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Introducing Mindvalley and Evercoach’s premier holistic health and fitness certification

Create Extraordinary Health & Fitness Breakthroughs As a Highly Skilled & Sought after Certified Mindvalley Holobody Coach

Powered By Today’s Best Body Transformation Science, Mindvalley’s Holobody Certification Empowers You With Skills, Guidance, And Support You Need To Transform Peak Wellness Into A New Normal

Apply Now & Become A Fully Certified Holobody Coach

Imagine having the power to turn peak health & fitness – into a natural, effortless & struggle-free normal…

…for yourself and your coaching clients!

You’re about to discover a one-of-a-kind opportunity that rewards you not only with an exciting new career or skill set in transforming lives - but also a key role in a new global health and fitness revolution.

Recent scientific breakthroughs in fields like biology, nutrition, fitness & neuroscience have made it possible to not only achieve, but effortlessly sustain lifelong peak performance and wellness in both the body and mind.

This is BIG NEWS for you as a coach, and here’s why…

By learning how to integrate these cutting-edge health and healing methodologies into your coaching toolkit... you can confidently create body-mind breakthroughs for yourself and your clients.

Even if you've not been trained in health or fitness before.

For coaches looking to optimize the result they provide for their clients (whether it’s in their relationship, business, career or any other area of their life) –

these new science-based discoveries and protocols in the health industry translate into an opportunity of a lifetime. 

This opportunity is especially for you if you’re:

1. A health or fitness professional who wants to level up: so you can facilitate better, faster, easier body transformations for you and your clients.

2. A coach looking to expand your impact into health and fitness: and you want the best available tool set, skill set, and strategies for delivering extraordinary results while growing your client base and income.

3. Looking to transform your own health and fitness: without the frustration, inconsistent results, and endless sacrifice that comes with most other approaches to nutrition and exercise.

4. Searching for the best way to help your loved ones return to health: whether it’s a parent, spouse, friends, or even your community.

But before we go further, let’s get something straight…

This silent killer unknowingly prevents your coaching clients from experiencing transformation while working with you

As a coach, it’s your job to help your clients achieve life-changing results. And the better you are in your job – the more impact and income you can make.

But can your clients really experience transformation in their life, relationship, career or business… if they’re struggling with a health problem?

Can they really get the most of what you have to offer them if they struggle with brain fog, chronic health problems, exhaustion, lack of energy or excess weight that affects their clarity of mind, confidence or performance?

After working with thousands of coaches – We at Evercoach know for a fact they can’t.

We’ve seen some of the best coaches in the world get stuck and struggle after they fail to help their clients experience the breakthrough they were looking for.

Not because of lack of skills or talent… but simply because their clients’ health and energy stood in the way of them achieving meaningful results.

And let’s not forget… YOUR health as a coach.

If YOU regularly struggle with poor health, if you feel tired most of the time and suffer from “brain fog” and lack of energy and clarity in your thinking –

You’re definitely not able to bring your best self to your sessions with clients.

The missing ingredient to your success as a coach you never thought you could have

What if you could give your clients the ultimate gift: peak health, and in return – receive more success, recognition and impact than you’ve ever imagined?

We found that in order to maximize the results our coaches give their clients (and as a result: their impact, income and level of success) –

What they need is a holistic and adaptable solution that allows both them and their clients to achieve and sustain peak performance and wellness

So they can have instant access to high energy, deep focus, motivation, confidence and more –

All the crucial elements that allow an individual to effortlessly take consistent action towards their goals and achieve results in their lives.

99% of diet and exercise ‘solutions’ are failing to tackle the root cause of our health challenges

There’s no sugarcoating the truth: virtually every popular approach to nutrition, weight loss, and fitness simply does not work.

And whether you’ve tried to eat better, eat less, exercise better, or exercise more - you’ll have experienced this frustrating reality firsthand.

Yo-yo weight loss, willpower struggles, nonexistent or plateauing results, and soul-crushing relapses are all common symptoms for anyone who’s tried a typical diet or workout plan.

