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This is an ABSOLUTE must for any coach…

I was stuck, felt a bit like a fraud. I had no idea where to start or HOW to structure my offer. It really made me jumpstart my business, gave me a clear path to tread. My confidence has been boosted and the FB community was DYNAMITE.

Pascale Dube
Business Owner, Empathy Coach and Group Workshop Facilitator
Montreal, Canada

Let’s Recap What’s Inside Your Evercoach Membership

Here’s What You’ll Get When You Become One of the World’s First Evercoach Members

Access to All Current & Future Evercoach Quests to Skyrocket Your Coaching Skills + Shift Your Identity to a Successful, World-Class Coach (Total Value $8400)

  • Being an Exponential Coach with Rich Litvin
  • Unleashed with Christine Hassler
  • Impacting Leaders with Michael Neill
  • Holistic Coaching with Margaret moore
  • Spiritual Life Coaching with Christy Whitman
  • Coaching Businesses with Ajit Nawalkha

3-in-1 Evercoach Business Suite:

  • Start Your Coaching Business
  • Grow Your Coaching Business
  • Creating Transformations 

Exclusive Evercoach Quests

  • Fundamentals of Coaching
  • New Coaches

First-In-The-World Access to Upcoming and ALL Future Quests

  • Neuro Linguistic Programming Principles for Coaching
  • Client Creation 

Custom Direct Learning Experience Aligned to Your Coaching Goals
(Value $500)

  • Easy-to-follow quest-by-quest path to maximize your membership experience based on your personal coaching goals. You’ll be directly guided by a learning manager so you’ll never have to feel lost or confused.

Invites to Exclusive Live Online Workshops + Masterclasses with Renowned Authors & Master Coaches (Value $2000)

  • Learn directly from world-class teachers, authors and coaches like bestselling author and Co-Founder & CEO of Mindvalley Vishen Lakhiani and Founder of the renowned Global GRIT Institute, multiple best-selling author, and in demand leadership coach Dr. Neeta Bhushan.

High-Value Members-Only Access to Live Peer Coaching Practice Pods (Value $1000)

  • Embody your identity as a successful, abundant and confident coach with Peer Coaching Practice Pods where you can get valuable feedback and support

Transformational, Impactful Monthly Mastermind For Active Members (Value $1000)

  • Join the monthly Evercoach Membership Mastermind (open to all active members) to dive deeper with your coaching skills, insights, learnings and experiences. 

One-Of-a-Kind Supportive, All-Inclusive Global Community
(Value $1000)

  • Connect with a dynamic community of dedicated, ambitious coaches just like you, from all walks of life and all corners of the globe! You can reach out to the community for encouragement, feedback and support at anytime.

And You Get FREE Access To The LIVE Workshop I'm Hosting In January 2022.. The Value You'll Get In This Workshop By Itself Is Worth The Whole Investment

Total Value $13,900

Unlock Everything Inside Evercoach Membership For Just $499/Year ($1.36/Day)

Frequently Asked Questions

How will Evercoach Membership transform me into a world-class coach with a successful, profitable coaching practice?

Evercoach Membership is a coach training-learning-implementation space that includes ALL the elements you need to join the ranks of the most successful, renowned coaches in the world. You’ll be covered on all aspects of coaching including business pillars, personal growth, expansion as a coach, cultivating client relationships, connecting to a higher purpose with your work, and also actionable coaching tools & techniques and more

And you’ll  be supported every step of the way with live workshops, community calls, learning pods and more, as you shift your identity and start transforming your life, business and your emotional, physical and spiritual well-being.

Will the Evercoach Membership work for coaches in any niche/specialization?

Evercoach Membership currently features quests and trainings in key specializations including business coaching, high performance coaching, life coaching, holistic coaching, executive coaching, life coaching, spiritual coaching and more. More Evercoach quests and trainings are created and added all-the-time, and as a member, you’ll be the first to get access!

What will happen in the first 15-days of when I join Evercoach Membership?

During your first 15-days, you’ll be able to watch as many quests and trainings as you like absolutely FREE  —there is no limit! This is a risk-free period to explore and experience this one-of-a-kind membership and decide if it’s for you.

