The Ultimate Guide To Starting A Spiritual Coaching Business

A step-by-step guide to turn your calling for spiritual coaching into a profitable and fulfilling business.

Clip #1: 7 Questions To Shift Your Mindset

You know you have a gift. You see people get drawn to you for it. You experience its sparkle when you help them.

You know helping people find themselves, reach their goals, taste success and change their lives gives you so much joy!

You know helping people find themselves, reach their goals, taste success and change their lives gives you so much joy!

You know it’s your life’s calling.

You’ve moved past the judgments of adding “business” to “spirituality.” And yet, your spiritual coaching business hasn’t kicked off.

You felt lost, turned to the Universe for help, and… it led you to this guidebook.

This guidebook will show you how you can turn your passion for spiritual coaching into a successful spiritual coaching business. It’s a karmic win-win!

What are you waiting for? Let’s dive right in.

Is Spiritual Coaching Business For You?

story of a young man in search of spiritual meaning

A spiritual life coach will usually encounter people like the young man in the story, the “questioners.” Those who are always searching for answers to the “Hows,” “Whys,” and “Whats” of life and themselves, over and above their immediate goals and needs.

However, not all come searching for the same thing.

Some come for a quick fix, to dip into your energy expertise, heal, get “re-programmed,” get clarity, find some solutions, momentum, and be gone

Others will come to find the roadmap to their gold. One you will help them reveal for themselves. These seekers may not have a problem per se but are driven by the search for purpose. They may also want to learn energy work, opening new doors of growth for you too.

Some others would be facing a tough time but are dedicatedly looking for THE reason for their problems, lasting solutions, and profound peace that enriches their lives beyond bodily health, material pleasures, or worldly success. They will need immediate help with a happiness roadmap.

But mostly, the people you attract will be those who respond to the energy you channel, hold and transmit. Be conscious of this.

are you ready to build a spiritual coaching business

Are you ready to help them find their true purpose, connect with their higher self, and live a life they were meant to live?

self-coaching questions

If your answers are mostly YES, then the spiritual coaching business is for you. Congratulations!

chapter 1 take action

How ready are you to be a coach?

Assess yourself on the qualities you must have to be a good coach. Rate yourself on a scale of 1-10 (1=low, 10=high) in the areas below:

  • Approachability
  • Listening skills
  • Non-verbal communication
  • Speaking the truth
  • Patience
  • Structured approach
  • Detachment

Who Is Your Ideal Client?

Now that you know you’re the real deal, let’s figure out who is willing, and capable, of taking that deal.

Understanding your ideal client’s profile comes from understanding your own strengths. It will help you see the requirements you can cater to, and more importantly, those you can’t.

There is one thing you need to understand. It is okay to say no to clients, especially in the beginning. Sounds all kinds of wrong, right? It’s not!

Will you ever buy a pair of sparkly pants for an official meeting? NO! A client you can’t help just yet can be exactly that for you – another piece of clothing that doesn’t add value to your closet.

identifying your ideal spiritual coaching client

Besides, a short list of happy clients who will refer you to others is better than a long list of dissatisfied ones. This is just good business sense. Especially for spiritual coaches, finding the right clients who are ready for transformation is very important.

Belief is the cornerstone of spiritual coaching and, when choosing clients, you need to look at a few more qualifying parameters than any other form of coaching.

How To Identify Who Is Your Ideal Spiritual Coaching Client Is

How To Identify Who Is Your Ideal Spiritual Coaching Client Is
chapter 2 take action
  • Create your ideal client profile. Read this to know more about identifying and approaching your ideal clients in this blog post.
  • Attracting, identifying, and retaining your ideal client will require you to vibrate at a certain energy level. Deepen your spiritual practice with awareness. To practice, engage with friends and family members of your choice, and help them change small things in their life. 