And it’s all for one simple reason:

By focusing solely on ‘diet’ and ‘exercise’, the billion-dollar industries that are supposed to help you, are in fact ignoring the 8 key scientific markers that dramatically shape how you look and feel:

The approach is broken. The advice is broken. The common understanding of a holistic and permanent solution is broken.

But today you can embrace the solution: and even become a part of it.

Finally: The 360 Degree Breakthrough Health & Fitness Protocol That Allows Anyone To Achieve & Sustain Lifelong Peak Health, Fitness and Wellness

By studying the most recent scientific breakthroughs and consulting with a few of the most-well known health and longevity experts in the world –

Evercoach and Mindvalley were able to develop a breakthrough health protocol suitable for the future:

One that eliminates the need for guesswork, compromises, and painful sacrifices for physical wellness……

and can permanently transform every measure of any person’s health, fitness, and even longevity: far more easily and rapidly than ever thought possible.

By harnessing the 8 key scientific markers of human wellness - which include not only diet and exercise, but social psychology, environment, individual physiology, and more…

It’s now possible to permanently transform every measure of any person’s health, fitness, and even longevity: far more easily and rapidly than once thought possible.

Become A Pioneer In The Global Health Revolution That’s Transforming The Coaching And Health Industries

After facilitating nearly over 800,000 body transformations through our health and fitness programs, Evercoach & Mindvalley are now taking the next step:

We’re empowering coaches of all levels, industries and niches to join our mission to revolutionize the world of health and fitness.

Whether you’re a seasoned coach, just starting out, or somewhere in between:

When you supplement your coaching skills with this holistic and optimized health & fitness protocol framework, you grow into an indispensable asset not just to your friends and existing clients - but to millions of new potential clients worldwide.

This is your opportunity to transform lives with us. Build an exciting new career, or grow the one you already have. Leverage the momentum of our movement, with millions of students worldwide.

And most importantly – to take your income, impact, and personal growth to a whole new level.


The Holobody Coaching Certification program by Mindvalley & Evercoach

A 4-month online program for permanently transforming your health & fitness: and uplifting others as a Mindvalley Certified Holobody Coach

An immersive online experience that guides you towards a lifelong health & fitness breakthrough, and the skills and tools to coach others towards theirs

The Holobody Coaching Certification program is an exciting four-month journey for aspiring and experienced coaches of all levels and from all niches.

The entire program is designed with one clear focus – to train you in every aspect of learning, embodying, and coaching your clients to peak performance and wellness with Mindvalley’s proven, premier holistic wellness protocols.

This is a powerful, game-changing skill you can use alongside your current coaching niche and speciality.

You’ll learn to ride the wave of the new paradigm that’s rocking the health and coaching industry and become known as a pioneer, world-class master coach in the hybrid coaching space.

Formally accredited by the European Mentoring & Coaching Council (EMCC)

Your Holobody coaching certification allows you to receive recognition as a Practitioner of coaching which gives you a tremendous upper hand over your peers: particularly when engaging with high-profile clients and organizations.

Accreditation from the European Mentoring & Coaching Council is the gold standard in professional coaching recognition: and by completing the Holobody Coaching Certification program, you get certified and listed as a Practitioner with EMCC.

A proven, replicable and scientific 5 day training program... teach you how to masterfully inspire (and even command) high levels of excitement and motivation in your clients

Here’s What You Can Achieve For Your Clients (And Yourself) With Your Holobody Coaching Certification

  1. 1

    Create Rapid & Permanent Body-Mind Shifts

    You’ll master powerful body-mind practices that efficiently transform every marker of health and fitness in the human body - from strength and flexibility, to gut health and longevity, and much more.

  2. 2

    Rewire The Mind For Lifelong Health & Fitness

    Implement advanced habit formation and identity shifting techniques, to dive deep in your clients’ subconscious and reprogram invisible patterns that sabotage their natural state of wellness. The result is smooth, resistance-free transformation that sticks.

