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Lesson 2 : A Naturally Easy Way to Invite without Selling

Discover How to Authentically Market Your Services Without Sleazy Sales Tactics

Overcome your fear of selling in a fun way that feels natural to you.

You’ve successfully connected with people you’d love to coach.

They really connect with your story and experience. You can already see how you’d like to coach and help them reach their next level of greatness.

What’s the next step?

It can seem like a very daunting task to switch from telling someone your story and what you do, to actually selling your coaching packages.

What if you sound like a sleazy salesman? What if they get turned off because you’re suddenly trying to sell them something? Will they get annoyed? Will they still even like you?

It’s natural to have these fears, but there’s an easy way to take action even in the face of fear.

The key lies in the confidence to give them an experience of YOU.

In this video, you will learn how to a simple strategy to offer help in a way that feels natural, you’ll never feel like you’re selling your services.

You’re not learning how to craft an elevator sales pitch.

You’re learning how to create a connection so deep, that they become curious about the life-changing experience they can have with you.

Inviting them to experience a session after that simply comes naturally.

Watch this 6-minute video where Rich will show you how to genuinely offer your services to someone you can help. You’ll learn:
  • The #1 mistake most coaches make when trying to grow their business that is destroying their chances of having their dream income, impact and freedom.
  • The key to having the confidence to deeply connect with someone, instead of hiding behind the technology of emails and text messages.
  • How Rich worked on “research projects” that had influential people willingly introduce him to the kind of people he loves to coach (and how you can use the same strategy to meet your next future dream client).

True wisdom is not about taking in more information. It’s about APPLYING what you’ve learned.

While this training delivers some powerful, game changing insights, the REAL power of this training lies is taking action on the challenge that Rich personally coaches you through at the end of this video.

Watch the second video of this training series and get started with this lesson’s exciting challenge that can open exciting new doors of opportunity for your coaching practice.

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