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I was interviewed a few days ago about how I’ve built my business and I surprised the interviewer when I mentioned that my team doesn’t have job descriptions or a list of roles and responsibilities.

You see, instead, I’ve created a business based on the values that are most important to me. A value based coaching business.

I train my team in these values, we refer to these values often and we make decisions based on these values.

For example, I have no interest in being a business that prides itself on our speed in replying to emails or how many followers we have in twitter.

These values help me create a team that loves to be together. And loves to serve together.

1. Slow Down to Speed Up

We put quality before quantity, reflection before reaction, and intention before attention. We do not run an urgency-based business.

2. Space is Where Miracles Occur

We put free days, time in nature and fun on our calendar, first. Everything else comes next.

We begin every team meeting by sharing something fun we each did last week, that has nothing to do with business. And then we all shout “Yippee!” in response. After all, our business is in service of us living an extraordinary life.

3. Do What Scares You

We Serve vs Please. We put Risk Before Safety. And we try to get thrown out.

4. Do The Opposite

To be successful, we watch what everyone else is doing – and we do the opposite.

5. I Coach Kings

I work only with clients who inspire me, NOT clients I can inspire.

And I run a business for World-Class Top Performers, run by World-Class Top Performers.

6. Client Astonishment

This is the cornerstone of our business.

Every day we wake up and ask ourselves one question: “Who can I serve?”

And then we serve them SO powerfully they never forget our conversation for the rest of their life.

7. Spend Time with Extraordinary People

This has been my one-line business plan for 10 years. We seek out World-Class Top Performers.

8. Hell Yeah, or Hell No

Unless I can commit 100% to something, I call it a Hell No.

There’s no such thing as “Hell Maybe”.

9. Zone of Genius

There are only 1-3 things each of us can do extraordinarily well that have an exponential effect on our business.

Our job is to put everything else on our Avoid-At-All-Cost List.

Our job is to help each of us focus only on our Zone of Genius.

  • THE LITVIN GROUP – Our Zone of Genius: We offer high level coaching for top performers. We share wisdom with top performers. We lead an extraordinary community of top performers.
  • THE LITVIN GROUP – Our Avoid-At-All-Cost List: We don’t work with ‘aspiring’ top performers. We don’t do ‘traditional’ marketing. We are not an urgency-based business.
  • Rich’s Zone of Genius: Coaching, Creating, Spending time with extraordinary people.
  • Sarah’s Zone of Genius: Creating a road map for the business, Empowering team members, Monitoring our progress.
  • Andie’s Zone of Genius: Setting up our business systems, Monitoring our business systems, Creating business opportunities with extraordinary people

10. Always Be Creating

We never stop creating: ideas, clients, stories. And money is the most perfect expression of our creativity.

11. Hide Nothing, Hold Nothing Back

We bring our authentic self to the team, to our clients, to the world. We are inner-directed.

We laugh at ourselves.

And we make a contribution to something far greater than ourselves.

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Rich runs a leadership consultancy for world leaders, based in Los Angeles and London. The methodology is deep coaching. Bespoke. Not time-based. He is the author of a best-selling book on coaching and he runs a program for 40 of the world’s most successful consultants and coaches.

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