  3. 3

    Heal The Body & Reverse Aging

    You’ll harness science-based protocols optimized to accelerate healing and recovery, while turning back the clock on premature aging - resulting in a body that looks and feels younger than ever.

  4. 4

    Personalized Optimal Nutrition

    Use the latest findings in optimal nutrition and gut health to discover your client’s unique dietary needs - and confidently create a personalized nutrition plan that fits their needs and lifestyle.

  5. 5

    Boost Metabolism

    Expertly map out a step-by-step game plan to significantly boost metabolic turnover. This helps optimize the body’s internal functions, and improve overall health, for protection against unwanted weight gain and for effortless weight management

  6. 6

    Awaken Peak Productivity & Personal Power

    Create quantum leaps in confidence, self-identity, and effectiveness in personal and professional performance, with a body that propels yourself and your clients towards massive goals and dreams.

  7. 7

    Master Industry-Leading Coaching Models & Skills

    Discover how to pivot your coaching style to your clients’ needs, by integrating a variety of today’s best coaching models. You’ll emerge from the program knowing exactly which models are aligned with you and your clients, so you can show up as the best coach for them.

  8. 8

    Attract & Retain Higher-Level Clients

    The most lucrative and rewarding clients are the ones searching for in-depth support from a coach who understands their needs and challenges, and are equipped with the tools and strategies to create deeply personalized solutions. You’ll be this kind of coach to these kinds of people.

  9. 9

    Rapidly Grow Your Coaching Business

    In addition to the practical skills, your Holobody certification also equips you with the business skills and support you need to grow a highly profitable, sustainable, and scalable, coaching business. You even get exclusive access to Mindvalley’s global community of 5 million students.

Take Your Rightful Place & Stand Proud As a Pioneer of The Global Health & Fitness Revolution

In addition to thousands and thousands of students worldwide, Mindvalley’s health and fitness protocols are now being taught in classrooms. Multinational corporations. And even to the world’s leading athletes, celebrities, CEOs, and entrepreneurs.

And so with a Holobody Coaching Certification, you’re gaining not just the power to create health and fitness breakthroughs in yourself and others: but also a pioneering position in a global revolution transforming millions of lives.

Special Certification Highlights

Deep identity shifts for lasting, resistance-free transformation

Regular wellness curriculums show and tell you what to do, but Holobody takes you far deeper into the realm of consciousness engineering. By exploring and rewiring your innermost beliefs, habits, and models of reality, you’ll experience a profound shift in your identity: and emerge as a brand new person who effortlessly embodies your health, fitness, and coaching goals for a lifetime.

Leading-edge technology for optimal coaching of yourself and others

From fully customizable guided meditations, to brainwave technology that awaken altered states of consciousness, to advanced AI-driven social networking and brain exchange platforms: you get unlimited access to Mindvalley’s suite of technologies that elevate you into a beacon of transformation for yourself and others.

Level up with today’s most optimized health and fitness protocols

Holobody’s health and fitness protocols are developed with a combination of today’s best science in fields including biology, personalized nutrition, neuroscience, muscle stimulation, and more. As a result, you experience safe and lasting results that meaningfully transform you in every dimension that matters: including strength, flexibility, aesthetics, vitality, immunity, and longevity.

Your community uplifts you every step of the way

In any growth journey, friendship, guidance, and support dramatically increase your chances of making it to the finish line. That’s why every step of your Holobody certification is designed for rewarding connections with your facilitators and fellow students: including peer workshops, accountability groups, a private social network, and more.

Explore The Unique
Holobody Certification Curriculum

This is unlike any coaching or certification program you’ve ever seen before!

You’ll kickstart your new reality as a successful expert hybrid body-mind coach with a collection of teachings designed to support you from the ground up.

You’ll have access to transformational weekly video tutorials, live virtual classrooms, plus peer practice sessions that fit your busy schedule (we have sessions suitable for multiple time zones!), so you can level up rapidly and consistently.