Identify Your Niche

spiritual coaching business quote
example of finding your coaching niche

The reservoir of spiritual resources is boundless. Every coach must identify their core competence to:

  • Release the inner child
  • Heal trauma
  • Reprogram the subconscious mind
  • Discover the soul
  • Work on mind-body-soul connect

The core spiritual modality you choose should be something that...

  • You’re good at.
  • Comes naturally to you.
  • You thoroughly enjoy!

Here are some common spirituality modalities you can choose from:

  • Quantum healing
  • Energy-consciousness healing
  • Shamanism
  • Crystal healing
  • Meditation
  • Qigong

Having found your niche, build your spiritual coaching methodology around it, adding tools from other modalities to the mix so your client can reach their goal with ease.

The range offsets potential shortcomings, gives clients options that suit their energy requirement the best, increases their vibrational frequency as they go progress, and invites new seekers.

chapter 3 take action
  • Now that you’ve chosen your expertise think about how you will solve the problems and goals, listed below, stated by your ideal client. Create a structure detailing your approach and the number of sessions it might take you. Start easy, go slow, and then really test yourself by imagining a client with immense blocks.



Judgments and negative self-talk

Positive mindset


Developing a sense of empowerment

Mental blocks manifesting in life

Understanding life’s true purpose

Making wrong choices

Understanding self, learning to listen to your intuition


Inner peace and happiness

Navigating difficult life challenges

Discovering your own spirituality

  • List 10 spiritual resources, like training programs, online courses, books, retreats, teachers you would like to engage with to widen your basket of offerings. 

Price Your Coaching Packages Right

There’s no one way to answer this question.

A good spiritual coach is not the same as a famous or pricey one. But you can always be a good seed and let yourself grow. Find comfort in the fact that even though there’s no way to “fake it” with spirituality, your practice will speed your rise once your real capability kicks in.

Earning money is like building a muscle. It takes time.

How do you decide what to charge for your coaching skills right now?

It depends on the kind of clients you have access to AND the clients you want to draw in.

Spiritual coaches who guide CEOs can charge as much as $3,500 an hour, experienced ones can bill clients anywhere between $500-$1,000 dollars, while some start out at $50 an hour, revising their ask as they gain experience and confidence.

This is a valid approach as long as you don’t start mixing your work with charity.

how to price your spiritual coaching packages

Making an exception on the price-point for those in need is OK. Make an exception too often and you won’t make rent; or get taken seriously.

Also, if you don’t revise your ask, you will create a loop of low-paying clients stopping your own growth. Your clients may also come to undervalue you!

Remember what they say about getting valued? If YOU don’t value you, no one else will either!

Most importantly, don’t be apologetic about getting paid.

Example of Earning Potential

baby steps

Baby Steps

Example of Earning Potential

After changing her own life using a mix of energy tools, Tara, a psychology teacher, spirituality enthusiast, and recreational facilitator to friends and family, decides to add paying clients to her workday. She wants to ease herself into her new profession – spiritual coaching.

She starts out at $70 an hour, with each session averaging 1.5 hours ($105) and accommodating five clients a week, or 20 a month. In the first year, Tara’s side gig rakes in $25,200.

all in

All In

Over a year’s time, Tara revises her rates to $100 an hour for new clients, doubles her client load, and cuts her day job to half, adding $36,000 per year, upping her earnings to $61,200 for 15 hours of work a week.

Considering that there will be more new clients than old ones, who may fall off the wagon, her actual coaching earnings would be much higher even when accounting for the cost of additional training.

coming into your own

Coming Into Your Own

A few years into the game, Tara’s client list has grown enough to demand her full attention, and she commands, by moderate estimates, $200 an hour ($300 for 90 minutes). She facilitates two clients in a day to stay fresh, allow time for her own spiritual practices and balance. Her annual earnings for 11 months, considering breaks, stand at $1,44,000.

That’s a six-figure salary for 3-4 hours of work a day!

chapter 4 take action

Money = Energy. So, you can scan its vibration, simple!

Are you ready to feel what’s the right price for your sessions?

