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Lesson 3 : How to Deliver Your Magic Powerfully

Discover How You Can Build a Coaching Practice on the Foundation of Quality, Not Quantity

Stop packing your day with free 20-minute taster sessions. This method will increase your income and impact without sacrificing your freedom.

Answer these questions honestly:

At your current rates, how many clients will you need to secure to earn your dream income? And if you did manage to secure all these clients, how many hours do you need to work a week to service them?

Now, how much free time do you have left for yourself?

Building your coaching practice from the mindset of quantity is more likely to lead to burn out than freedom.

So if freedom to live your dream life and spend time with your loved ones is what you want to have, then you need to move away from the mindset of trying to get as many clients as possible.

This includes no longer giving away free 20-minute taster sessions.

You see, free 20-minute taster sessions are a numbers game. It’s pivots on giving away as many taster sessions to as many people as you can, and then hoping that a small percentage of those people will take up a long-term coaching package with you.

Not only is this tiring, but nobody actually gets to have a deep experience of what you can really offer. And that’s also why it becomes harder to convince them to take up a long-term coaching package with you.

In this video, you will learn how to serve a select few people so powerfully, they’ll be willing to pay you premium prices because they can see what you’re truly worth.

Many of Rich’s students have used this method to create a 6-figure coaching practice with the freedom they dream of.

Now, you can learn it too.

Watch this 6-minute video where Rich coaches you on the art of “Fearless Coaching”. You’ll learn:
  • A powerful insight into a method that Rich gained from the CEO of VISA, and how he has been practicing it ever since to build a 6 to 7-figure coaching practice.
  • The key to “Fearless Coaching” that releases you from attachment so you can serve people so powerfully, they remember your impact for the rest of their lives.
  • What to do when a potential client says, “I’d love to work with you”… and then you never hear back from them.

True wisdom is not about taking in more information. It’s about APPLYING what you’ve learned.

While this training delivers some powerful, game changing insights, the REAL power of this training lies is taking action on the challenge that Rich personally coaches you through at the end of this video.

Enjoy the third video of this training series and step up to the big challenge Rich has for you at the end of the video designed to sharpen your “Fearless Coaching” skills.

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