The focus of this experience is in empowering you with a holistic mastery of creating optimal health and fitness in yourself and for your clients.

You’ll be taken deep not just into today’s cutting-edge science and tools for peak health, nutrition, and body transformation - but also the habit formation, psychological, and identity shifting principles that create lasting, resistance-free results in anyone. 

In your first month, you’ll discover how to build a solid long-term relationship with your clients as a coach, become a powerful presence in their lives, and ask the right questions that facilitate breakthroughs and transformation with ease.

Highlights include:

  • The 8 foundational elements of coaching, and how to continuously develop and master these critical skills to become an extraordinary and sought-after coach.
  • How to create a deep connection straight from the beginning of any coaching relationship, build unshakable trust, and increase their confidence in working with you.
  • The 5 types of powerful questions any coach needs to master, and how to formulate them in a way that elicits insight, self-discovery, and results.
  • How to structure your coaching sessions to help your clients get clear on the outcomes they want, and focus on the actions that'll provide them measurable results.
  • How to coach your clients through their beliefs, emotions and mindsets to drive deep behavioral change.

By the end of Month 1. you'll be able to quickly and confidently establish a close, yet authoritative coaching relationship with any client while easily facilitating change and transformation.

In Month 2, you’ll discover how to help your clients build their own health and fitness baseline, and gain the tools and skills you need to awaken a permanent health transformation in anyone at any health or fitness level.

Highlights include:

  • The step-by-step micro habit formation process that harnesses behavioral change science to absorb new health and fitness practices into any lifestyle - with zero resistance or struggle.
  • How to shift a person’s body identity through a deep process of self-inquiry to identify and reprogram old beliefs that block the body from healing and transforming.
  • How to create mind-body states of power at will using Silva Ultramind techniques that allow you to tap into different brainwave states, and enhance feelings of creativity, calm, and alertness.
  • The 5 simple and powerful fitness baseline techniques that harness a person’s own bodyweight to develop optimal strength, cardiorespiratory fitness, and mobility.
  • The 5 Psycho-Cybernetics System tools for shifting a person’s health and fitness goals into a set of mindful practices that shape their actions and put transformation on autopilot.

By the end of Month 2, you’ll have a framework for transforming your clients’ disposition towards health and fitness, shift their body identity, and plug in the new exercise, nutrition, and mindset micro habits that create a baseline of health and fitness.

Month 3 is all about focus and exponential growth. First, you’ll gain the tools and routines used by professional athletes to get into peak condition. Then, you’ll discover highly optimized protocols you can use for short periods of time with your clients to help them sprint towards the best versions of their body.

Highlights include:

  • Effective strength and cardiovascular training routines that help clients develop strength, build muscle mass, and maximize their rate of oxygen uptake and distribution.
  • How to optimize sleep quality, quantity, and environment to enhance the body’s ability to regenerate physically, mentally, and emotionally.
  • The latest discoveries in women’s health optimization for aligning your clients’ exercise and nutrition practices in accordance to hormonal changes for pre and post-menopausal women.
  • Intermediate and advanced methods of intermittent fasting to improve metabolic health and fat loss, and the framework to help you decide when and how to use it.
  • How to harness self-hypnosis audio tracks to redesign your clients’ beliefs and behaviors towards health - including the ones they may not be consciously aware of.

By the end of Month 3, you’ll be able to design and run sprints of transformation with your clients, and harness tools and mindset-shifting methods for faster results. You’ll also know the best time to start and end these sprints, by identifying the states of physiological and psychological readiness in your clients.

Your final month focuses on shifting your clients from their most intense periods of transformation, towards a more flexible, intuitive, and sustainable lifestyle. This is known as ‘Cruising’, and you’ll discover how to apply its best tools and practices for facilitating a lifetime of optimal health and fitness.

