This Brand New Masterclass Might Be The Reason Clients Choose You Over Any Other Coach.

Discover the Unusual Coaching Model for a Rewarding and Fulfilling Career. 

New Coaching Model by Ajit Nawalkha, Unleashes Your Coaching Potential, Helps Businesses Thrive and Creates A Prosperous Coaching Practice even if you have never coached before. 

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What You'll Learn

  • The truth about the fast-growing industry , and how you can benefit from it, financially (this industry is currently estimated at $2.8 billion)
  • The 5 challenges companies are facing right now and how you can be more prepared when you approach companies. This will help you engage, enroll and transform these companies with ease.
  • This new skill will make sure you stand out from any other coach in your industry (and attract high-paying, quality clients)
  • Learn how you can create fast and tangible results for the leaders that are guiding our new reality 
  • How to serve powerfully any business-client or leader you wish to work with even if you don't have any business experience
  • How you can create an impact on the economy, livelihood of thousands while working with a select few. 
  • How to charge twice as much as any other business-coach you know, while landing twice as many clients.

By the end of this masterclass...

You'll have the knowledge you need to create an impact on businesses as their coach. 

Your Host for this Masterclass:

Ajit Nawalkha is the co-founder of Evercoach, a celebrated business coach and author of The Book of Coaching, Live Big and The Business Book of Coaching.

Through Evercoach, Ajit has impacted over 100,000+ changemakers creating change across the coaching industry. 

Now Ajit wants to present the opportunity to impact 129 million businesses that can use your help in coming times. His methodology has helped his clients gain clarity, profitability and impact.

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Join The New Generation Of Business Coaches Who Are Changing The World And Impacting Thousands While Only Coaching A Select Few.

Discover all about this revolutionary coaching model in this brand-new masterclass by the Founder of Evercoach

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