one of the 21 components so you’ll understand why it works and how to adapt it to your voice and business
  • Case studies and analysis of the best converting sales pages used by Evercoach
  • Bonus worksheet with Guiding Questions to help you create the best angle for your sales page
a hand writing on a piece of paper

Module 9: System #5 - Webinars

  • Psychological insights on how and why sales pages work
  • Template #1: A 24-part template you can easily follow to deliver a transformative webinar with high engagement and conversions to consistently create sales
  • Detailed explanation of each one of the 24 components so you’ll understand why it works and how to adapt it to your voice and business
  • Case studies and analysis of the best converting webinars used by Evercoach
  • Bonus worksheet with Guiding Questions to help you create the best angle for your webinar
a person holding a tablet

Module 10: System #6 - Creating Free Giveaways

  • Psychological insights on how and why free giveaways work
  • How to choose the right content for your free giveaways
  • The 2 different types of free giveaways and when to use each one
  • Template #1: A template you can easily follow to create the 2 different types of free giveaways and deliver “wow” value to your audience
  • Detailed explanation of each section of the template so you’ll understand why it works and how to adapt it to your voice and business
  • Case studies and analysis of the most popular free giveaways used by Evercoach
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Module 11: System #7 - One-on-One Conversations that Convert

  • Psychological insights on how and why one-on-one conversations work
  • How to create a compelling invitation and pre-qualify a prospect to have a one-on-one conversation with you
  • 2 one-on-one conversation templates so you can choose the style you’re most comfortable with
  • Template #1: A 3-part sales call template you can easily follow to engage a hot lead, without ever being unsure of what to say
  • Template #2: A 12-part sales call template you can easily follow to engage with prospects who may have many objections and how to address each objection
a man and woman in a room

Module 12: System #8 - Mini Events, Workshops, Masterminds & Talks

  • Psychological insights on how and why mini events, workshops, masterminds, and talks work
  • How to create an event that converts with these pre-qualifying strategies
  • Template #1: A 4-part template you can easily follow to create a transformative experience that powerfully serves your audience
  • How to structure the content and exercises of your mini events, workshops, masterminds, and talks to showcase the value you can deliver
  • How to powerfully close with a compelling call-to-action and generate sales
Ajit Nawalkha standing in front of a screen with text on it

Module 14: Identifying and Creating Engaging Content

  • How to identify content that can be used in any of the 9 strategies which will create a bond between you and your audience
  • Guided worksheet on how to generate ideas for powerful “How to” content just by answering 3 questions
  • How to create story stacks: 4 techniques you can leverage as one of the most effective vehicles to communicate a powerful idea to your audience
  • Expert guest Lisa Nichols, one of the world’s most requested motivational speakers, shares her secrets on how to move people with your story

Week 1: Learn How To Help Your Clients Master Their Mindset, So They Can Achieve Extraordinary Success

As a coach, you know that mindset is everything.. And so on this first week - we'll kickstart with showing you exactly how to help your new, business-clients master their inner game. 

You'll get powerful tools and strategies to help your clients overcome any roadblocks, burst through their fears and limiting beliefs, and show up as the powerful leaders they are.

You'll learn.

  • Why you don't need to be a business-expert to become a great business-coach, and the single, most important methodology you need to master instead. 
  • How to manage your clients' emotional states with ease by leveraging one single "weak spot" that naturally exists in our human brain.
  • How to help your clients' achieve extraordinary results by leveraging 3 powerful tools to easily hack into their belief system, and replacing limiting beliefs with empowering ones
  • How to coach your clients to get passed fears that hold them back. Learn one powerful tools that will help you dig deep into their fear, and help them overcome it.
  • How to increase your clients' personal - as well as cross-company - performance, by helping them create a powerful vision, and communicate it to their team in an inspiring, motivating way.
  • And much more?
  • By the end of this first week - you'll have a rock-solid foundation in place that allows you to set your clients up for ultimate, long-term success.

By the end of this first week - you'll have a rock-solid foundation in place that allows you to set your clients up for ultimate, long-term success.