Highlights include:

  • How to use the Food Framework to help your clients break free from restrictive and unsustainable diets, to a more flexible and enjoyable one that provides all the nutrients they need.
  • The Master Meals and Champion Meals concept that makes it easy to prepare meals, eat out, and order food in a way that combines convenience, nourishment, and satisfaction.
  • How to design a complete and flexible weekly exercise routine that allows the body to express strength, power, mobility, and resilience - while honoring a person’s unique goals and schedule.
  • Image therapy and other mind-over-body healing tools that can support the healing and improvement of various physiological functions - including skin, nails, and even eyesight.
  • The Shadow Extraction Process: an advanced energy work technique that helps your clients release unconscious and deep-rooted mental patterns affecting their health.

By the end of Month 4, you will be able to help your clients step into a sustainable and intuitive lifestyle where all their progress and transformation is not only sustained, but incrementally and consistently improved. The result is new habits, new paradigms, and even a new self-identity that supports lifelong health and fitness.

Bonus: Become A Trained 6-Phase Meditation Instuctor

Get authorized to lead 6-phase meditation workshops. The 6-phase meditation is an advanced meditation developed by Vishen Lakhiani, and it is used by entrepreneurs, athletes and celebrities around the world to tap into source energy for seamless manifestation and bliss.

How The Certification Program Works

1. Easy-To-Follow Weekly Training

Learn and grow at your own pace with our drip-fed weekly training schedule. You only need 60 - 90 minutes a week to follow your weekly training videos, and master every aspect of becoming a Certified Holobody Coach.

2. Go Deeper Live Weekly Classrooms

Once a week, you’ll be invited to a live online group session with your Holobody facilitators. Here you’ll get the chance to go deeper into your weekly training materials, and get your questions answered so you’re always on the right path.

3. Practice Your Skills With Weekly Peer Coaching Labs

Put your new skills to the test in a fun and encouraging space with our weekly Peer Coaching Labs. Build your confidence, get feedback on your approach, and accelerate your growth with your fellow coaching students.

4. Stay On Track With Periodical Assessments

Want to stay focused and accountable to your goals? Take our periodical assessments, and get a deeper insight into your growth and progress. These assessments are designed to maintain your momentum, and empower you to keep taking consistent action.

Enjoy a flexible and adaptable training timeline,
perfect for even the busiest schedule

Total training time: 3 hours per week

Not to worry: you can catch up on your weekly training videos (60-90 minutes) when you get the time. And all live sessions are recorded, so you can watch them at any time even if you miss one.

You’re Never Alone: Enjoy Mindful & Personalized Support Through Every Step Of Your Journey

Holistic and in-depth training

Gain best-in-class coaching skills to create deep transformation, attract and retain high-paying clients, and make an extraordinary impact as a body transformation coach.

Live training with Holobody founders & facilitators

Connect, ask questions, and get your challenges solved by the world’s leading Holobody experts - saving you from the trial-and-error that comes with most coaching certifications.

Confidence training

Develop the confidence you need to exceed your goals, land your dream clients, and show up as the best version of yourself for your clients and your business.

Practical hands-on experience

Accelerate your growth by practicing and implementing everything you’ve learned week-by-week through virtual practical sessions with your fellow coaches

A passionate community

Build meaningful connections and even collaborate with your fellow Holobody coaches through interactive sessions, a private Telegram group, and the Connections by Mindvalley app.

Consistency & accountability

Track your progress, sustain your focus, and stay accountable to your goals with useful assessments that keep you on track, every step of the way.

Plus, You’re Supported In Channeling Your Coaching Skills Into A Profitable & Scalable Business

Create health and fitness breakthroughs from anywhere in the world

Too far? No such thing. We’re building a virtual Live Classroom platform that empowers you to facilitate borderless online coaching sessions with your students - wherever you (or they) are in the world. Just log in, connect, and let the transformation begin.

The world’s best client transformation technology

Managing large groups of students can be challenging. Mindvalley’s AI and data-driven Client Transformation technology helps you keep track of their progress, solve their roadblocks, and prescribe the best solutions - all through one intuitive, easy-to-use platform.

