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Evercoach is an elite hub of the world’s top-earning coaches who share their best coaching practices and success strategies. In this exclusive free training series from Evercoach, you’ll get a digest of their best strategies to accelerate your income, impact & freedom.

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With Evercoach’s free 5-part video training series, “Abundant Coach”, you’ll have an exact roadmap to create a coaching business with high-paying, committed, dream clients that give you freedom, income and fulfillment.

What is the #1 mistake struggling coaches make, which prevent them from creating a thriving coaching practice and a lifestyle they dream of?


A fear that they’re not good enough. That they’re not qualified enough or don’t have enough experience yet.

A fear that they will be judged.

A fear of charging their worth; of selling to their clients; of accepting only dream clients.

A fear to create products and premium offers.

A fear to be rich, happy and successful (yup, you read that right), and so they unknowingly self-sabotage their own success.

If you have any of these fears, you’re not alone.
But, here’s the thing.

When you started your coaching practice, most people probably told you to focus on getting clients or maximizing productivity.

That’s not the best advice. Here’s why.

Truth is, if you don’t prioritise eliminating all subconscious fears before doing anything else, then you are heading straight for a burn-out… if you haven’t burned out already.

Because no matter what clever marketing strategy you use, or how many hours of hard work you put in, or how much networking you throw yourself into to attract clients…

If any of these fears are still bubbling inside of you — even by a tiny bit — you’ll struggle to achieve the income, impact and freedom you desire.

What if you could eliminate all limiting fears with a surefire roadmap that could increase your impact and income as a coach, consultant or

“Abundant Coach” is the map every coach needs to have to create a thriving coaching practice that delivers income, impact and freedom.

It was created with the understanding that there is no one better to coach a coach, than the world’s best coaches who have learned how to be at the top of their game.

That is why Evercoach — a learning hub of the world’s top-earning coaches — tapped into its network of elite coaches and extracted 5 key foundational principles that every successful coach does to create an amazing coaching practice.

And now, we want you to have it for free. Why?

Simply because we know by helping you, we empower you to impact more people and create positive change in this world.

About Your Host — Ajit Nawalkha

My name is Ajit Nawalkha — CEO of Evercoach, author of the Multipler Method, co-founder and creator of Blinkwebinars, a webinar automation company. I also help training and mentoring coaches to create an exceptionally successful business and life on special platform for coaches — Master’s Circle.

They call me “The Doubler”… because of my knack for doubling the results of every venture I touch. My unique structure of “Influence” and “Solutions” have helped hundreds of businesses to make more money, serve more people and make a greater impact.

With background in business strategy, marketing and outsourcing, my passion is to teach the unconventional methods that get results and bring in cash fast. I am constantly on a quest to find better ways to run businesses, be more productive and live a more fulfilled life as business owners — which is exactly what I’m going to teach you during The Abundant Coach free sessions.

Introducing “Abundant Coach” — the first FREE video training series for coaches from Evercoach

In this 5-part video training series, you’ll learn deep, powerful yet simple principles that the most successful coaches in the world practice:

  • How to build a profitable coaching practice and deliver remarkable world results for your clients (it’s so simple yet powerful, you wish someone had told you how to do it earlier!)
  • The incredibly simple secret to finding high-paying dream clients who are aligned, ready, and hungry to receive your coaching expertise so that they can experience explosive results
  • A counter-intuitive method that will create a powerful, impactful coaching practice, so you can make a real difference in people’s lives and leave an unforgettable impact in their growth
  • How to escape the trap of burning out by using this smarter strategy to give you extraordinary abundance, freedom, and fulfillment from your coaching practice
  • The ultimate strategy that will transform you into a world class coach who is in such high demand, you’ll never have to worry about where your next paycheck is coming from

Become that unbelievably successful coach with “Abundant Coach”

This special training has been crafted to deliver powerful results in minimal time by incorporating 3 key elements.

1. The Best Practices from the World’s Highest Paid Coaches

Evercoach is an elite hub of the world’s top-earning coaches who share their best coaching practices and success strategies. In this free training series, we’ve distilled 5 key principles that every world-class coach earning a high income has mastered — and we show you how to master them too, so you can stand on the shoulders of giants and create a thriving coaching practice that you are proud of.

2. Breakthrough Exercises

While the video lesson bring this training series to life, the REAL power is in the exercises you’ll get after each lesson. These short and powerful exercises will give you the breakthroughs you need to skyrocket your coaching practice.

3. An Exact Roadmap to Multiplying Abundance, Prosperity and Satisfaction

This isn’t just some high-level advice. You’ll get a proven plan so you know exactly what to do, how to do it, and when to do it. No more confusion, and no more second-guessing. Just a step-by-step roadmap that will accelerate your impact, income, and freedom.