  1. 1
    Write down a list of potential starting rates for your spiritual life coaching services (1-on-1 session, group therapy, energy cleaning works, goal-oriented packages, retreats, the works).
  2. 2
    Scan the list with the intent to understand your worth in hard cash and then scan the list.
  3. 3
    The rate bracket where the energy dissipates is where you’ve crossed your current ask. So choose the rate bracket just above it.
  4. 4
    Ask a peer to repeat the exercise to arrive at a conclusive figure.

Also, raise your energy vibration. Spiritual coach yourself by using vibrational energy to attract abundance

Here are 5 tips on raising your vibration about money

What’s Your Coaching Offer?

Before you go out looking for your first client, pause, breathe, reflect:

“What am I offering?” 

Your clients are not looking for a specific style of coaching, but specific results. And there are many ways of doing it.

Your basket of offerings can include:

  • In-person sessions
  • Online sessions
  • One-on-one sessions
  • Long-term coaching packages
  • Short-term coaching packages
  •  Group sessions
  • Workshops
  • Retreats
presenting a coaching offer to a group of people

There’s a whole range of ways to maximize client impact. But are you only choosing standalone, one-on-one sessions?

If that’s where you are at, then this section is going to help you ensure you don’t lose heart.

You’re playing a game of life goals, not quick fixes. Know that you’ll be in it for the long haul. So, learn to manage time for yourself and your clients.

Your clients will also want to give regular feedback, need support, and draw from your spiritual expertise as they work their way through problems.

Also, energy work requires personal time-outs to refill your own vessel. That requires financial stability.

The answer to all these challenges is outcome-oriented programs that define coaching goals over a specific period of time – from a few weeks to months.

Scared? Don’t be!

We’ll show you how to craft your ideal offers. Yes, plural!

Why Craft Coaching Packages

Outcome-oriented coaching packages essentially create structure, which does three things:

variety of rates

Variety of Rates

Programs let you offer a range of price points depending on the goal, duration, and number of goodies in the program. Your clients can choose where they want to be and how fast, opening up a world of possibilities for you.

Basic types of programs:

  • “Starter packs” with 1-on-1 sessions and foundational cleansing
  • “Booster packs,” a mix of workshops/retreats and personal sessions for those who’re in the process of attaining their goals
  • “Intensives,” a mix of group and personal sessions, for those on the cusp of a track shift

Each of these packs caters to a different type of client, and each can be tweaked to suit individual or even group needs. They also let you manage your time better – your biggest asset.

relationship building

Relationship Building

Attaining life goals demands commitment. Clients should be able to stick around to see the good part of their lives unfold. You’ll have to create packages that help you and your clients do this. Besides giving clients a killer deal, structure, and a safety net, outcome-oriented programs give room to develop a solid coaching bond.


Flexibility & Freedom

Defining your packages and the money you charge frees you from the hourly-payment mindset. They let you plan your earnings over a few weeks instead of days. Since you’re your own boss, give yourself this stability. You’ll need it as much as your clients.

At the end of the day, remember that not everything will boil down to money for you. Spin a safety-net that works for everyone, creates joy, results and change. The Universe will always take care of the rest.


chapter 5 take action

As a spiritual coach, you are in a niche space. This is a market that is just picking up and your clients might not know what to expect. So it’s a good idea to start with short-term packages.

Aggregate a list of your clients’ requirements and create a monthly package with focused outcomes.

Example: 2-month coaching program to help clients become aware of their mind and body challenges, and build an empowering mindset to create their desired future.

  • Eight weekly one-on-one sessions
  • One complete chakra cleansing session 

Repeat this exercise based on client demographics, psychographics, and social media data to maximize marketing impact.

Once you have your short-term package sorted, see how you can encourage your clients to re-enroll for long-term packages.

Watch this video for tips on crafting irresistible coaching packages that will make your clients say HELL YES!