Week 2: Learn How To Coach Your Clients To Become Incredibly Productive And Maximize Their Time

Entrepreneurs, leaders and business owners are notoriously busy.
In the second week you'll learn how to help your clients stay at optimum performance, so they can create (and free)  more of their most valuable resource: Time. 
You'll learn...
  • How to help your clients tap into their zone of genius, so they can leverage their unique strengths and gifts, and stay ahead of the competition, even in a crowded, saturated market.
  • How to shift your clients from overwhelm into action mode, by simply answering two unexpected questions that will inspire them and help perform at their highest level.
  • How to coach your clients to make the right decisions by using a tool than will help them see past the fog and focus on what matters most.
  • How to accelerates your client's creativity even if they are not naturally creative
  • How to maximize your clients' performance by applying the 4 disciplines of execution system and understanding the principle of "deep work" vs "fractured work"
  • How to minimize stress and avoid burnout, while positioning yourself as a crucial ally in your clients ambition
  • And much more...

By the end of the second week - You'll have the exact tools and strategies you need to help your clients prioritize, manage their stress levels and find a way to perform at a higher level... without burning out or living in constant overwhelm.

Week 3: Learn How To Help Your Clients Set Effective Goals And Scale Their Business Fast

By week three, you're ready to get your clients? goals and plans in order.
During this week - we're bringing clarity and focus into their business by developing a solid growth plan, creating systems and building an epic team.
You'll learn...
  • How to coach your clients for long-term business success, by using the "3 P's" principle
  • How to help your clients set goals that really matter, using the "3 most important questions" exercise.
  • How to help your clients create more freedom in their business, by creating a unique structure that will not put them in a box and choke up their creativity.
  • How to create an actionable plan for an entire year, and break it down into weeks and even days to ensure productivity and peak performance
  • The best way to make decisions without feeling overwhelmed or second-guessing your choice - including how to balance intuition and logic
  • How to create a company-culture that attracts A-players, have them stay for the long run and harness their greatest potential
  • The 5 steps to efficiently lead a team and create a mission-based company that will stay profitable for the long haul.
  • How to lead remote teams successfully by applying the 7 Principles of Effective Communication
  • And much more...
By the end of week 3 - You'll be able to offer powerful guidance to your clients, even if you've never built a team before or think planning and structure is not your strong suit.

Week 4: Learn Exactly Where To Find And How To Land Top-Clients.. Even If You're Brand New

Week 4 is all about equipping YOU with the exact tools you need to get started as a successful business coach.
During this week you'll learn exactly how to confidently put yourself out there and get the high-level clients you deserve, as well as how to deliver the results you have promised your clients... and beyond.
You'll learn...
  • How to approach your clients with confidence, even if they seem wealthier, smarter or more successful than you
  • 6 steps to crafting a coaching agreement both you and your client will love and feel confident in.
  • How to measure the progress of your coaching business's growth, and create tangible proof of the value and impact your coaching provides
  • The most effective process for creating results with your clients, including a video demonstration to give you a clear outline and actionable steps to follow
  • How to keep your clients coming back and re-signing with you, by asking 2 simple questions after your initial engagement is over
  • How to nail your pricing, and create a proposal your clients can't help but say 'yes' to
  • How to charge what you're worth with confident and command premium prices with ease by adopting a "wealth centered mindset", and get over your "money blocks"
  • And much more?.
By the end of week 4 - You'll know how to craft irresistible coaching-packages, how to coach your clients through them, exactly what happens at each session of your coaching journey, how to price yourself in a way that you create a financially rewarding career and more.