Will the yearly membership price change?

When you join now you get to lock in your inaugural annual fee at the lowest it will EVER be --  just $499/year or an unbelievable $$1.36/day. You’ll be able to renew your membership at this current fee every time, even if the annual fee for membership goes up!

Who is Evercoach Membership for?

Evercoach Membership is for part time or full time life coaches, business coaches, health coaches, spiritual coaches, executive coaches and more and it’s ideal for coaches at all stages of their career -- brand new, mid-level and also highly experienced. You’ll also find priceless value in Evercoach Membership if you’re just thinking of becoming a coach but have not taken the first step yet. Membership is also perfect for you if you’re a speaker, community leader, trainer, teacher or author who wants to make an impact and make a difference in the world. Essentially, if you’re a heart centered person who wants to enhance your life and the lives of others, this is where you belong!

Why is this Evercoach Membership so affordable, while other similar programs cost thousands of dollars ?

We believe coaches should have access to top quality trainings and by keeping the price as low as we can, we hope to enable as many coaches as possible to powerfully improve their craft and bring lasting transformation to their clients’ lives (and their own lives!). Plus we have a MASSIVE vision at Evercoach… a million trained coaches positively impacting a billion lives. Evercoach Membership is the latest element in our journey to making that vision a reality!

How does Evercoach membership work?

You will have unlimited access to all the quests for a year. At the end of one year, you will have the option to renew your membership.

Is Coaching Mastery Included?

No, Since Coaching Mastery is not a quest, it will not be included with your membership.

Are the certifications included?

Since certifications are not quests, they will not be included with your membership.

Is it a part of Mindvalley membership?

Evercoach Membership is a separate offer created just for coaches to take their coaching businesses and skills to the next level. It will not be included in the Mindvalley Membership. Similarly, Mindvalley Membership will not be a part of Evercoach Membership.

I'm a Coaching Mastery member, how does this membership fit in?

Evercoach membership will give you access to 12 quests from world renowned authors. You'll get to dive deep into their methodologies and understand coaching from different perspectives.

 I've just purchased Quest X a month ago, can I somehow make it count towards Evercoach Membership?

There are no discounts available for Evercoach Membership, as this is a limited period, standalone offer.

How does this new membership model differ from the current Mindvalley membership which is at the same price?

With Evercoach membership, you get access to 12 quests which are on the Evercoach platform. You don't get access to Mindvalley's quests, and Mindvalley membership will not give you access to the quests offered in Evercoach Membership

Rave Reviews & Results from Successful Evercoach Students Around the World

"Only A Few Weeks In, I Have Increased My Fee Rate 4X And Doubled The Number Of Proposals I Am Making"

Before this program with Rich I was a little anxious about the impact of raising my fees. But now, only a few weeks in, I have increased my fee rate 4X and doubled the number of proposals I am making. Enjoying the journey. Thanks

Edmund Charles Hugh-Jones

Owner/Chief Learning Officer
Palm Beach, United States

“This Was One Of The Most Awesome Courses I Have Ever Done”

This was one of the most awesome courses I have ever done. I've done a lot of work on myself and this slammed it all home. It made perfect sense. My energy shifted and dropped in the most calm and grounding way. I have come home. Reset to factory settings. It's awesome. Going through it I felt sick for a few days - it's exactly like Michael said, it is "like cheesecake, utterly delicious but too much makes you want to throw up". But that's not because there was actually too much. That's 40yrs of thinking and beliefs exponentially shifting. I needed time to settle but this was a landmark moment for me. I can't unlearn this. I can't unsee this. I am changed forever by these 3 Principles and Michael's teachings. Thank You!

Poly Bateman

Life & Business Coach
United States

“This Was One Of The Best Courses I Have Ever Completed On Transformational Change”

This was one of the best courses I have ever completed on transformational change. I love the holistic view on how people change and how coaching can support them on their journey. I was immediately able to apply the tools and techniques to see an uplift in my coaching effectiveness. I also feel better equipped to guide my own growth and move past my "stuck places".

Sabine Brandt

Organizational Change Executive Coach & Consultant
Minneapolis, MN, United States