Break free from limiting patterns and help your clients do the same by reprogramming the subconscious mind

Get trained by the best hypnotherapist in the world - Paul Mckenna, over a 3-day live event in Tallinn, Estonia

This is your exclusive invitation to attend a 3-day hypnosis coaching intensive conducted and led by world famous hypnotherapist - Paul Mckenna. 

This live, in-person event will be conducted in a close setting with no more than 55 students. This is the most intimate, and personal hypnotherapy training by Mindvalley ever. You get a chance to interact with and learn from Paul himself, and even benefit from some of the crowd work exercises he conducts.

Please note that when you enroll into this 3-day intensive, you get FREE access to the 4-month Mindvalley Certified Hypnotherapist certification when we launch it in September 2022.

Note from Ajit

Are your beliefs limiting you from achieving your peak potential?

You’ve enrolled into multiple self-help programs, attended events, hired a coach, or even worked with a therapist.. 

Yet, there seems to be some unknown force that’s holding you back from breaking your old patterns and living the life you so wholeheartedly desire..

Just when you think you’ve made progress, something hits you and you find yourself slipping back into old, undesirable patterns, reflecting on whether all the self work you did amounted to anything at all, except empty your pockets.

It’s not your fault.. Your subconscious mind is running your life

The beliefs you adopted when you were a child are stored in your subconscious mind. Once stored, they stay there for the most part of your life, and are rarely addressed or questioned. In fact, in most cases, you even forget it’s there… yet, it forms the rule book you live by as an adult. Every time something happens in your life that matches your subconscious belief, this belief gets further cemented.

You adopted these beliefs at a time when its purpose was to keep you safe. Yet, the trouble with being guided by these subconscious beliefs is that many of them are outdated and have not changed as your personality and environment changed. They keep you stuck in the zone of fear, self sabotage and ‘not enoughness’.

A tool to really get to the root of the real issue and work with your subconscious mind and change your neural pathways forever

Have you ever wished you could get right to the bottom of an issue and pull it out from its roots? Rather than relying on willpower and motivation using your conscious mind, wouldn’t it be wonderful if you could reach back into your subconscious mind and erase and rewrite everything that’s holding you back?

Introducing Mindvalley Certified Hypnotherapist Live 

A 3-day live intensive where you will be guided by Paul McKenna through the basics of hypnosis training, using hands-on practice, discourse, and discussion.

A premier, leading-edge hypnotherapy bootcamp

Uniquely designed to equip you with the proven, practical skills and training you need to overcome limiting beliefs and rewire your subconscious mind with empowering ones

At the end of this training, you’ll walk away a transformed individual who is ready to take on and crush their goals with newfound confidence and empowerment.

Attending the 3-day intensive also gives you the incredible benefit of FREE access to our 4-month certification program - Mindvalley Certified Hypnotherapist, where you will be guided and certified to produce lasting transformations for family, friends and clients. This program launches in September, 2022, and will be led by Paul Mckenna himself.

What to expect from the 3-day Live Hypnotherapy Intensive

Learning hypnotherapy from Paul McKenna is like learning physics from Einstein or art from Picasso. He is widely acknowledged as the world's leading and most successful hypnotherapist with over three decades of teaching hundreds of thousands of therapists.

Paul's clients range from rockstars to royalty, and in this amazing training, he brings to you the exact techniques he uses with his clients, so that you can improve yourlife and the life of others. 

You will learn how to create a thriving hypnotherapy business and achieve significant results. 

By the end of this training, you'll learn:

  • Fast effective change techniques
  • How to increase your success rate with clients
  • How to add a valuable tool to your coaching skills
  • How to generate happy clients who refer you
  • How to run a successful hypnotherapy business
  • The secret language of hypnosis
  • How to quickly create deep altered states
  • The latest hypnotic technology
  • How to create instant rapport
  • How to access the power of the unconscious mind
  • How to have high success rate
  • Advanced communication skills
  • How to hypnotize anybody
  • How to treat most problems with most people

You'll also learn how to apply hypnotherapy on yourself and your clients to: 

Overcome anxiety & stress

Learn simple steps to become  better equipped to deal with any form of stress or anxiety using a combination of NLP and hypnotherapy techniques. And ultimately enjoy a better quality of life, without compromising on your success or productivity.

Improve confidence

Discover the secrets of mastering your emotions and living with a greater sense of ease and authenticity. You’ll learn how to overcome fear and desperation and create massive amounts of confidence that can transform the way you see yourself and the way other people perceive you.

