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Lesson 1 : Drawing Out Your Magic

Learn the Secret Ingredient to Crafting a Powerful Connection that Creates Your Dream Client

The first step to a 6-figure coaching practice isn’t a fancy website, social media marketing, or media appearances. It starts with YOUR magic.

You have so much to contribute. You are rich in life experiences and you have powerful coaching skills. You know you can help change someone’s life for the better.

How do you convince someone to take out their checkbooks and pay you to do that?

Branding experts may tell you that the first thing you need is the right credentials or qualifications that build authority. Internet marketing gurus may tell you that you need a strong online presence with social media followers and email lists.

But none of that matters if you don’t know how to look someone straight in the eye and create a powerful connection that draws them magnetically towards you, and gets them excited to know more about what you have to offer.

So the first thing you really need is crystal clarity on exactly what to say when you come face to face with someone that you want to create real IMPACT with.

In this video, you will learn what to say (and what NOT to say) when you meet someone who could be the quality client you’ve always dreamt of coaching.

This isn’t a training video on how to show off your credentials.

This is about how to draw out your inner magic that will irresistibly draw in high-performing, high-paying clients.

Watch this 6-minute video where Rich reveals the secret ingredient to powerfully connect with people who are ready to pay you premium rates. You’ll learn:
  • Why “attracting” clients is a counter-productive strategy and what you need to do to create the kind of dream clients that will lead to a 6-figure coaching practice
  • What your dream clients really want to know about you (and it’s not raving testimonials, bestselling books, or TV appearances)
  • Why your inner magic matters more than the “right credentials” and how to package it in way that powerfully engages the people you CAN’T WAIT to coach.

True wisdom is not about taking in more information. It’s about APPLYING what you’ve learned.

While this training delivers delivers some powerful, game changing insights, the REAL power of this training lies is taking action on the challenge that Rich personally coaches you through at the end of this video.

Watch your first training video and dive straight into your first challenge to create the dream clients that will make your dreams for a 6-figure coaching practice come true.

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