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See What The World’s Leaders And Influencers Have Said About Ajit

a man with red hair
Lisa Nichols

Best Selling Author, Speaker, Founder & CEO of Motivating the Masses

Ted McGrath smiling for the camera
Ted McGrath

Founder of Message To Millions, Superstar Speaker, and SHIFT

a collage of a person
Guy Sengstock & Praveen Mantena

Founders of The Circling Institute

“One of the sharpest entrepreneurs and business growth experts in our industry”

Ajit Nawalkha spoke recently at our private high-end mastermind, and everyone was impressed. Ajit is one of the sharpest entrepreneurs and business growth experts in our industry. I highly recommend learning from him.

a man smiling for the picture
Eben Pagan

Founder of  Getaltitude.com

“Ajit’s training will play a direct role in helping my business create 7 figure revenue.”

Ajit provides clear, actionable steps to take your business and life to the next level. I’m confident that Ajit’s training will play a direct role in helping my business create 7 figure revenue.

Sean Patrick Simpson

Co-Founder at  “Verbii.com”, “Alska Publishing” and “Adventures In Manifesting”

“Brilliant at sharing the simplest paths to get them”

Ajit rocks! Besides having a massive track record of huge results from Facebook ads, he is brilliant at sharing the simplest paths to get them. He also has a genuine desire to help and due to that he gives immediately implementable ideas that have exponential value.

a woman with a necklace
Lindsay Wilson

High-end Sales Coach, Author of Booked by Evercoach 

“He is so powerful and a big mind of thinking.”

I love meeting Ajit because he has such a sweet and gentle presence. He is so powerful and a big mind of thinking.

a woman smiling for the camera
Amanda Moxley

Business Coach & Creator of End Yo’ Money Drama, POP Your Biz LIVE and Amanda Moxley’s Healthy Wealthy Biz School 

“Ajit cuts right to the point in his coaching and teaching.”

Ajit cuts right to the point in his coaching and teaching. I can’t stress enough how important it is to work with people who’ve already done what you’re trying to do…and Ajit has DONE it.

Summer McStravick smiling for the camera
Summer McStravick

Founder of  M.E. School and Flowdreaming

“Ajit’s astute awareness of business structures and systems is absolutely stellar!”

Within the first few minutes of talking with Ajit he pin-pointed the exact issues that were holding my business back from the next level. The clarity of his observations lifted a fog and opened my eyes to a whole new way of perceiving my business growth.

a woman with long hair
Laura Hollick

CEO of  Soul Art Studio Inc.

About Ajit Nawalkha

Ajit Nawalkha began as a young but highly-driven intern in Mindvalley in December 2008. His drive and passion for serving others led him to create several companies on the side, including Evercoach. While at it, Ajit created a fulfilling coaching practice with clients ranging from multi-million dollar companies to start-ups and other coaches, helping them get past their limiting blocks to spread their message with greater impact.

During his 8 year journey with Mindvalley, Ajit played the roles of advertising manager, launch manager, CTO, CMO, and CEO, creating breakthrough strategies and contributing to Mindvalley’s legacy of becoming a leader in the personal transformational and excellence industry. Upon selling his successful companies to Mindvalley, Ajit became co-founder of Mindvalley. Now he plays a key role in helping other coaches build their businesses and move humanity forward.

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