The Abundant Coach lessons that will prime you to build your dream coaching practice

Lesson 1: How to Deliver Remarkable Real World Results for Your Clients

  • 4 powerful questions to become a rockstar coach
  • How to find dream clients that light you up
  • The secrets to getting crystal clear on how you can take your
    clients from where they are to where they want to go
  • The process wealthy coaches use to create a thriving practice

Lesson 2: The Incredibly Simple Secret to Finding Your Dream Clients

  • Why Christina is absolutely right… clients really ARE everywhere
  • Why finding clients is a lot easier than you think
  • Your clients are a whole lot closer than you can possibly imagine right now
  • The “magic” number of clients (it’s a single digit) that will get you on the road to an amazing coaching business

Lesson 3: How to Build a Successful Coaching Business Without Selling

  • The difference between creating clients vs making sales
  • What you should avoid saying if you want to create an authentic connection with your clients and what you should say instead
  • My personal step-by-step process of creating clients (90% of them say yes to working with me when I invite them)
  • How to inspire clients to want to be coached by you and only you

Lesson 4: How to Create Extraordinary Abundance, Freedom and Fulfillment

  • The game-changing secret to building a thriving practice and increasing your freedom at the same time
  • What you absolutely must think about when you think about expanding your practice
  • The limiting belief that will hold you back no matter how awesome you are as a coach
  • How to generate more affluence in less time

Lesson 5: The Ultimate Strategy to Become a Highly-Sought World Class Coach

  • The critical questions you must to ask yourself before you start mapping out a plan for further reach.
  • What you must avoid if you want to expand your reach faster in the shortest period of time
  • 2 things you must do if you want to reach the highest number of people quickly and effectively

5 Reasons Why You’ll Love “Abundant Coach”

1. Short, powerful video lessons in 6 minutes or less

“Abundant Coach” is a high-impact training designed to get you maximum results in minimum time. Each video lesson is only 6 minutes or less for fast learning, yet is power punched with transforming ideas that will create powerful shifts even before your coffee break is over.

2. Get advice based on the best practices of the world’s top-earning coaches

You’re not learning “high-level theory” from people who are simply “paper qualified”. You’re getting the best digest of real-world solutions from the world’s top-earning coaches who are leaders in their field.

3. Rewires your brain for success

Even coaches have blind spots that prevent them from getting to the next level. This training series is designed to break through the specific blind spots that affect coaches and eliminate all limiting fears. Your brain is effectively rewired to get the success, income and lifestyle you are truly capable of.

4. Supporting resources to accelerate your results

In addition to your 5-part training series, we will complement your learning journey with opportunities to access supporting resources that tackle specific challenges, so you can deepen your learning in areas you struggle most with.

5. It’s FREE!

Many coaches have paid top dollar to access the valuable advice from the top-earning coaches in the Evercoach hub. Today, you have the opportunity to get the best digest from Evercoach, for absolutely free. Need we say more?

What People Are Saying About The Abundant Coach Free Series

“Just what I need to begin my coaching practice!”

This is amazing! Love this program, Ajit! Is just what I need to begin my coaching practice! Thank you! You appear at the very perfect moment!

Alejandra Espinosa Pineros

Business & Life Coach 

“So happy to be in this tribe!”

So happy to be in this tribe! I already feel like I’ve undervalued my private packages and deprioritized group work, though it is highlighted in the process I use with clients. Looking forward to changing that during this course.

Anna B. Scott

Master Conduit at Vita Vibrare 

“It forced me to dig as deeply as I possibly could…”

Thanks for the first exercise, it forced me to dig as deeply as I possibly could to find the crystal clear answers I needed.

John Loblack

Speaker & Coach 

“This was a great exercise that allowed me to ensure that I am on track. ”

I’m looking forward to the remaining lessons. I was able to answer the questions rather quickly because I’ve already identified my end goal, deliverables and ideal clients. This was a great exercise that allowed me to ensure that I am on track. Thank You!

Lizz Proctor

CEO at Elizabeth Proctor 

“I derived a great deal of insight working through this exercise.”

I derived a great deal of insight working through this exercise. The exercise inspired me to begin creating a quadrant of sorts that highlights the key areas I seem to specialize in and thus, in doing so, may be better able to market my practice and more important, draw in clients who align with the qualities I listed in the “ideal client” part of the exercise.

Christine E. Kiesinger

Wellness Educator 

“It inspired me to look deeper into my current presentation.”

Thank you so much for this! I work as a spirituality/love coach/energy healer. Thank you for this video, it inspired me to look deeper into my current presentation and programmes to see where I can improve my communication.

Cassady Cayne

Spirituality & Love Coach, Energy Healer 

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With Evercoach’s free 5-part video training series, “Abundant Coach”, you’ll have an exact roadmap to create a coaching business with high-paying, committed, dream clients that give you freedom, income and fulfillment.