Your personal profile on Mindvalley’s official coaching platform

Your personal profile is accessible to millions of our students worldwide, but that’s not all: our AI-powered matchmaking platform even connects you with potential clients, so you gain a constant stream of new leads.

Mindvalley’s students are now your future clients

Finding new clients can be challenging: but we solve this for you by connecting you with our millions of students worldwide through members-only events headlined by the world’s best teachers. You can even use these events as a launchpad for an international speaking career.

800,000+ Lives Transformed
(And We’re Just Getting Started)

Mindvalley’s health and fitness programs serve a global community of students from a diversity of backgrounds, fitness levels, and circumstances. We’re proud of the life-changing results they’ve achieved. And we can’t wait to work with you to create even more.

Meet Your Holobody Certification Coaches

Ronan Diego de Oliveira

Mindvalley’s Head of Health & Fitness, Co-Creator of Holobody

Ronan Diego de Oliveira is Mindvalley’s in-house health and fitness expert, and the co-creator of many of our bestselling fitness programs: including Holobody, 10x Fitness, and Beyond Fasting.

His personal journey started with an ineffective path of over-exercising, unhealthy dieting, and eventually massive health issues.

Ronan took this as a wake-up call to study the science of health and fitness, beyond what his trainers or the media were telling him. This was his starting point to a holistic approach that engages the mind and body to transform in a healthy and sustainable way.

Today, Ronan engages in leading events and coaching programs to share his discoveries with a global audience. The Holobody Certification program represents the full embodiment of that mission.

Ajit Nawalkha

Lead Coaching Business Instructor

Ajit Nawalkha is a builder of businesses and coaches, and serves as the mastermind behind various major brands in the human transformation space.

He is the co-founder of Mindvalley Teach, the Global Grit Institute, and Evercoach: a global coaching education center that serves over 100,000 coaches around the world.

In the Holobody Certification Program you’ll experience Ajit’s unique ability to facilitate lasting transformation through deep habit formation and identity shifts: allowing you to rapidly and effortlessly embody the goals you set for your own health, and for your coaching practice.

Vishen Lakhiani

Founder of Mindvalley, Co-Creator of Holobody

Vishen  is the Founder of Mindvalley, an award-winning education movement with millions of students worldwide.

Through Mindvalley, Vishen has spent over 15 years exploring the science of helping humans break free from the shackles of their past, reprogram their minds and identities, and break through their glass ceilings as they reach their fullest potential.

Throughout your certification process, Vishen will support you with advanced personal transformation tools that help you create a new identity as a successful body transformation coach, and shift your mind to effortlessly think bigger, perform better, and make a legendary impact.

A highly recommended skill set upgrade for your Holobody certification:

Revolutionize your fitness routine with an official certification in 10x Fitness

This hyper-optimized exercise protocol creates profound physical transformation in a fraction of the time

If you or your clients struggle to consistently spend hours a week in the gym, how about solving that problem forever with the world’s most efficient exercise protocol?

10x Fitness is Mindvalley’s revolutionary workout program that harnesses the latest science in muscle stimulation to burn fat, build muscle, and trigger lasting physical transformation in just two 15-minute workouts a week.

Minutes a week is all you need for a remarkable baseline of fitness: and freedom from wasting endless time and energy on inefficient workouts. 10x Fitness puts a strong and mobile body within virtually anyone’s reach - which makes it a terrific addition to your personal workouts and coaching skill set.

How the 10x certification upgrade works

The 10x Certification Program is a three-month online program that’s designed to flow seamlessly with your Holobody Certification.

If you choose this upgrade, you’ll begin the three-month process at the end of your four-month Holobody Certification, for a total of seven months.

By the end of this time, you’ll be equipped with an unbeatable coaching repertoire in the form of Holobody’s holistic approach to health and fitness - and the specialized exercise and peak performance protocol offered by 10x.

