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What Is Relationship Coaching?

Here’s the thing…

At no other time in history have we experienced what it feels like to have hundreds, thousands and maybe even millions of “friends” on social media and yet feel more alone than ever.

According to a 2018 survey by The Economist and the Kaiser Family Foundation, about 2 in every 10 adults in the United States and the United Kingdom feel isolated and left out.

They feel like they’re all alone in the world.

Which is why, it’s important to first understand why we struggle with building relationships.

Why Do Relationships Fall Apart?

Why Do Relationships Fall Apart?

Whether it’s a love relationship, a family member, or a close friend, the number one reason why it can fall apart is a lack of proper communication.

Have you ever felt the need to be right? To always have the last word in a discussion? To want to make others follow “your way” of doing things because it is “the right way”?

That my friend, is our ego talking.

And our ego blinds us from putting ourselves in the other person’s shoes.
We must learn to be aware of ourselves, our reactions, and our communication in any interaction if we want to build healthier relationships.

What Does Relationship Coaching Do?

Contrary to common belief, relationship coaching is not limited to married couples trying to salvage their marriage from divorce.

A relationship coach helps identify, nurture, and build strong relationships in a client’s professional and personal life.

These relationships include partners, loved ones, family, friends, and so on.
Relationship coaching is about supporting the client to create healthy, communicative, authentic, and honest relationships that will increase their quality of life and well-being.

It’s about helping the client view situations from different perspectives, improving their communication skills, setting realistic expectations about themselves and their relationships, and envisioning a clear picture of the relationships they want in their life, and how to create them.

A relationship coach helps clients identify, nurture and build strong loving, supportive relationships in their personal and professional lives. A skilled relationship coach can also support clients to re-build or heal a failing relationship.

Relationship coaching covers a wide spectrum of elements that have the power to influence any relationship.

So, as a relationship coach you could be helping clients...

what does a relationship coach do?
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Relationship Coach vs Therapist

Relationship Coach vs Therapist

As a coach, your relationship coaching impacts your clients in a much deeper manner. And due to that reason, it is imperative to be the best version of yourself as a coach. This can be achieved through learning and applying every bit of theory into practice.

There are various methods in which you can achieve this, including appraising yourself with programs that provide you with a relationship coaching certification. However, nothing beats practice.

As a relationship coach, you need to always be in tune with your coaching skills. Active listening, powerful questioning, building a true connection, and focusing on a desired outcome are all important skills. Along with these, giving actionable feedback will help your clients identify and nurture relationships.

take action

Now that we’re clear on what a relationship coach is and what they do, let’s explore another, critical question…

Why do YOU want to become a relationship coach?

Grab your journal or open up a new document on your computer and start writing. Allow your answer to “free flow.” Don’t judge or censor yourself and keep writing for at least 5 minutes straight. This is an incredibly important exercise because knowing “why” you want to dedicate your time and energy to relationship coaching is the key to fueling your motivation and inspiration.

The journey to becoming a phenomenal can be unpredictable and challenging. A strong, clear “why” will inspire you in the good times and get you through the tough times.

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Now that you know what relationship coaching is, it’s time to find out how to become a relationship coach.