How To Use The ‘Wheel Of Life’ Coaching Tool For Enhanced Results


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The Wheel of Life is a very simple methodology that helps you evaluate your life as it is, and where you want it to be. It’s a great tool for self coaching as well as for coaching your clients to some great results. 

As a coach, you know that having a great life depends on how a person defines their great life. It’s different for everyone. 

And so, your job as a coach is to identify how your clients define their life, so you can understand where they need your help. 

The Wheel of Life tool breaks down life into different categories. We have accurately identified ten important categories. But this number can differ based on your client’s needs. 

Your clients then go through a simple 10 minute process of self reflection and visualisation, at the end of which you can understand… 

  • What’s important to your client;
  • Where they are in the journey of their life (and it’s different areas);
  • Where they really want to be.

The Wheel Of Life - Ten Categories

Wheel of Life Coaching Tool

Life has many dimensions. That’s why, when we use this tool, it’s important to include all the dimensions that are important to us. 

Here are 10 categories that can accurately represent all the different dimensions of life: 

  1. Personal Growth:
    How focused are you in your growth and transformation? How much time do you spend every day learning how to develop yourself? 

  1. Romance:
    What’s the condition of your romantic relationships? Do you feel happy and fulfilled in your romantic life? How important is it to you? 

  1. Family & Friends:
    How is your relationship with your family, and your friends? What kind of bond do you have with them, and how important are they in your life? 

  1. Health & Wellbeing:
    How focused are you on your health and fitness needs? Do you have a goal for your fitness requirements? 

  1. Finances:
    Are you happy with your finances? Are you financially secure, literate, and fulfilled? How important is this category to you? 

  1. Business & Career:
    Depending on whether you are a business owner, or an employee, how important is this category of your life? How big of a role does it play in your life? What are your goals here? 

  1. Physical Environment:
    Is your immediate physical environment - your room, your house, the people you’re surrounded with - serving you well? Is it nourishing for your growth? Or is it something you need to reconsider?  

  1. Fun & Recreation:
    It’s easy to burn yourself out with work, and that’s why it's important to have fun! Do you have fun and recreation in your life? How are you including this category in your life? 

  1. Contribution:
    We love giving value to the world. It makes us happy and grateful. How are you contributing to the world? 

  2. Spirituality:
    What are the spiritual practices you have? How do you feel yourself aligned with the universe? This category can be defined as per your individual beliefs.

How To Apply The Wheel Of Life

Follow these simple steps to apply the Wheel of Life in your next coaching session: 

1. Draw The Wheel 

The first step to applying this tool, is to clearly draw a nice round wheel (a circle) on a piece of white paper. Leave ample room within the circle itself - make it a big one! 

2. Divide The Wheel Into The Ten Categories 

Remember the categories? Now, it’s time to divide the wheel as per the number of categories you want to measure your life against. Draw the lines and write down the names of each category. 

3. Rate The Categories In Order Of Importance 

This step is crucial. Ask your client to rate each of the categories in order of their importance. For example, if their most important priority in life is Personal Growth, ask them to rate it a 1. 

If the least important category is Romance, they’ll give it a 10. And so on. 

4. Rate The Categories As Per Satisfaction With Them VS The Ideal State

This step will need some serious self reflection and visualisation for your client.

Ask your client to rate the categories depending on how satisfied they are with where they stand right now. Then, they need to rate the same categories based on where they want to be, i.e., what’s the ideal state for them in that category. 

5. Identify The Gaps And Prioritize Your Work 

Now you have your client’s Wheel of Life. You can look at it and find the categories which most matter to your client. You can see the level of satisfaction with them. And you can understand their ambition in each category. 

By capturing this information, you can now identify the gaps in each category, and accurately prioritize your work. 

What Happens Next?

With the Wheel of Life in front of you, you have a holistic view of your client’s life. 

This is a really simple evaluation that empowers you to ask the right questions, such as...

Which area of life does my client need the most help with? Is that area a priority for them? Is that area interconnected with another area - and if so, how do I create a plan that helps both the areas? 

You have with you now a powerful tool that you can replicate in all your coaching sessions. It becomes easy for you to adjust your coaching plan to fit your client’s needs. And it only takes about 10 minutes! 

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