Special Upgrade Offer: Save 50% On Your 10x Fitness Coaching Certification

Become a Certified Holobody Coach on this page, and enjoy a generous 50% discount on your 10x Fitness Certification. This is our gift to you for making a positive change in your health, and in the health of others. And an incentive to get fully certified in the best of Mindvalley’s health and fitness coaching protocols.

Important: this special discount is available for a limited time,
and on this page only

Apply Now To Secure Your Spot In The Holobody Certification Program

Don’t Decide Now —
Try It For 15 Days Risk Free

Remember you don’t have to say YES right now. You only have to say MAYBE. Just place your refundable deposit on this page, begin your Holobody Coaching Certification journey for up to 15 days from the start of the program (on August 15th 2022), and decide from there if you’d like to continue. If you’re not over-the-moon with your results, simply give yourself a quick refund at

Join now to test drive the Holobody Coaching Certification program today.

Here’s What You Get In The Holobody Certification Program:

  • The complete 4-month Holobody Certification Program: you’re guided through weekly 60 - 90 minute video training sessions for learning, embodying, teaching, and building a successful business with the Holobody protocol.
  • Weekly Live Classroom sessions with Holobody founders & facilitators: join Ronan, Vishen, and Ajit for weekly interactive group sessions as they answer your questions, clear your roadblocks, and keep you on track.
  • Weekly Interactive Peer Coaching Labs: practice your skills with your fellow Holobody coaches, grow your confidence, and accelerate your growth.
  • Your Certified Holobody Coach profile on Mindvalley’s coaching website: accessible to millions of Mindvalley students worldwide, and augmented by AI-powered matchmaking technology.
  • Access to Mindvalley’s Client Transformation technology: our AI and data-driven technology helps you keep track of client progress, solve their challenges, and prescribe the best solutions.
  • Access to Mindvalley’s Virtual Classroom platform: facilitate borderless online coaching sessions with your students from anywhere in the world.
  • Get featured at Mindvalley’s annual events: connect with our global community and build your client base at events headlined by the world’s best teachers and coaches.
  • Lifetime placement in the official Holobody coaching community: so you get all the support, guidance, and inspiration you need to build your coaching business - even after the program ends.
  • An unconditional 15-day money back guarantee: test drive the program with total peace of mind, and give yourself a full refund if you’re not satisfied for any reason whatsoever.

Plus The Following When You Select The 10x Fitness Certification Upgrade:

  • The complete 3-month 10x Fitness Certification Program: featuring in-depth video training, and all the tools and methodologies you need to be a world-class 10x Coach.
  • In-depth training with 10x Fitness creator Lorenzo Delano: plus supporting training with Ronan and Ajit.
  • The 10x Breakthrough Coaching Kit: a collection of digital tools and resources for optimizing your coaching business and your clients’ results.
  • Exclusive 10x Fitness affiliate earnings: multiply your income with 50% commission on every $399 10x Fitness placement sold through you (applies to individuals and groups).
  • The 10x Virtual Coaching Blueprint: gain a powerful framework for hosting virtual coaching sessions, and transforming clients’ lives no matter where they are in the world.
  • The 10x Business Accelerator Guide: harness Mindvalley’s proven strategies and frameworks to 10x your effectiveness in finding, securing, and retaining your clients.

The Program Begins On June 12th
The application deadline is May 15th

Apply Now

Select Your Preferred Mindvalley Certification Package 

Certified Holobody Coach

Single Payment Of

Certified Holobody Coach + Certified 10x Coach Bundle

Single Payment Of

Our Next Success Stories Could Be From Your Future Clients

Frequently asked questions

Is this certification included with Mindvalley or Evercoach Membership?

Mindvalley Membership gives you our full curriculum of programs for personal transformation - but certification programs are not included.

Our certification programs are advanced curriculums designed for people who want to master the subject matter, facilitate transformation in others, and gain the option of building a successful coaching career or business by leveraging Mindvalley’s coaching tools, frameworks, and community.

How is this certification different from Mindvalley’s other health and fitness programs?