How To Get Your First Spiritual Coaching Client

Being a good spiritual coach is not the same as running a successful spiritual coaching business, which, again, is definitely not the same as transforming it into a personal brand or organization.

A good coach may not be a reputed or well-paid one. But you can get there with some basics of marketing.

spiritual life coach meditating

Let’s discuss the bases every budding solopreneur in the spiritual coaching business, like you, should cover to get their first client, and build the work-hard-levitate-harder practice you’ve always wanted.

To get your first coaching client you will have to:

how to get your first coaching client
Network hard

Network hard

Your first clients may come from those in your network, who like and trust you, whom you have already helped as a friend.

‘Trust to invest’ is the No.1 on client’s minds when looking for a spiritual life coach.

So, start by looking around you. Spread the word in your circle with texts and emails.

Cross marketing or referral tie-ups with platforms/shops selling products that attract your potential clientele is also a great way to start out and expand.

Targeted marketing and social media

Targeted marketing and social media

Check out marketing data, or get help with it, to see where your ideal client is – online or offline? Then choose where will you push your money to get your first client --- on the Internet or at the local grocery store?

Chances are you will have to do a mix of both. But never ignore social media!

Almost 90% teens and youth are on social media today. It’s also where your peers and other marketers are.

Another HUGE benefit of using social media is ready access to communities where your clients already hang out. Start by answering their questions on platforms.

Leave links to your profile or website for “more information.” Encourage them to DM and ask questions. Entertain questions with live chats, offer a free session to see if you connect.

People want to be heard. Be willing to listen.

Mix of marketing mediums

social media

Social media



internet ads

Internet ads

free workshops

Free workshops, event pep-talks

radio ads

Radio ads

learning retreat

Learning retreat that widens your network

local radio chat shows

Local radio chat shows

chain mails

Chain mails

free content

Free content

Your client will want to know you before starting to work with you. The free content on your website, social media handles will work like an introduction to you.

They will offer insights into your compelling story of change, your passion, wisdom, tips & tricks for an easy day, 5 ways to win... Basically a peek into your personality, and what you’re all about as a spiritual life coach.

Free content is also the beginning of a personal brand!

It’s great to create a website where information on your life story, informative blogs, helpful videos, coaching packages, and contact can be found. But also use social media to break this information into bite size pieces, because attention span sucks!

Change this content based on your marketing calendar, current events (like the exams, or elections!), or what inspires you that day. Use it like a hook with fresh bait. 

spread good juju

Spread good juju

When marketing offline, pack in some charity work.

It’s good Karma, spreads joy, it’s free marketing, intrigues people about spiritual practices creating another potential client base.

Reach out through free workshops, pep talks at community events, farmers’ markets, ads in the local radio and newspaper, or the good old grocery store flyer.

It feels wonderful to hear: “You changed my life!”. Heck, that’s the top reason why you jumped into the spiritual life coaching business!

But it requires you to increase your visibility, reach out, communicate to your target audience. With your free content you’re trying to say, “Hey! I’m here to help you.”

create a personal brand

Create a personal brand

Brands are essentially products with compelling stories. Brands you love are the ones where, for you, the product is as good as the picture. Become that.

Start with your story. Get it down and learn to tell it well. Get people to back you up.

Don’t toot your own horn. Ask people who have benefitted from your coaching to write online testimonials for you

Promote yourself as a guest speaker for podcasts or local radio shows on ‘how to tackle personal problems,’ even start a free column on your website, or the occasional live chat to answer questions.

Use your snazzy spiritual coaching packages, free content, and videos to elevate your game. It’ll take time, yes. But it’s worth it!

Your brand can only look as good as you are when you put in regular effort to promote it. Set aside time for this. Love yourself, love your brand image!

Start Your Spiritual Coaching Business

As you get ready to take that first step in the journey of spiritual coaching relationships, it's important you know how to attract and enroll your ideal clients into your practice. 

Discover The Ultimate 12-Step Client Enrollment Script

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