End the Emotionally Crushing Cycle of Being an Overworked, Underpaid Coach

Join Thousands of Coaches & Experts for a Brand New Masterclass with Christina Berkley, Life Coach and Speaker with a 6-Figure Coaching Practice.

Embrace Your Fears

And soar to even greater heights of income and happiness - just like Christina has done.

Your Practice, Your Way

By the end of this training you'll completely shift how you run your coaching practice.

Grow Your Impact

Design your coaching practice to create the income, impact and freedom you desire.

Become An Expert

Margaret will share the most important scientific advances on human motivation and transformation

Create Holistic Impact

Become the coach who can create lasting impact for your clients in all areas of their lives.

Enroll Clients Easily

When you can showcase how your expertise is backed by leading scientific research, you'll earn more trust and credibility.


  • How Greg, a 22-year old quit his marketing job to pursue coaching and generated $50,000 in his first year of coaching!
  • The importance of deep inner work to design a coaching practice which utilizes your unique gifts, fits your personal lifestyle, and helps you reach your desired goals and income.
  • What the essential elements are to design and run a sustainable coaching practice that can generate as much as $200,000 with less than 30 clients a year.
  • The elements you need to create the dream coaching practice that will support your dream life.
  • Brutally honest myth-breaking insights that will forever change how you view your self-worth as a coach and take you to a new level of potential.
By the end of this FREE training, you’ll have the confidence needed to improve your closing rate in any sales conversations you have moving forward.
Christina Berkley sharing her powerful story at Evercoach Summit 2017.


Ajit Nawalkha with his arms crossed

Ajit Nawalkha

Co-Founder & CEO Evercoach by Mindvalley

Christina Berkley

Life Coach and Speaker
With a 6-Figure Coaching Practice


Earn What You’re Really Worth, Create More Impact, and Enjoy Sustainable Freedom as a Coach

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