Because it’s a certification program, Holobody takes you deeper into the subject of health and fitness than any of our other programs and Quests. In addition to mastering today’s most effective health and fitness protocols, you’re guided through how it all works, how to fully optimize it, and how to rapidly facilitate transformation not just in yourself, but in others. And even in upscaling this skill into a career or business, if you choose to.

This level of mastery is what makes the difference between a fully certified coach, and someone who experiences transformation by studying a program.

What if I have no health coaching experience?

The Holobody Coaching Certification program is designed for coaches and aspiring coaches of all levels - including complete beginners. Even if you currently lack the skills or the confidence, even if you’ve never built a business or operated as a health professional before, and even if you’ve never coached anyone in your life: the program meets you where you’re at, and guides you through every single step of facilitating life-changing body transformations in yourself and others.

After you’ve completed the four month program, you’ll emerge with the health education, the coaching skills, the confidence and motivation, the potential client base, and the business skills you need to either build a highly profitable, fulfilling, and impactful body coaching business, if you choose to. Or to become a highly effective coach to yourself and your loved ones, if you prefer to keep things more personal.

What if I’m already an experienced health coach - how will this help me?

The Holobody protocol is unlike any other health or fitness method in the market today. Because in addition to harnessing the latest science in fitness, nutrition, and wellness, it adds another crucial layer to the body transformation approach: which is the science of habit formation and identity shifting. The result is you gain the ability to create not only breakthrough results, but results that last a lifetime.

This deeper, more holistic approach to health and fitness has created thousands of success stories among Mindvalley students, coaches, and their clients. And by becoming a pioneer in it, you gain a tremendous advantage over other traditional coaching methods, including your old ones.

As a result, you’ll be able to attract and retain more students. Grow your business and income. And make an even bigger impact than before.

Do I need to have graduated from a Mindvalley health and fitness program before joining?

No, the Holobody Certification Program is a complete standalone curriculum that you can take even if this is your first Mindvalley program.

However, we do especially encourage Mindvalley health and fitness graduates to consider becoming a certified coach - because if you’ve completed any of our programs, you’ll have firsthand experience of how transformational they can be.

I have a busy schedule - what happens if I need to miss some of the weekly training?

Not to worry: you can catch up on your weekly training videos when you get the time. And all live sessions are recorded, so you can watch them at any time even if you miss one.

The entire coaching program is designed to be flexible and adaptable - so as long as you stay consistent and focused on the big picture, you’ll get all the support you need to reach the finish line.

What time will the live meetings happen, and will they be available in my timezone?

Live sessions will take place on Thursdays, early morning in the US, noon in Europe, and evening in Asia & Oceania. All live sessions are recorded, so you can watch them at any time, even if you miss one.

Can the program be done at home, or do I need a gym?

You will want access to a gym to learn the gym exercises and routines. Once you’ve trained in them, you could then choose to continue the rest of the program at home. And although regular gym access is not a requirement for graduating, we recommend having regular access to one - so you can be prepared to coach clients that prefer gym workouts.

When is the full amount due after submitting my deposit?

After you submit your deposit you’ll be invited to submit your application. Once your application is approved you will get a link to purchase the program. This entire process will happen in the span of 1 week.

Do I get an official certificate upon completing the program?

Yes! Upon completion you’ll get an official certification that you can add to your LinkedIn profile or any other platform you’d like.

Is the certification accredited by NCB-HWC or any other coaching affiliations?

Yes, the certification is fully accredited by the European Mentoring & Coaching Council (EMCC)

: the gold standard in professional coaching recognition.

Upon completing the Holobody Coaching Certification program, you gain 42 Continuous Coaching Education (CCE) units from them.

What if I can’t finish the certification?

We’re here to support you every step of the way. As long as you block out 2-3 hours/week, which includes the time needed for the weekly live calls, you’ll be fine. Our previous coaching certification programs saw 95% completion rates among all students - and we’re confident the vast majority of aspiring coaches will make it to the finish line with Holobody too.

The Program Begins On June 12th
The application deadline is May 15th

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