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Specifically Developed to Raise Your Confidence and Skills to Consistently Generate Leads & Revenue and Scale Your Business, Results & Impact

“First: Serve” is specifically designed for coaches, speakers and authors to first serve their audience by knowing how to create transformational content which grows their business and impact easily. That’s why “First: Serve”:

  • Is NOT a swipe file -- You’ll get 17 proven templates across 9 proven strategies you can easily adapt to suit your style and business and get results.
  • Is NOT just theory -- You’ll learn from real life case studies that implemented these strategies, so you understand why it works and be empowered to adapt it.
  • Is practical with clear action steps you can implement right away -- You’ll get worksheets and clear action steps to immediately apply what you learn.
  • Trains your mindset for success -- You’ll also get essential mindset trainings to make executing these strategies feel natural and enjoyable to you.

Mindvalley and Evercoach have spent 8 years developing, testing and refining all these templated strategies, investing in hiring leading experts in strategy, content, copywriting, design, SEO, advertising, customer experience and so much more.

If you were to hire these experts to work with you, it could easily cost you over $50,000 -- just for one month alone. With over 8 years of testing to perfect these systems, the total investment Mindvalley & Evercoach have poured into these systems easily exceeds millions of dollars. Working with Ajit directly to learn these systems is usually very expensive. His private clients have paid him $30,000 or more to get what you’re about to get at a tiny fraction of the usual cost.


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The proven systems and strategies you’ll find in “First: Serve” have helped companies like Mindvalley and Evercoach consistently generate millions of revenue and impact millions of people.

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  • 9 proven strategies you can replicate and adapt to your style to consistently create leads, generate sales, and deliver more impact
  • 17 Templates and bonus Guided Worksheets to execute each strategy with ease and joy in your business right away
  • Case studies of best-converting pages to understand how each component of the templated strategies work
  • Psychology shifts and psychological insights which train your mindset for success
  • Bonus trainings from invited industry experts who are leaders in their fields.

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What Students Say

Here’s what industry leaders and influencers are saying

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Lisa Nichols

Best Selling Author, Speaker, Founder & CEO of Motivating the Masses

Ted McGrath

Founder of Message To Millions, Superstar Speaker, and SHIF

a collage of a person
Guy Sengstock & Praveen Mantena

Founders of The Circling Institute

“One of the sharpest entrepreneurs and business growth experts in our industry”

Ajit Nawalkha spoke recently at our private high-end mastermind, and everyone was impressed. Ajit is one of the sharpest entrepreneurs and business growth experts in our industry. I highly recommend learning from him.

a man smiling for the picture
Eben Pagan

Founder of  Getaltitude.com

“Ajit’s training will play a direct role in helping my business create 7 figure revenue.”

Ajit provides clear, actionable steps to take your business and life to the next level. I’m confident that Ajit’s training will play a direct role in helping my business create 7 figure revenue.

Sean Patrick Simpson

Co-Founder at  “Verbii.com”, “Alska Publishing” and “Adventures In Manifesting”

“Brilliant at sharing the simplest paths to get them”

Ajit rocks! Besides having a massive track record of huge results from Facebook ads, he is brilliant at sharing the simplest paths to get them. He also has a genuine desire to help and due to that he gives immediately implementable ideas that have exponential value.

a woman with a necklace
Lindsay Wilson

High-end Sales Coach, Author of Booked by Evercoach 

“He is so powerful and a big mind of thinking.”

I love meeting Ajit because he has such a sweet and gentle presence. He is so powerful and a big mind of thinking.

a woman smiling for the camera
Amanda Moxley

Business Coach & Creator of End Yo’ Money Drama, POP Your Biz LIVE and Amanda Moxley’s Healthy Wealthy Biz School 

“Ajit cuts right to the point in his coaching and teaching.”

Ajit cuts right to the point in his coaching and teaching. I can’t stress enough how important it is to work with people who’ve already done what you’re trying to do…and Ajit has DONE it.

Summer McStravick smiling for the camera
Summer McStravick

Founder of  M.E. School and Flowdreaming

“Ajit’s astute awareness of business structures and systems is absolutely stellar!”

Within the first few minutes of talking with Ajit he pin-pointed the exact issues that were holding my business back from the next level. The clarity of his observations lifted a fog and opened my eyes to a whole new way of perceiving my business growth.

a woman with long hair
Laura Hollick

CEO of  Soul Art Studio Inc.