Create a compelling future

Paul teaches you a set of simple techniques that will leave you with new-found motivation and a road map to create a compelling future for yourself. You’ll learn how to knock out any irrational fears or roadblocks that stop you from crushing your goals.

Reduce or overcome compulsions

Learn how to overcome compulsive behaviors and OCD through NLP, Emotional Freedom Technique (tapping) and other hypnosis tools.

Achieve peak performance

Use proven visualization techniques and hypnosis to put yourself into a zone of peak performance before embarking on any mission, challenge or goal.

Overcome smoking addiction

Learn Paul’s unique and tried and tested approach to quit smoking. You’ll find out how much power you really have or how much of your life you’ve given away to cigarettes and how these methods can help you.

Lose weight and help your clients lose weight

Learn Paul’s proven weight loss system that has helped thousands of people shed stubborn weight and reach their ideal weight. You’ll learn how to reprogram your mind using the latest psychological techniques to change your decisions around what you eat and how much you eat.

Agenda at a glance

Day 1 - Foundations of hypnotherapy

Time: 9 AM - 5 PM

You’ll learn how hypnosis works, how to access altered states of consciousness, left vs right brain, permissive and authoritative styles, conversational and formal styles, stages of trance induction, deepeners, change work, future pace, awaken and reinforce, and fractionation.

You will learn techniques on how to change states, rapport and voice, anchoring, language patterns and metaphors.

Day 2 - Competencies of hypnotherapy

Time: 9 AM - 5 PM

You’ll go deeper into advanced techniques on advanced inductions, deepeners, hypnotic phenomena, change work, awakening and future pacing.

Day 3 - Application of hypnotherapy 

Time: 9 AM - 5 PM

You’ll learn how to rewire your subconscious mind for blissful states, weight loss, quitting smoking, achieving peak performance, becoming more confident and creating a compelling future.

On this day you’ll also learn how to run a hypnotherapy session and get exclusive access to Paul’s hypnotherapy business plan (which he calls the world’s simplest business plan)

About Paul McKenna

Paul is the number one hypnotherapist in the world, and has an impeccable reputation for helping people treat the most difficult problems.

The Times of London credited him to be one of “the world’s most important modern self-help gurus”.

Paul Mckenna is also a best selling author of several books that have changed the course of millions of people’s lives. His book -I Can Make You THIN is the best-selling self-help book in UK history. His other successful titles include Quit Smoking Today Without Gaining Weight, I Can Mend Your Broken Heart, I Can Make You Rich, and most recently, I Can Make You Happy, which reached number one in the UK.

In 2010 Paul released THIN, CONFIDENCE, QUIT SMOKING and SLEEP. THIN reached number two in the US book charts – only beaten by Barack Obama’s autobiography. Paul uses scientific psychological procedures to make dramatic and captivating changes in people's lives, and has appeared on national TV shows including The Ellen DeGeneres Show, Good Morning America, The Dr. Oz Show, Rachael Ray and Anderson Live among

What students say about Paul Mckenna

To maximize the effectiveness of this transformational bootcamp, we’ve made only a limited number of seats available

Paul likes to work with smaller groups so that each person attending the training gains maximum impact from the time they invest. Crowd-work exercises allow him to work with more participants one-on-one, and the experience is more powerful and impactful.

Attending the 3-day intensive also gives you the incredible benefit of FREE access to our 4-month certification program - Mindvalley Certified Hypnotherapist, where you will be guided and certified to produce lasting transformations for family, friends and clients. This program launches in September, 2022, and will be led by Paul Mckenna himself.

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What’s included in this fee

1: Access to the 3-day live hypnotherapy bootcamp held in Tallinn, Estonia from 6th - 8th July

2: FREE access to Mindvalley Certified Hypnotherapist (Price: $2,997) launching in September, 2022

3: A certificate of participation at the end of 3 days

Frequently Asked Questions

Q Why is this event not included in the Mindvalley University ticket price?

This 3-day live workshop will give you access to our 4-month hypnotherapy certification program when we launch it in September. By signing up for this workshop, you are securing yourself a spot in Mindvalley Certified Hypnotherapist at a deeply discounted rate.

Q Can I cancel once I sign up?

You can get a full refund upto 15 days of the event. Last day to refund: June 20th, 2022. Please refund by filling out the form here. If you have any questions, please reach out on [email protected]

Q Is this different from the sessions that happen in the first week of Mindvalley University?

Yes, this is a separate event that will coincide with some of the Mindvalley University sessions for 3 days. Having said that, you will still get to attend all the Mindvalley University sessions before and after the event.

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Certification Launch Offer